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Submitted by DGDestroys on February 20th, 2010 at 11:24 AM

The highly touted DT from last year, Gary Brown, was kicked off Florida's football team after being accused of striking two women at a party. From the article "Florida coach Urban Meyer made it clear in the past that he does not tolerate violence against women." Now I'm no Urban Meyer fan, but I have to say, bravo. Domestic violence, especially women, should not be tolerated at all regardless of who you are.




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I would love for someone like Drew Sharp to ask Dantonio at his next press conference if, in light of the Florida dismissal, he has any second thoughts about the way he handled the potluck attackers. (Not that he'd get a straight answer or anything, but Dantonio deserves to sweat a little about this.)


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that every 12 seconds a woman is hit in this country, what they don't show is that every 8 seconds there is a man telling that woman that she has exactly 4 seconds to get out of his face.


restive neb

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That would be true if none of the women took good advantage of the 4 seconds and left. Assuming that one third of the women left, there would more threats than assaults, and therefore they would occur more frequently than every 12 seconds. (I don't believe the poster meant it this way, so I agree with your criticism... I'm just sayin.)


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Even more important they were 2 over the 85 cap, and practice reports were that brown was bust.

So basically, coach has to nuke 2, player sucks, and he gives the program a black eye, oh, and a woman too. Yeah hard choice on this one.


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Touché "umjgheitma;" I think that's more the reason Brown was kicked off the team as opposed to allegedly hitting the two women. This is just another opportunity for Meyer to come off as whole hearted wholesome person to next year’s recruits and their parents. Meyer just oozes ulterior motives.


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The fact that we have more points than TomVH pretty much spells out the pointlessness of the whole system after a certain level. It's a great system to weed out trolls, but there isn't a linear relationship between points and value of contribution.


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I'm glad Urban Meyer is against domestic abuse. I wonder how he feels about armed robbery? I'd applaud him except I don't get applauded for doing the OBVIOUS right thing.


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But seriously though, if this is true then the dude should be kicked off the team. There is no excuse for hitting a woman, and doing twice is unbelievably dispicable.


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The underrated parts of this clip are the kid in the middle who gets grazed, the look on the puncher's face, and how Snooki has her hand in the area but never senses the punch is coming and makes no effort to block. I've seen a few too many episodes of Forensic Files so it occurs to me that they would say she suffered no defensive wounds.