I Miss Bursley

December 9th, 2010 at 1:48 PM ^

OSU went 11-1 and no one blinked because that's what they're supposed to do but 11-1 at MSU is a huge deal. So I can certainly see why Mark Dantonio won (and perhaps even deserved?!) the award.

What I think is crazy is how the expectations have been so low in the first place. To the point that 11-1 is the greatest thing that MSU fans have ever experienced. Think about it, they're a big state school, they have a rabid fan base, tons of alumni, more than enough money to spend on athletics as compared to many top programs, a large stadium, membership in a top football conference and so much more.

How, then, have they managed to be so aggressively mediocre for so long that one 11-1 season has gotten them more attention than they did in the past 10 years combined and ultimately resulted in MD being awarded COY.

Sac Fly

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Because I had gene chizik, come on. Two years ago the guy was 5-7 at iowa state, he took over a 5-7 auburn team, and now the coach that no one wanted has his team playing for their first BCS national title.


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I have no problem if the choice is based strictly from on-the-field performance.  IIRC, the only MSU coach to have a season like this one in the last thirty years was Nick Saban.  I do, though, have a major problem with him being "the king of second chances."  It just seems to be that by welcoming convicted, violent criminals back onto his team, he is at best enabling and at worst encouraging a criminal subculture at MSU. 

Dantonio's policy regarding criminal behavior seems to run counter to any mandate to help develop his players as young men.  Part of that development is holding people responsible for their actions by providing negative consequences for negative actions.  Dantonio had a chance to make a statement for his program this season.  Sadly, the only statement he made was that, at Michigan State University, if you can play ball, it doesn't matter what you do off the field.   

To me, that does not qualify as "coach of the year," unless it is in a penal system league. 


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Looking at your posting history, I have to conclude that Michigan State slept with your girlfriend. For a school that you love to call "Little Brother", they sure are in your head.


I can't believe you guys still support Rich Rodriguez. This guy has completely destroyed everything Michigan once stood for, and this is the last bastion of unconditional support for the man who has done more to harm Michigan than MSU or OSU could ever dream of doing. I'm a bit nostalgic for the days when beating Michigan actually meant something.


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I don't subscribe to the backslapping self-gratification of "mgopoints". Yay, you said "Denard for Heisman!" Plus one point! Boo, you said "Fire Rich Rod!" Minus one point!

This is probably the worst system ever designed for a message board. And there's nothing "stupid" about saying that Rich Rod is currently the worst coach in the Big Ten. He took a 9-3 Big Ten contender and single handedly turned it into a laughingstock. Every Michigan grad/student I've talked to in real life agrees; Rich Rod has to go. Yet there's an entire community on here that is clamoring for him staying.

Meanwhile, Little Brother just won a Big Ten Championship.