OT: Buckeye Fan & Tattoos

Submitted by East German Judge on February 24th, 2015 at 10:45 PM

A "devoted" Buckeye fan is truly paying homage to his team, some of the coaches, and players by getting them tattooed on his arms:





And he is not finished as he will be adding the stadium also, no doubt he got a good deal.  He seems to have forgotten to add Earl Bruce and John Cooper, or maybe that is for the left arm or another body part.


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That's the response he'll get in 5 months. 


Good life choice broham. Can't wait till Woody Hayes gets some major jowls in 20 years if he plays his cards right. 


And yes, I purposely flirted with the gray area of the new MGoGoogleSense Act of 2015. 



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"I thought about maybe getting (Jim) Tressel on the backside of my arm, but we're still in the thought process," Alexander said.

It seems as if someone is relatively new to thought processes in general - I have a hard time seeing these looking as clean as all that in 30-40 years. Adding the stadium and championship banners would create a walking reminder of why there exists a class of Ohio State fans that are simply unbearable. 


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Don't ever compare my home state to WV or Kentucky. We have more US history on 1 street than most of the country does. We have an Ivy league school as well on 1 side and one of the best universities in the world on the west side of state. Those states are jokes compared to PA.


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I can only assume the arm with Hayes on it can be controlled by his ghost and used to smack people unexpectedly when they pass by, especially if they are wearing orange.  I see buddy comedy/light-hearted ghost movie in the works.