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Some of us are still shaking off the solar plexus blow from December 29th: the firing of first-year HC Rob Chudzinski. As a longtime Browns fan this is all the more maddening when one considers that a prolonged hiring process by the new owner of the franchise, Jimmy Haslam, yielded the hiring of Chudzinski. In the fallout from this stunning turn of events, I have reconsidered how much of my fandom I wish to endow with the franchise. As a mover and shaker in a city that I love, as a driving force behind change, as a unifier of people across wide social strata - those benefits I still know and appreciate.

But the pattern of long-term incompetence still beleaguers the team and the front office. This article I came across today is a fascinating, near-encyclopedic primer on what many Browns fans are feeling today:


Cleveland Frowns' take on the situation, which also links the above article:




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Oh, I don't care.  Spock said it was labeled as OT; I pointed out it wasn't.  Just a factual mistake, one even a half-Vulcan would care about being remedied.

Honestly, the only issue I have with the thread is its irrelevancy.  There are Browns blogs out there for stuff like this, and just like all of the crap MSU/OSU threads that pop up here, this didn't feel necessary.  But it seems like people want to talk about it and it is a slow day, so by all means keep going with it.


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I think it's great you saw the need to comment 5 times on an allegedly irrelevant thread. Even your own actions, bronxblue, do not match your words. Your argument is built on sand.

Besides, Chudzinski is the first HC in Browns history to be fired after one season and one season only. A brand-new mark has been set for front office incompetence. That has relevance for athletics, management, business,  and public relations, to name a few fields. To cross one's arms and to say the situation in Cleveland is completely irrelevant to making onself more educated is preposterous.


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Lions, Tigers and Red Wings...oh my

The douchbagery of some people on this blog has no bounds.

If they are going to say something about their "other" teams, than we should be able to OT about our "other" teams as well and if not than no more fucking Red Wing, Lion and Tiger talk either.

Rant over......I win!


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sorry but it's a Michigan sports blog. Most of our posters and readers live in or are from Michigan. Local sports teams are of greater concern to the majority here than the Cleveland Browns.

Like I said, this thread should be allowed to exist. But that's a totally invalid comparison. 


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For fuck's sake, it's almost as if BlueDragon failed to CLEARLY MARK THAT THIS WAS AN OFF-TOPIC POST.  

A lot of people from the U-Mich community have Ohio ties that we only admit in private and I'm also a latent Browns fan from when I grew up in Cleveland during the Kosar years.  I still followed them even as they went south and became... this thing they are now.  (While some may disagree I am of the school of thought that - at least in the pros - it's ok to have a secondary team to ease the pain ESPECIALLY if your main team is a dysfunctional piece of dreck.  Sadly my time in Ann Arbor made it so that mine was the Lions.  C'est la vie)

I didn't think Chud should've been axed, which puts me in line with pretty much everyone not in the Browns front office.  I thought the defense had some moments and at least he had some notion as to when to go for it on 4th down.  I clearly remember one sequence of plays from last-last season that summed up the Browns for me more than any one thing.  The Browns were playing the Colts, down by less than a score.  Late in the game they had 4th and short from the Indy 40-something.  Then-coach Pat Shurmur called a timeout... and sent the punt team in.  And got a touchback.


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If someone is willing to put in the time and research to pen two lousy paragraphs about their U12 girl's soccer team in Wyoming with a score table, I do not see how such an effort would not constitute a valid thread in OT season.

I did fail to mark "OT" in the thread title at first. Apologies to all.

As of this writing, this thread has 1339 views and 33 comments vs. 474 views and 41 comments for the "OT - 49ers vs. Packers OPEN THREAD". That is 2.82489 more views for my thread than an NFL PLAYOFF THREAD. What I'm trying to say here is, you are incorrect, bronxblue, this is certainly relevant material.