OT: Brian Kelly a candidate for Chicago Bears job?

Submitted by wresler120 on December 31st, 2012 at 6:23 PM

Bears Insider Jim Miller reported on CSN Chicago that Kelly is a candidate to replace Smith as the head coach of the Chicago Bears. I do believe the Bears job will be the top job out there, and it's never been a secret that Kelly's ultimate goal is to coach in the NFL. Will the Bears job be too good for Kelly to pass up, or are the Bears willing to wait until after the NC game to hire a coach? I can't imagine Kelly bails out on the NC game, but he has bolted before a BCS game before, and his Cincy squad was unbeaten. This could get interesting if Kelly becomes visibly in the mix.





January 1st, 2013 at 1:00 AM ^

If Kelly goes to the NFL, what would the likelihood of urban meyer taking the ND job be.If my memory serves me right he coached under Lou holtz and held UM, the bitcheys, and ND as his top choices. Since he holds holtz so highly, did he really want the ND job more in the first place?


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0%? he left Florida, why not Ohio... Seems like he wanted the ND job more and it would be an easier road to the MNC every year, rather than have to play us once if not twice each season. This is all hypothetical, contingent on Kelly leaving.


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Here is why:

1. Brian Kelly turns purple, like Barney.

2. Barney is a dinosaur.

3. Raptors are also dinosaurs.

4. ?

5. Profit.

6. Happy New Year!


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Sounds like a bit of collective wishful thinking here. I'd love to see Kelly leave ND as much as the next guy, but I find it unlikely he'll be the first choice of most NFL teams. I'm just not sure he necessarily translates to the NFL, especially on a personality front.

Hope I'm wrong, though. I'd love to see another round of transition turmoil at ND, especially given the number of players they'll lose to graduation this year. Plus the standard attrition rates that accompany any coaching change. Plus the destabilizing effect change will have on the current recruiting class -- a transition, just a few weeks prior to Signing Day, will shake apples from the tree, while leaving ND little time to land recruits of equal value. (Don't we know it.) Unless, of course, ND promotes a coach from within. What's the likelihood that Diaco gets bumped up?