OT: Campuses across the country.

Submitted by natesezgoblue on February 25th, 2011 at 5:20 PM

I was in the Bay Area for work this week.  I had some extra time to kill so I decided to drive to Palo Alto and take a look at the Stanford Campus.  I couldn't believe how nice it was.  Everything from the architecture to the setting.  I've been to quite a few campuses on the west coast and this would rank as the best.

My question is what other campuses outside the B10 have you guys seen and how would you rate them?

I've been to these and would rate them is this order.

Stanford A+

Washington A


Hawaii B

Oregon C++

Oregon State C+

Temple C





February 26th, 2011 at 1:50 PM ^

My Grades

Stanford   A

Duke  A

Notre Dame A- (so many trees hard to appreciate the architecture)

University of Chicago A

Pepperdine A-

Kansas B-

Missouri C+

Northwestern B+

Arizona B-

Michigan B++ (love it but architecture too hodge podge, some beautiful places though)

Virginia B (most over-rated)

William and Mary A+



Georgia Tech B-



Indiana B+

Wisconsin B+

Purdue D

Washington (St Louis) C-




February 28th, 2011 at 8:57 AM ^

For schools where I've taken classes or visited:

One Seeds: Princeton, Harvard, USMA-West Point, Michigan

Two Seeds: McGill, Georgetown, Emory, Boston College

Three Seeds: Fordham, U Mass-Amherst, MIT, Syracuse

Four Seeds: Columbia, Yale, Rutgers-New Brunswick, Villanova

Five Seeds: Tufts, Boston University, American University, The Citadel

Six Seeds: Holy Cross, Eastern Michigan, Florida Atlantic-Boca Raton, Northeastern

Seven Seeds: NYU, George Washington, SUNY-Albany, SUNY-New Paltz

Eight Seeds: RPI (Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute), Fairleigh Dickinson-Teaneck, Ramapo College (NJ), Temple

Tough call giving USMA-West Point the edge over Michigan, but Grant and Eisenhower get the nod over Gerald Ford, even while the speech that gave us the Peace Corps trumps the speech that gave us expansion of the war in Afghanistan.

Emory may rated too high, but its soccer pitch and all that Diet Coke gets it a two seed. In the Jesuit class, BC over Fordham for the two seed, only because there’s a D-1 hockey arena there, but they’re somewhat interchangeable (for proof see the film "Solitary Man" with Michael Douglas and trade the Flutie Aura for the Lombardi Aura). MIT over Columbia because they don’t have a Head of the Hudson Regatta, and the Head of the Charles Regatta remains a nice event -- and there's that Facebook thing.

Despite being snow-covered for most of the regular school year, Syracuse gets a three seed for having the nation’s largest on-campus, indoor football stadium where crowds for basketball games occasionally outdraw crowds for football and the Newhouse School’s facilities for the nation’s future broadcasters. Boston University has less grass than your average Phish concert, but gets a five seed among the city schools for being within walking distance of Fenway Park, having great views of the Head of the Charles, a performance center that's almost as good as Hill Auditorium and its TWO on-campus hockey arenas, including the one where Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, Jack O’Callahan and Dave Silk played (see the film "Miracle".)

Northeastern gets a 6 seed over NYU and George Washington among the city schools, only because its renovated hockey arena is where the Celtics and Bruins once played – and it’s within walking distance of Fenway Park. FDU’s basketball gym (in Hackensack, NJ – the town saved by Superman in the first Christopher Reeve film) is where LeBron James had his coming-out party for college recruiters, NBA scouts and an ESPN film crew at the abcd Baketball Camp after his sophomore year of high school.   If you're 


February 28th, 2011 at 9:03 AM ^

I've been to a few campuses, mostly in the East. Rutgers was alright. MD I've been to several times. Penn State was pretty cool and I got to drive by Beaver Stadium, that place is huge. 

Solely based on propoganda and PAC-10 school commercials during games, many of those campuses are pretty nice.