OT: CA QB breaks national & state record: 50 completions (50 of 75 attempts, 512 yards)

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The national record for HS QB completions in a game was 47 (set by Grant Sherman, Kenton, OH).  Trey Tinsley completed 50 in a game last weekend.  Tinsley is junior QB of El Toro High School in Southern California. He's the son of former USC quarterback Scott Tinsley from the 1980s.


I could find no Scout or Rivals profile on him.





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in jh the hs team had a big, strong armed/accurate QB but we threw the ball about 5 times a game. His best offer was Tiffin. The team begged for more passing but or coach refused. He was MAC caliber at worst but wound up getting hurt at Tiffin. Oddly, when his son was in hs a few years later with me he played QB, was not nearly as good but we suddenly the the ball. After graduation, back to almost always running. The guy is a local legend for what should have been.


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They only attempted 12 rushes for 17 more yards, but in combination with 75 pass attempts, that means they ran 87 plays at an average clip of 6.08 yards per play. Apparently, someone went to the Mike Leach / Sonny Dykes / Hal Mumme school of Air Raid.


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he finds a quick short pass college. Having this many reps in game situations probably assists in his reads and accuracy, HS defenses or not its still reps of small space throwing.


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The lack of a Scout/Rivals presence is probably due to the fact that this is Tinsley's first year playing.  Last year he backed up a kid named Conner Manning (also was the subject of an MGoPost during his high school days) who is now at the University of Utah.  He's a bigger kid than Manning was (listed at 6'3") so he'll probably be on the radar fairly soon.


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Not surprisingly, his WRs had some crazy games.

  • Dominic Collins (18 receptions, 226 yards, 3 TDs)(!!)
  • Taylor Dodds (11-125, 1 TD)
  • Kaleb Fossum (10-54)
  • Collin Kentros (7-67, 1 TD)
  • Brendan Lane (4-40, 1 TD)