OT: Braylon Arrested for DWI

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Apparently he was pulled over in NYC at around 5:30 AM with a b/a level double the legal limit.  You have to imagine that he will be suspended for at least a month.  Consider what happened in the Donte Stallworth situation and the suspension might be longer. 

I'll never forget that MSU game in 04 and all the great performances he gave us during his tenure.  But certainly Braylon has not brought much maturity to the NFL.  From his fight with Lebron in Cleveland and his antics with Browns management, up to this past Sunday where, during perhaps his best game as a Jet, he gets called for a stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Braylon has clearly struggled to act like a professional in the NFL.  It's a shame too because he was, and remains, such a great talent.   I think it's tough to judge NFL players sometimes because the media spotlight can be excessive and unfair, but clearly this was a huge mistake.  You make millions, hire a driver if you want to have a night out.

Here's to hoping he's able to straighten things out and salvage what can still be a very good NFL career.  But this is a news story to follow throughout the days/weeks to come.


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With that kind of coin you have the flexibility to construct protective bubbles whenever you need them (for, say, when you're drunk).  I'm reminded of Plaxico Burress and his accidental shooting.  In that case, why not *pay* someone else to carry the weapons (if you insist on doing that type of thing)?


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I'm sorry to be interjecting late, because I have some valid insight on this.  Braylon came to a private party hosted by Josh Cribbs at a bar I managed in Ohio.  I'll always point out that he was overly courteous, and took the time to learn his bartenders name, as well as mine.  I had the displeasure of serving other college and pro athletes.  For the most part, they were all pricks.  Anyway, on that night, there were 1000 people at the bar who drank just as much as he did (well, probably not all of them, but he didn't get sloppy).

As for the Lebron thing.  I don't have personal insight, but from what I hear, he is a raging dbag.  His friend probably deserved exactly what he got.

DUI's happen, unfortunately.  Most people, myself included, could have been handed a DUI.  It's kinda luck of the draw.  Is it immature, probably.  Is it uncommon?  Nope.  I can't really name too many adults in my circle that have never been over the limit.

Blue in Yarmouth

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That sounds like an argument a fifth grader gives their parents. "Well lots of other kids were doing it too, so don't get mad at me." I would say as a bar manager you should get a little perspective where drunk driving is concerned.

I don't care how many damn people do it, it doesn't make it alright. I am a Dr. and have seen first hand the devistation that often results when some jackass decides to get behind the wheel and drive when he is drunk.

The real crime in drunk driving is that it is very rarely only the offender who pays the price. More often than not it is innocent people. \

Sorry to other posters for the rant, but this subject just hits a little too close to home and I can't stomach hearing someone making excuses for people who drive while drunk.


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I will agree with you a 100% OP. Braylon will forever be one of my favorite Wolverines, especially at WR, but he has not carried himself very well in the NFL. Which is sad, because he could be a top 5 WR in the NFL, IMO. Hopefully he learns from this mistake and turns around his life and makes the rest of his career reflect his talent.


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Come on Braylon. He seemed to finally be getting it together in NY - minus the unnecessary end zone taunts - and now comes a probable suspension. I hope he can keep his nose clean while he's away from the field.


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beard made him do it... but in all honesty what a dumb ass!!! as blazefire said how hard is it to get a cab or limo??? come on braylon this is a move charles rogers would pull...


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All this nonsense is self-inflicted, stuff he has complete and total control over. Fundamentally he's a good guy, which makes it all the more puzzling. I'd expect this stuff from an 18-yr old, not a guy at his age.


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Sometimes NYPD can be jerks.  They pulled me over once when I was in a rental, and they told me my vehicle was stolen.  Personally, I think he was either profiling, or trying to see how I'd react to his claim that my vehicle was stolen.

I told him that my car was a rental and he the officer told me the tags/VIN weren't valid.  I ought to let Hertz know...  I told him I'd be sure to do that... 

Sorry, I digress, that's my cool story bro moment.


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Too much power? Lets see if we can provoke somebody into a fight or find a reason to arrest them.

Seriously, I don't think most cops are bad guys, but as long as we're discussing superstars like Braylon getting too self important and doing stupid things, we may as well discuss non-superstars that are still in a position to be self-important.


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Yeah, he was undercover too.  Apparently some yellow cabs are really detectives.  You'll know because you see two guys riding up front.  What a weird city.

Also, as a note, police officers drink and drive more often than you'd expect.  If a cop pulls over a drunk driver, and the driver flashes his badge, the police officer will just make sure the guy gets home safely.  It's an unspoken rule (that unfortunately comes back to haunt you sometimes.

name redacted

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I grew up with a friend who's dad was a city cop.  We were on our way to a hoops tourney a few towns over once, going about 85 in a 55, and we were pulled over.  The cop who pulled us over came to the window made a couple jokes and said slow it down or something to that effect.  Never asked for ID, or even name.  When we asked the friend's dad why he didn't get a ticket, he said b/c he's a cop, and cops don't give cops tickets.  Asked how the other cop knew he was a cop, he explained that they put something in the rear window of their civilian cars to let the cop who pulled them over know whats up.  In his rear window sat a police hat.  Since that day, a number of times I have seen a law enforcement sticker or hat in the driver rear window of civilian cars in that area, guess its still their 'secret code'.   And thats my cool story bro


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I hate when Cops do things when they are bored. As a former Military Police officer in the Army and someone who has worked close to Law Enforcement as a career I can assure you that is not what most officers do. However, I will not deny there are a couple out there that act like that and as we all know the a couple bad people can ruin the perception of everyone else.

On the subject of Braylon, I love the guy but he needs to get his act together. Obviously as a Military Police officer I whittnessed a lot of bad things happen to people who got behind the wheel drunk. There is no excuse for that. I hope he gets his act together because this is serious.

lexus larry

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Could it be a Lebron influence?

As posted, the post-TD taunting got me thinking that maybe he hasn't been as mature as we want to think he is.  What with that crap, the LC U-M, the primadonna #1 kerfuffle (go to the media first, not the Head Coach), it seems BE is more and more about BE, and less and less about everything/everyone else.  Yeah, he supports CS Mott or other charitable endeavors, but why not do it like CWood?  Why do it like LBJ?  Lebron can go back to Akron, but the rest of NE Ohio sure didn't seem to want him back as much, did they?


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that Lloyd would be more than willing to be an accountability buddy for him and call him nightly to make sure he was doing the right things. Edwards may be self important now, but I think, once you've gone through college under a coach like Lloyd, you always respect what he tells you.


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He's disgraced Michigan and turned his back on Coach Rod's program. he has  done everything possible to make my hometown Cleveland look bad because he couldn't catch a pass in a Browns uniform to save his life. He then blames it on everyone hating him because he was from Michigan, which is not the case at all. He has no class at all and is a poor reflection on Michigan.


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I still tried to defend him even when I knew better, just because the Michigan State game is such a vivid memory for me, same with OSU in 2003.  New coaches, crappy quarterback, new schemes every year, people hate him because he went to Michigan.  Finally had to admit to myself that he's an asshole who couldn't catch the damn ball.  He did do a lot of charity work in Cleveland though, and he deserves to be commended for that.


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I went through a large case of Braylon denial too. I must admit it was one of my happiest days when we drafted him. I immediately bought home and away jersey's and annointed him the savior of the fanchise. I spoke way to soon when he was at the UCONN game I didnt applaud and just said he can go fuck himself with that stupid Taliban beard.


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pop my cherry with this, but i blame the al-qaeda beard.

sad day. braylon had that one year with cleveland... what a frustrating waste of talent.