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Submitted by Moleskyn on February 17th, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Buster Olney talked about Rick Porcello in a blog post this morning (LINK, $). To summarize, he talks about how Porcello got behind in his training last season due to an injured finger. Porcello says he didn't really feel 100% until later on in the season. He's started his training regimen early this year because he wants to be in better shape once the season starts in April.

It's great to hear that he's working hard, but do you think the early start on his training could affect him negatively toward the end of the year? If he shows continued improvement, he'll be a really solid option at the #4 spot in the Tigers' rotation.

And speaking of the Tigers' rotation, who do you think will be the #5 starter this year? As far as I know, Oswalt is still available; do you think DD would make an offer for him? I know there are some people who want Turner to be on the roster for Opening Day, but I think that's way too early for him. Personally, I wouldn't care if he stayed in the minors this entire season. Why rush him when we don't need to, and he's got things to work on? Other prospects you probably know are Andy Oliver and Drew Smyly. I think Oliver has some good potential. He gets a lot of strikeouts, but his overall command is really lacking. If he's put in the work this offseason to improve his slider and changeup, he's got a plus fastball and could do well in the 5 spot.

I'll be hoping that Smyly and Turner do well in Spring Training, but struggle enough that the Tigers don't move them into the ML rotation. I just think they need more time in the minors. I really hope Oliver shows improvement, though. We really need a serviceable lefty in the rotation.



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I think we try a bunch of different young pitchers at the fifth starter spot until one of them sticks. We have enough talent at the other 4 spots and a potent enough offense that 1 bad game in 5 isn't going to be to horrible until we find a serviceable #5.


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I think Inge could have a decent year after training with Barwis over the offseason.  I don't expect him to hit much over .225 but I think he could get serious playing time at 3B once Leyland remembers why he moved Cabrera to 1B in the first place.



Has Inge always trained with Barwis or is this new?


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Barwis might have improved his knee strength but I don't think he has any good workouts for the cerebral cortex to improve his judgment.  If he can't hold off from swinging at pitches 2 ft down and away it doesn't matter who strong he is.


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I know, but pitchers and catchers haven't even reported yet.  I'm thinking once miggy blows a few plays/games at third Leyland will be forced to make him and Fielder take turns playing 1B and DH.  Next year when Victor Martinez comes back I think Inge retires.  The only thing keeping Inge around is his 5.5 million contract.  I think the Tigers will buy him out for 500k in 2013. 

I'd even go so far as to say Cabrera or Fielder are the DH come opening day.

Blue boy johnson

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Tigers have a ridiculous defensive team. I think they would do just as well to have Fielder drop three pounds and move over to Second.

I think Illitch is getting senile and decided to construct a team along the lines of his unbeatable professional softball team of the 70's the Detroit Ceasars ( I think that was their name, heading to google now)


Detroit Caesars,In 1977, Detroit dominated the league with a record of 42-14, two games ahead of the Kentucky Bourbons' 40-16 mark. The Caesars eventually advanced to the World Series of Softball, where they beat the Baltimore Monuments four games to none to take the first-ever pro softball title. Six Caesars made the all-league team (Mike Gouin, Ron Ford, Mike Nye, Bert Smith, Tony Mazza, and Doug Gerdes), and Mike Nye took the World Series MVP trophy. Only a triple-crown performance by Chicago Storm catcher Benny Holt could overshadow the individual performances by various Caesars. Detroit rolled again in 1978 with a record of 49-15, and a 4-0 blanking of the Minnesota Norseman in the World Series. Ron Ford was edged out in the last game of the season by teammate Mike Nye to prevent his taking of triple-crown honors, but still took home league MVP. Seven Detroit players were all-league (Ron Ford, Mike Nye, Doug Gerdes, Gary Geister, Mike Gouin, Jack Roudebush, and newcomer Chuck Drewicz)



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I know record isn't good, its just the stat I could remember off the top of my head.

Anyway, ERA of 3.64, WHIP over 1, only had one start where he gave up less than 3 earned runs.

Not bad by any measure, but mediocre and nowhere near the rest of his season.

And this included games against Seattle, Oakland, and the White Sox.


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Porcello isn't Verlander and never will be, but at least he's taking lessons from the best.

Porcello came in in a bad situation. For some reason, a lot of people expected him to be another Verlander. Verlander isn't a once per draft talent. He's a once in a blue moon talent.


February 17th, 2012 at 1:16 PM ^

He doesn't want to play for the Tigers. Anyone still suggesting it is a delusional rosterbator. I'm not too worried about who the fifth starter is, because it really isn't that big of a deal. You can piece together a fifth starter with veteran scrap heap guys or one of the prospects and still be fine. They had Brad Penny in that slot for a full season and still made it work, fergodsakes.

Blue boy johnson

February 17th, 2012 at 11:59 AM ^

Not sure how could Porcello is going to be, but I think he might be ready for a breakout year, the kid is still really young, just turned 23 in December, but has a lot of big game experience


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The longer Andy Oliver sits in the minors the more tempted DD will be to trade him for some aging veteran to play second or a corner outfield spot.  I do not want to lose him like we lost Jair Jurjins to the Braves for an over the hill bad defensive SS like Rentaria.  I also found it quite humorous that the Tigers were trying to get Jair back.  Nothing like robbing Peter to pay Paul.  DD can really chase his own tail sometimes with these trades and FA signings. 


February 17th, 2012 at 12:41 PM ^

Oliver has been brutal when he's been called up, and he was quite awful in Toledo as well. He won't fetch much trade wise at this point. Drew Smyly is the higher ranked prospect in the organization, and if Oliver can't get his command back then he won't have a spot on any Big League roster.


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What is the deal with Andy Oliver?  It seems like I've been hearing about him for 5 years being a fantastic prospect who absolutely can't be on the trade block.  When is he going to be ready?  You can only absorb so much coaching and get so much stronger.


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so I would not overlook him for the 5th spot.  Would be great to have a lefty in the rotation and he has more big league experience than the other contenders.