OT: Calvin Johnson tells Jim Caldwell that 2015 was his last season

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It's "per Schefty," however it's also scrolling across the ESPN Bottom Line right now.



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He's only 30 years old and has had lower leg/foot injuries for the past 3-4 years. It's not like the Lions went out and crippled him. Stafford isn't great but he can still sling it when kept up right. I guess you could say we need to go out and sign better O Lineman to protect Stafford so he has enough time to get Calvin more catches but then you have less $$ to sign better players on defense or skill positions. Quite honestly, when he's getting double teamed every passing down, Golden Tate then becomes the better option.

Fact is, Calvin went to 6 straight pro bowls, was the league leading receiver for a few years and at the time (2012) signed one of the largest contracts for a professional player in any league. Calvin has always been a class act and knows the Lions did a lot of good things for him too. As great as Barry and Calvin were and are, I want the entirety of the team to win as well. 

The automatic mantra of trashing the Lions for shit that is beyond their control is just that, shit. Do they deserve it sometimes, sure. But there are around 50-60 other players on the team and practice squad who haven't won a playoff game or a super bowl either. Sorry. Rant over.


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So the last how many decades of futility of Lions football has been because of things beyond their control?  When a team is garbage for that long, what does logic dictate that people should expect? Eleven playoff appearances since 1958. Eleven. One playoff win since 1950. The world is obviously stacked against this team. It has nothing to do with the decisions made by ownership and management.

They did win the championship in 1957 though. So there is something.


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Really hope so. Calvin seems like a good dude and deserves better than the Lions. It'd be fun to see him and Tommy Touchdown light up the league.

I get that when it goes it goes fast, and it seems like he's more reliant on his athleticism than a Jerry Rice, but I think he has some football left in him.

Then again maybe he likes being able to use his knees and have a functioning brain.

Stringer Bell

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Shame, but probably the right decision for him.  Looks like his body really started breaking down over the past couple of years and he just couldn't play at the highest level anymore.


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He's a couple years past his prime anyways, probably smart to save what health he has left.

However, I'd be lying if I wouldn't like to see him line up outside for Brady for one shot at a ring before he hangs it up. I was hoping this was a ploy to be traded the whole time. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Only the Lions could waste two separate once in a generation talents......

Kind of surprised Megatron doesn't want to try his luck in the FA Market, get a team like the Pats or Panthers to give him some ridiculous contract and a last chance to go and win a Super Bowl with a real team.

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If he saved/invested wisely, maybe he approaches it as he's already made the big money, and the additional lifelong pain for a lower pay rate just wouldn't make for the best life out of all of his options.


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The Lions could release him prior to the 2016 season and take a one time $12.9 mil salary cap hit instead of taking a $24 mil cap hit in 2016 to continue w/ his contract.

As a fan, I think Megatron is worth more than the $11.1 mil of cap savings the Lions would save.


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For all the MGoLawyers...

Would it be possible for all the players who have had their careers ruined by the Detroit Lions to file a class action lawsuit?  

Someone could make a boat load of money and finally put the franchise out of its misery.  


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I'm not a Lions fan, but if there's one thing for Lions fans to take solace in, it's that Calvin Johnson is unequivocally and undeniably yours. He was drafted as a Lion, never suited up as anything other than a Lion, and played his last game as a Lion. He played his entire career with dominance on the field and grace off of the field, and you should all be very proud that he played on and for your team.

Very special player, undeniably one of the all-time greats, and equally undeniably a Detroit Lion.


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This is very gracious of you, and part of me does appreciate that he is all ours, but at this point I was hoping for him to get cut and play with Touchdown Tom for a couple seasons.  

I have been a Lions fan since I was a young lad, but I didn't want to see them waste another all time great skill player.  

I suspect I am not alone in this.