OT: Brutal soccer injury

Submitted by aawolverine on April 24th, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Make sure you have your volume turned up, you can actually hear the tibia explode at about 13 seconds in.



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You add the LoL because while it was horrible, Theisman was the kind of guy whose karma kind of earned him that hit.  Amazingly talented and a hard worker on the field but a total dick off the field.  Even today in the broadcast booth he runs his mouth and calls out people.  


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Napoleon Kaufman(I think it was him) on sunday or monday night football breaking two bones in his leg while taking a hit on the sideline, pretty nasty injuries.


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This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the soccer video. Stuff like that is just so painful just seeing it, I can't imagine what it must feel like.


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Don't click on the recommended video of the bikini chick...she's not even close to as hot as she looks in the preview and you have to listen to an absolutely terrible song.


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I've witnessed two similar injuries. Couple years ago playing softball, I was at 3B when a popup was hit to shallow left. Shortstop ran back, leftfielder ran up and slid forwards right into the SS's leg, looked (and sounded) a lot like this soccer injury.

The other was 4th grade football, My team's RB's foot slipped and he started doing the splits, when a GIGANTIC 6'0 200+ kid fell on his leg, snapping our best RB's fibia. He was in a wheelchair for a while. That beast of a kid then picked up our QB above his head and bodyslammed him right in front of me on the sideline.


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3 months ago i would have felt bad becuase of the pain they would have to endure, but now as im recvering from a broken foot a feel bad becuase of all the time there not going to be able to play soccer. It took me about 2 months to be able to do light activities such as an easy game of basketball. and it's probaly gonna be another month before im 100%. this poor guys leg exploded, it will probally take at least a year to heal.

El Jeffe

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This is why I love coming to break.com. For the leg break vids. Let's complete the circle and start posting hottie of the week.

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