OT: Cabrera Triple Crown watch

Submitted by MGlobules on October 3rd, 2012 at 5:56 PM

Miguel Cabrera is officially in the lineup for tonight's game against KC:


Looks like the start time is 8:10:


Hopeful signs: Cabrera is at .331, Trout seven points back. Hamilton needs two homers to tie Cabrera. Both players will have wrapped up their games before the Tigers commence play, so we will know where we stand. 

Do your commenting, hopefully celebrating, here. Updates, shifting percentages and tallies all appreciated, since I will be wrapped up with an eight-year-old who likes to go to bed at midnight, only looking in from time to time.



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If Trout were Venezualen and spoke broken english and Cabrera the all American kid I wonder if conversations downplaying the triple crown like this would be taking place."

This comment sums it up. Like you said, hate to pull the race/ethnic card, but it's so weird that all of a sudden the triple crown is so meaningless to everyone. Growing up (I'm 26, so not that old), it was like this unattainable thing that only baseball legends could reach. When Cabrera does it, it's all of a sudden a cassette tape that old people thought was cool.


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Frank Robinson was quoted as saying: "Miguel Cabrera has been outstanding all year long by coming to play every day, showing his discipline at the plate and making the most of his great talent"

Carl Yastrzemski rang in as well: "I am glad that he accomplished this while leading his team to the American League Central title. I was fortunate enough to win this award in 1967 as part of the Red Sox 'Impossible Dream' Team."

(Source article from Detroit News: LINK)

Congratulations to Miguel Cabrera on an amazing and rare feat. Go Tigers!