OT: Cam Newton Declares for NFL Draft

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Per Joe Schad and Pat Forde

schadjoe Auburn announces QB Cam Newton entering NFL Draft

espn4d Auburn has sent out release announcing (shock!) Cam Newton is going pro.

espn4d Release quotes Cam saying the decision was difficult. Sure it was.

Official Auburn release.

Auburn junior quarterback Cam Newton will forgo his senior season and make himself eligible for the 2011 National Football League Draft.

"This decision was difficult for me and my family," Newton said. "After talking to Coach Chizik and Coach Malzahn, I think it is best that I make that next step in my career and forgo my senior season and enter the NFL Draft. It was a very hard decision for me, especially after coming off the great season we had at Auburn. I'm blessed to have been around an excellent environment and have great teammates, coaches and support from the Auburn family. It's been a blessing for me to be a part of something so great. Any time you win games it's a big deal, but for this school to win a BCS National Championship, what a way to make people happy. Auburn is a special place that I can call home."

Todd McShay lists him as his 3rd ranked QB, FWIW.



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...Due to funding cutbacks at Auburn University, Cam Newton, 2010 SEC Player of the Year and Heisman Trophy Winner, has decided to forgo his remaining year of eligibility.


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..............cuz', ya know, we talk about everything, I've decided Auburn is too cheap to keep my services anymore, so I'm going to the highest bidder."

Talk about a case of 'been there, done that'.


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Normally I don't tune in to CFL on espn but I was watching the other day to hear what they had to say about the Hoker, and Jesse Palmer said something to the effect of "if Cam Newton stays at Auburn next year it will really make a statement about his innocence in all this." I then immediately knew Cam would be declaring.


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To be expected.  We haven't heard the last of this play for pay skullduggery, and the NCAA's shameless patch work on the issue this November will not hold,  so cammy is going while the gettin is good.  Newton is just reason #5631 why the SEC sucks the big one.

Steve in PA

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Cecil agreed to stay away from the program as part of an agreement with Auburn that called off the NCAA dogs until after the season.  When Cecil showed up at the MNC, the NCAA took note and word is they are extremely pissed.

This was the talk on Sirius sports today and apparently there is an article about it in USA Today.  Even the Alabama people think the Newton's are dirty.  Pot, meet kettle.


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One last post on this matter. Cam Newton's college career. Stole and had people take tests for him, kicked out of school. Come back to NCAA and get paid by highest bidder. NCAA's response to this was to give him the Heisman and win a championship. Way to send a message.

P.S. This asshole going pro also no doubt gave Frost the available scholarship to go to Auburn. Double fuck you Cam Newton!


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He fully displayed his character by deceiving Auburn with his dad in the stands.  My guess is that Auburn is glad to have him gone.  Who ever drafts him deserves the inevitable off field issues coming their way.  Scam and his dad played just about everyone, and they will be getting paid for it.

When I heard that Alabama announced "Cam Newton Day", I threw up in my mouth a little bit.


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I wonder how the Auburn fans will react if Auburn goes 7-5 next year with Newton gone.  AU hated Gene Jizzit when he arrived and I feel for the guy if AU stinks next year.