OT: Brewster from 24/7 Claims Pelini is "In the Mix" for Wiscy

Submitted by alum96 on December 11th, 2014 at 5:03 PM

Brewester is a 247 writer for Michigan. (paid article)

This would be among the most epic trollings jobs ever if Pelini takes over Wiscy and punches Nebraksa in its various nether regions in the coming years.  We might not play good football, but nobody would do soap opera like the Big 10 if this goes down and Harbaugh arrives here to play with Urban and Mork.

Please make it happen.

Clint Brewster @clintbrew247  ·  38m 38 minutes ago



December 11th, 2014 at 5:24 PM ^

All I know is that if wisky hires Bo and he beats Nebraska with any regularity then the fans and AD will go full "Scanners" and their heads will asplode.

I can't wait!


December 11th, 2014 at 5:45 PM ^

For the cycle alone!

Has there ever been a case where three D1 colleges have shuffled their football coaches like this?

A >>> B

B >>> C

C >>> A

State Street

December 11th, 2014 at 5:52 PM ^

At least when we made a terrible football decision to fire RR, the dude ended up in another conference. This would be the equivalent of him landing at OSU and dong punching us every year.


December 11th, 2014 at 6:07 PM ^

If they really wanted to make Wisconsin-Nebraska a rivalry, nothing gets that off the ground like hiring the other team's former coach in a phenomenal troll move. Wisconsin should do this and then turn Nebraska into a fine paste on a yearly basis just for the troll value alone. Those would be the "let me get my bag of popcorn" games.


December 11th, 2014 at 6:09 PM ^

This blog would explode and everyone would behave like the sky was falling... But I honestly wouldn't mind him as a settle for hire if we struck out on Harbaugh, Miles, Mullen, Stoops, Payton, Herman... That list is also in no particular order, as Herman is in my personal top 3 and I actually like his odds to build long term program success more than anyone else. It's not that I think Jim would fail per se... I just see UofM as like his "bottom bitch" for lack of a better term. I think he wants a SB so bad, especially after 3 straight conference championship appearances and a SB loss that could have just as easily tipped in his favor. That type of loss would be mentally and emotionally draining anyway, not to mention hard to forget/swallow. That type of loss from what is widely considered one of the most competitive men in all of sports, to his own brother... Who is a constant reminder of said showdown... That's got to be the most bitter of pills to swallow. I think there's a scenario where Jim could take this job and be satisfied, content and dare I say, possibly even happy long term... I just don't see this as it. I think he's going to be burnt out following almost a decade of him turning academic power Stanford into a top 2 Pac 12 team annually, producing the best QB prospect/talent in the past 15-20 years, and basically single handedly making the 49ers, one of the NFL's most storied franchises... A yearly contender again. I also wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if he somehow weaseled SF into that 6th and final playoff spot. I could easily see Dallas losing to Philly AND Indy both. As much as I want the Lions to succeed, I wouldn't be shocked if they drop one or both to MIN and then CHI at Soldier, and I fully expect them to lose to GB at GB just like everyone else has. If SF can somehow play their best game and catch Seattle being overconfident with their current 2 game lead, they are still capable of winning out and Stanton is very capable of blowing Zona's last 3 with a supporting cast that is decimated by injuries and some hellacious matchups. I was shocked that they pulled it out vs KC. Sorry, I got a little of point... My point is, if Harbaugh leaving SF becomes official... Given the past 2 seasons filled with chatter and turmoil, the dude might just need a Meyer style break... But that may not be the worst thing, especially if whoever got hired in his stead was sub par... Because after a year or 2 away, Meyer was more than prepared for his dream college gig.

Ben v2

December 11th, 2014 at 6:31 PM ^

Barry Alvarez is an NU alum.  Eichorst was Alvarez's right hand person at Wisconsin for 5 years.  Alvarez got Eichorst the AD position at NU after the Miami (YTM) situation blew up.  If the rumors are true in that Pelini was hated by Eichorst, I doubt Alvarez will take Pelini on.

Darrell Bevell will be the next Wisky coach, especially if the Seahawks make an early exit.

rob f

December 11th, 2014 at 8:16 PM ^

by "NU" do you mean Nebraska?   I had to read and reread your post, since "NU" is the initials of Northwestern University, not Nebraska.   Nebraska is usually shortened to "UNL" which stands for University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the official name of the Nebraska that is a member of the Big Ten.


December 11th, 2014 at 6:39 PM ^

I forgot to mention WHY I wouldn't hate Bo like most would if UofM, did in fact, shock the entire fan base and make said hire... No, Nebraska was not a world beater under his tutelage... But that program was in some pretty bad shape when he took over and theirs something to be said for 9+ wins and winning all of the games that you are SUPPOSED to win. Lloyd Carr fell out of favor because he consistently did less with more talent wise following 97, excluding the 2006 team... And here's what I always remember ruining our seasons back then... Not losses to ND, MSU, OSU, PSU... It'd be the early season non conference loss to the undermanned spread outfit, coupled with the late season shit show against inferior Iowa, NW & Illinois teams. 9+ wins in what I consider to be an underrated Big 10 conference every single year and being competitive or beating more talented and higher ranked SEC schools in the bowl games... That's nothing to sneeze at. I think it probably makes Nebraska the 4th best/most consistent Big 10 team over his tenure after OSU, MSU & Wiscy. Bo also never had a QB worth a hot mammy fuck in Lincoln. Sure, as runners. But it says something when Denard and Devin appear to CLEARLY be the better passers of the group, no disrespect, I will always love both kids for their very different, but equally important contributions during our most down of periods... And for whatever reason, he was unable to acquire the type of players he needed to mimic his past defensive results/play. Coming to UofM, he'd inherit a young, constantly improving, top 10 defense... And that's in spite of not having some of the most talented players readily available week in week out and an offense that led the NCAA in TO margin, constantly putting them in terrible spots. Say what you will about the OSU game and the flood gates opening and then winding up reaching 42 points. 1 was a defensive score & another might as well have been given the starting field position gifted. That and, The Buckeye offense genuinely struggled to get anything going until the final drive of the first half, but that's not on the players... That's on Hoke's putrid clock management (run down, take delay, punt inside the 20 instead of out of the endzone.), then of course more time ticks off downing the ball, that would account for 20-25 seconds right there. OSU scored with :18 left. At the very least they should've been held to a FG try, and if Mattison hadn't suddenly started calling the prevent, 2 minute, no huddle dummy D, that might not even happen. I'm not saying Bo would create a defense on par with the suffocating LSU defenses he had... But he certainly could lock up the top spot in the Big 10 and push them from above avg-good to good-very good. Then you just hire an OC with a beautiful track record recruiting and developing QBs, and you're golden Pony Boy. It was his first head coaching gig at one of the 10 most prestigious programs in all of college football, and he didn't fail. Not everyone gets it right their first try or opportunity... Doesn't mean they're not capable. Just look at Pete Carroll in the NFL.


December 11th, 2014 at 7:14 PM ^

I'm all for it. I actually like Pelini and his rage - plus his cat lulz.  I think he'd fit in just fine with Wisconsin style of ball, and it would be pure heaven for him to get a chance at the Huskers every year.


December 11th, 2014 at 11:45 PM ^

Has anyone ever looked at Pelini's career on wikipedia?

His entire career has been spent working for about 8 different accomplished successful coaches. Even when he was on a high school staff it's for one of those known program sorts.

His pedegree is much more impressive than I would have guessed.


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That there's such an overwhelming population of snarky pricks that participate in the comments section of such a fantastic blog for such a fantastic university. This site/app confirms without a shadow of doubt the label of "arrogant" that other fan bases all too often slap on ours. I typed "Wiscy" simply out of shorthand convenience, because obviously my thought ran long and I rambled on quite a bit. Normally, I just refer to them as "Sconsin" just for kicks. I bet that really would've chapped your ass huh buddy? It's also too bad that the sort of thing that tickles your fancy is trolling around the comments section to any particular topic and not offering your own opinion on the matter or even a rebuttal, because you absolutely strike me as the type of cat that would stand steadfast in his assertion that the sky isn't blue and grass ain't green, not because you actually believe it, but because you'd be willing to say or do anything to irritate the fuck out of, or bring down someone else... Just to show the rest of us what a cunttwatty vagina your mother brought into this world. As far as the paragraph structure goes, I made the disclaimer that I only ever frequent this blog from my phone app, and everyone knows what a pain in the ass it can be to try to compose a comment of any length on a handheld device. Aside from the fact that I'm lazy, it's the comments section of a blog, and I'm not being paid or graded based on grammatical accuracy. Seriously, who threatens grown men with down votes or wishes for extra down votes to dole out? I couldn't give a fuck if I ever earned the first point on this site and have no desire to ever start a thread. Partly just because (refer back to laziness), and the other part being that it wouldn't matter if I posted the most insightful, fact laden, source filled topic the mods had ever seen, 2/3's of the comments/feedback would just be one's on here that suck at life and just live to nitpick everything anyone else does or says... And it's a shame because I come here out of a love for all things Michigan/Sports related, the majority of the content is top shelf and there are a lot of insightful members who give intelligent/thoughtful replies and opinions and add to the conversation in a positive way. It's just far too often lost in the sea of snark. I know nearly all of my comments are like reading a breakup text from your girl they're so long. My apologies... I love sports, I'm opinionated, I know the games inside and out... But most importantly, nobody is forcing you to read it!!! If it's too long, incoherent, wordy, lacks a dialect you approve of, etc... Just scroll right on by and keep it movin boss. No need to try and shit on my day just because you really loathe who you are deep down, ya dig?