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Here's the Tigers' statement on it from their MLB site - HERE

"Toledo needed a starting pitcher after Derek Hankins, who made 14 starts with the club this year, left for a team in Korea. Bonderman will take the open spot in the Mud Hens' rotation that Hankins vacated."

I couldn't find any other details other than the contract having an opt-out if he is not called up by the big club by a certain date. 


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I'd imagine football is also very boring to watch and talk about if you're uneducated on the sport and/or don't have any emotional investment made in any particular team.  Essentially, saying that it's boring just let's everyone know that we should assume that you have absolutely no idea what's going on and that any statement you make on the topic isn't worth a damn.


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unless its just a way of pointing out that Bonderman is an old ex Tiger, I don't get what Todd Jones has to do with anything.


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I've been apart of the mgoblog community for a couple years and I believe I've seen this done before. If I'm wrong I apologize. I have a co worker who has just been diagnosed with his second brain tumor and has not been given long to live. He will leave behind a wife and a 12 yr old daughter. We are organizing a benefit golf tournament and auction in an attempt to raise money for him and his family so that they can cherish every last moment they have together and to also help pay for some of his expenses. I am writing this hoping that someone here can be generous enough and trusting enough to help out in donating to this. We are looking for prizes. Anything can help. If you doubt the validity of this I don't blame you. We have a Facebook group as some evidence to prove this is go real. I probably would too. Feel free to e mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss further.

Like I said earlier. If this is not allowed delete my post. I'll understand.


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He was 1-3 with a 4.93 in 7 starts giving up 40 hits, 21 earned run, 16 walks, and 17 ks before Seattle released him. In his last three starts he gave up 19 hits and 12 earned runs never making it farther than 5.1 innings. Being a Mariners fan I watched most of his starts and his best was against Houston when he threw 8

innings and gave up no earned runs. The fact that Seattle, who after Felix and Iwakuma has no reliable starting pitching, tells the story I think.