OT- Brian Kelly gets 2 year extension

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Well looks like Notre Dame sees something they like in Brian Kelly, and would like him to stick around until 2016.

Link: http://espn.go.com/chicago/ncf/story/_/id/7447973/notre-dame-fighting-irish-brian-kelly-gets-2-year-contract-extension

This seems to imply that his current contract goes until 2014, plus two more years. I wonder what their reasoning is here. 


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that even though it took you the better part of one minute to post this reply, you still beat me.

Imagine the drawer in South Bend that has copies of all of the old contracts.  Gerry Faust.  Bob Davie.  Ty Willingham.  George O'Leary.  Charlie Weis.  Charlie Weis/Extension.


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That was a comical move that was so beyond stupid, even I was surprised they did that.  ND gave Weis a contract extension only 6 games into his first season.  And the rest of the world just smiled and couldn't wait for that to explode in ND's face, which it did. 

This is all moot with Kelly.  I don't think his blood pressure could survive an extra two years. 


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Does this even mean anything anymore?  Coaches get extensions and get fired before the end of their contract all the time.  Plus, since it is a private school none of the details of the contract are public, so we don't know what kind of out-clauses are within either party's options.


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Sept. 1   Navy (Dublin, Ireland)          (most likely a) WIN 
Sept. 8   PURDUE                                 (potential)        WIN
Sept. 15   at Michigan State                                             LOSS
Sept. 22   MICHIGAN                                                         LOSS
Sept. 29   Open Date
Oct. 6   MIAMI (Soldier Field, Chicago)                      LOSS  
Oct. 13   STANFORD                                    (possible) LOSS
Oct. 20   BYU                                                 (possible) LOSS
Oct. 27   at Oklahoma                                                     LOSS
Nov. 3   PITTSBURGH                                                    WIN
Nov. 10   at Boston College                 (most likely a) WIN      
Nov. 17   WAKE FOREST                      (most likely a) WIN
Nov. 24   at USC                                                               LOSS

They have no identity on offense. They are losing their best received. Their star TE is coming back but they do not have a legit QB, unless one emerges. Their O-line is mehhh. The D is decent. Their schedule is not easy. I thin it is highly unlikely that they will go 5-7, but it is possible. I am leaning toward 7-5/8-4


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Erm...  ND isn't a gimme win for us.  It's still the same D that stoned us for 3 quarters - minus Gary Gray who was toasted for 3 of our scores, and it's at Notre Dame.  We will be a better team than the team we are at UTL, but I'm not stamping this one as a surefire M win.

(Especially if we enter the game as the favorite - traditionally the kiss of death in this series)


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I can't stand this purple faced asshat who singles out players and denies responsibility. However, an unbiased observer might have to agree with his point that "he" and "his recruits" are not responsible for the team's ailments this year...Lynch, Tuitt, Atkinson and Ishaq seem to be beasts that don't care about the pressure the typical ND student feels - which is the only reason I can think of for everyone else on that team turning the ball over in the red zone.

I think ND's alumni is the ultimate problem though, and the purple nurple won't have enough time to get his recruits in every position before getting the boot.

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they realized they'd be committing themselves to an endless cycle of self destruction if they fired him after 3 years. nd can't seem to realize they can't win nc's every year, despite what lou holtz says.

but i'd bet this is a recruiting move, too.


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Kelly's back to back 8-5 seasons are actually far better than Holtz's 5-6 and 8-4 seasons his first two years.   Plus Kelly has done reasonably well in recruiting his first 3 years (19th, 8th and 9th according to Scout.com).

I think if Kelly goes 9-3  on average at ND and wins bowl games from here on out, then he's probably safe (as Lloyd Carr was at Michigan doing the same for so many years).


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I may be wrong, but I don't think Gerry Faust (Holtz's predecessor) recruited the same caliber of talent that Charlie Weis did.  Kelly's had a lot to work with so far.  He may have had to change a losing culture, but as far as personnel's gone, he's been in good shape.  

I don't think you can compare him to Carr.  Carr's national title made him bulletproof.  Without the '97 season, it might have been another story.


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With the apparent widening chasm among the ND alums and fanbase (sound familiar?), ND had to either demonstrate that they would give Kelly the time he needs to succeed as he wants to at ND or get rid of him.  

ND did the right thing.  I still think Kelly is their best chance at a National Championship since Holtz left.  Also, the whole Kelly/Irish thing makes for a lot of fun in the media once he becomes successful.



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Hahaha first Charlie Weis, then Brian Kelly. At least ND hangs onto (or at least, guarantees to pay) its coaches for a while before canning them for their inevitable disappointment to only one of the most demanding standards in college football*

*Not to be the pot calling the kettle black (aka a standard not much unlike our own), the difference, and why we can laugh, is because we can fairly comfortably say that, at this point (from both wins based on sound coaching and season-long improvement further indicating good player development, in addition to recruiting success) it appears we've found our 1-in-a-million 'second-coming-of-Bo' kind of coach who actually meets this golden standard.