OT - Brandon Inge released today.

Submitted by Mr Miggle on April 26th, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Brad Eldred called up. - from Tiger post-game radio  show.



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Where on earth is Eldred going to play? Is he the new DH? I know he's killed the ball in Toledo at a ridiculous rate but calling up a 32 year old 1B who isn't even considered a prospect is a bit alarming. 

Adios Binge, I'll always remember the shitty slogan they had when you walked up to the dish, "Inge-nious."


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So what's the difference if Delmon Young is at Left and Raburn is DH or vice versa?  Either way, Ryan Raburn is in the line-up.  Getting someone who can hit at DH keeps that from happening. 

I know everyone is down on Inge, but Raburn is like a younger, worse Brandon Inge, just without the salary.


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Delmon has a turtle like stride when trying to field a ball out in LF, if he's DH'ing we now longer have to seem him waddle to flyballs. 

I totally agree that Raburn is the pseudo Inge, but I still think playing Dirks against RHP and Raburn against LHP's is the better way to go.

This team still has plenty of holes, 2B, another lefty out of the pen, and most notably another starter. Who would of thought that Drew Smyly would be our 2nd best pitcher to this point. In no way am I calling for changes this early, but I would be very surprised if we ever saw Jacob Turner in a Tigers uniform again IMO.


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the stat WAR does a pretty good job estimating the combined worth of a players defense and offense together (with actually weighting the defense for what it's worth compared to offense). Despite what people think, Raburn is actually an above average defensive LF. Also, his current K rate of 18.4 percent is lower than his career K rate. His biggest problem is simply the balls he hits going right at defenders. Seriously, a .114 BABIP...even Inge wouldn't stay that low. Delmon is a horrific defensive LF. Delmon is worth 1.4 WAR...for his CAREER. Even Raburn has managed a 4.3. (To put those in persepctive, Verlander is over 33 WAR)


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You are absolutely right.  Tossing in the "ha" well after the post was originally up made it a LOT easier to tell it was a "joke" than the original unedited comment.

Kinda reminded me of my first wife.  Whenever she would say something really stupid or emarrasing (which was unfortunately often) she would see the horrified reactions around her and then say "i was just JOKING....sheesh"  


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Lifetime batting average of 234.  Averaged 16 home runs and 68 RBI's throughout his 12 years in the bigs.  Hit 287 once - only had one season higher than 261 in his 10 other years.

I know the steriod era has made the Hall change their admission standards somewhat but I kinda doubt he's a "borderline HOF" player.  



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I respect Inge as a person and all he's done but everyone has their time and Inge had to go.

Best of luck to Inge, he had a good time for the most part and made a nice living.



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Inge had to go. It was getting ugly out there.

Edit: Before anyone jumps down my throat with, "It's getting ugly? It's been ugly out there maaaaaaan." I meant in terms of fans booing him mercilessly, Leyland having to answer way too many questions about it, media personalities raging about it, and Inge beginning to resent Detroit/the Tigers/fans/teammates. At some point the circus was going to start negatively impacting team chemistry and the play on the field. The Tigers made the right call releasing him now, rather than letting this drag on.


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I wish Inge luck in the rest of his career. He was the last Tiger player that I can't remember not being on the team, sad in that way but best for the team. 

R Kelly

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Its sad tigers fans resent him so much, he gave them a lot good years, some of them on very bad teams.  Sure he was never a great offensive player, but before his knee problems he was  pretty unique on defense.  For a while he was capable of playing virtually every position on the field.    

Not saying the tigers shoud've kept him now, just saying that fans shouldn't hate Inge, its not his fault the organization held on to him too long.

Michael Scarn

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This is pretty bad too - on the topic of strikeouts, Inge says:

"It's such an overrated stat. It's such a stupid stat. Once guys start worrying about striking out then they're going to strike out. They're not going to try and hit the ball with any authority." Although, to be fair, he is an expert on the subject.