OT: Boise State @ MSU this Friday. What are your predictions or thoughts?

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on August 26th, 2012 at 3:25 PM

I'm sure many of us if not all of us (cause I know I am) are hoping to see the Broncos come into EL and tear the Spartans a new one but with Boise replacing pretty much their whole offense and some linemen on defense how do you think Boise State will fair against FYS this coming Friday? I fear this could very well be a rout for Sparty but with a new offense and QB at the helm I could also see them struggling in this game. Defensively though is where Sparty should kill them in my opinion.



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I really don't have any idea how this game is going to go.  Boise loses their entire team, but they've always put a good product on the field.  MSU loses a ton of offensive production and leadership.  I really have no idea how each team is going to respond.  If I have to chose, I say MSU because that D is going to be good and they're at home.  But who really knows.


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I see it closer than you think. MSU has lost all their top receivers and cousins. Along with the anchor of their D in Worthey. They are not a football factory and it is going to take some time to replace those players.

Boise 20

MSU 16


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especially with a freshman QB. Unless this kid has some unbelievable year which I doubt he will, I see State having a slightly anemic offense. Transitions like the one from Cousins to a freshman like Maxwell are huge shoes to fill.


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Cousins is defintely in the conversation. Who is the competition?  Jeff Smoker and Drew Stanton come to mind when talking recent history and I dont think either had the record against UofM Cousins had. Also, Cousins holds most major MSU passing records and is in the top ten in many B1G records. Not to mention his intangibles, being a leader and a stand up guy (Big Ten luncheon speech).


There could be some guy back in the day that had a couple good years but it is safe to say Cousins is the best quarterback in recent memory. 


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Has won before Kellen Moore was the starting QB. They will still continue to win without him.

The offense is very difficult to prepare and will try to outflank MSU defense with numbers and leverage. The new starting QB is more talented and is more of a running QB so I expect to see them run more option. Even with the loss of an all world back, Doug Martin, they still have a good back in DJ Harper. They have good compliment of WRs like Shoemaker, Moore, etc. The OL lost their starting LT but returns just about everybody else in which they allowed 8 sacks last season.

It's the defense where the departure really hurts them. They lost basically their entire line to NFL. They also lost a very good S in George Iloka. They return a pair of very good CBs who can cover. The defense were stout last year and if they can find DL that is half as good as last year, they should be fine. The good new is MSU offense have to replace a lot of key players like Cousins, Cunningham, Foreman, etc.

Then there's Chris Peterson who IMO is the best coach in the country. The way he was able to find talents and utilize them to the best of their ability is great. I am sure he'll find way to scheme and gameplan against MSU.

I see a much closer game than most people think. I say BSU prevail 24-17


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I don't know if MSU's offense will be terrible.  Not as good as last year, but they also have a consensus 4-star top 150ish QB going into his 4th year in the system.  That's pretty much what every program strives for.  If we had that, we wouldn't be worried about the transistion at QB at all either.  Bigger questions with the WR, but they should have a decent running game, so I don't think state's offense will be all that bad this year.  Hope I'm wrong obviously.

Zone Left

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If Maxwell plays alright, MSU should win by a couple of touchdowns. Boise lost pretty much their whole team to graduation and I'm not convinced they can reload to a top-25 level. 

If Maxwell isn't good, MSU is screwed this year. The Freshman who took all the snaps in MSU's spring game just isn't ready to play this season. Maxwell has to be serviceable, or that defense will struggle to get MSU past 7 wins.


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If any team can replace that many starters and win 1 game, it's Boise State. I think it'll will be pretty close, but unfortunately I think Sparty pulls this out


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I think MSU wins 20-10. I don't see BSU being able to manage more than 2 scores and I got to beleive MSU offense will be at least good enough to win a game like this.


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A couple of possibilities here: 

  • MSU "D" gets exposed by a great offense. Probability: not great. While MSU's defense may or may not be "all-world", Boise can't expect to have the offense of the past few years after replacing Kellen Moore and many, many other key players on the roster.
  • MSU shows itself as the "real deal". Probability: more likely. While there are key losses for MSU at the offensive skill positions, their new QB is likely to be very good and will be protected by a veteran offensive line that will give him time to make decisions. And I think it's more than likely that State's D is as good as advertised.

I think State wins by at least a touchdown.


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As much fun as watching Boise State destroy MSU would be, I've gotta root for MSU here, just so it looks better when we beat them. The toughest game of the season to decide who to root for is ND/MSU, but it's decided for me by my good friend, a ND fan, who I love to see cry.


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I know that MSU is favored, but the Broncos are usually a pretty well-rounded team, even when they're in a rebuilding year. They're also well-accustomed to playing in nationally televised games during prime time.

Sparty returns several starters on defense, but they lost their best player. In addition, their offensive coordinator is terrible. They ranked 60-something in offense last year and 11th in the B1G in rushing. On top of that, they're replacing every one of their skill position starters aside from the RB, who has yet to crack 1,000 yards. It's easy to understand why DiNardo said their offense would have to "overachieve" if they're going to do anything noteworthy this year. Also, Maxwell has had problems with injuries in practice. If he goes down in a live game situation, I don't know how comfortable msu fans are about the ability of their backups to lead their offense, particularly against a well-coached team like BSU.

I just don't see the spartans taking this one.


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It does no good to watch a big ten team lose an out of conference game and have all the analysts talking about how the big ten sucks. I will not root for sparty, but I would rather see them win.


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Why do we care about if an analyst says the conference sucks? As long as we take care of business, they can say the B10 blows for all I care. Boise/MSU has nothing to do with us, so I am going to root against Sparty.


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I have always felt as though there are several teams in each BCS conference (not named "The Big East") that can hover above conference criticism.  In the absurdly small chance that we have 13-0: Michigan, Texas, USC and Florida/Alabama, then yes, conference "bite" will have a factor.  But bottom line, if Michigan goes 13-0, I really don't think we have to worry about what else happens. 

Secondly, ask yourselves, who is our competition for at-large BCS? I see MSU being more of a factor than BSU.  I mean, well, I don't think FYS is ever going to get an actual at-large BCS bid.  But they will more likely be more relevant than Boise at the end of the year.

That all being said, I think MSU rolls in this one.  Don't get me wrong, I will take a shot of our super fancy tequila if BSU wins this game and I respect everything that they have done over the past decade or so.  But asking any team to replace that many starters is unreasonable.  I think BSU plays with heart, but gets worn down early in the second half.  MSU 34-17.


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My prediction is MSU-34 BSU-26

I think MSU defense leads to some serious points during the game. I also think Maxwell is better than anticipated, but throws two interceptions. 


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It will be a closer game than expected just because both teams are reloading a bit and it is the first game of the season, but MSU should win.  I am one who believes Boise's recruiting is better than it gets credit for, and should have some talent that can step up.  And despite what others have written, I think that MSU defensive line struggles a bit without Worthy.  The LBs and DBs are solid, though, and I see MSU being able to run it well enough against a Bronco's defense in transition.  This isn't going to be a blowout, but MSU should win by 7-10 if that defense is as good as advertised.  But if Boise goes up early and MSU has to play from behind, it could be ugly because I'm not sure Maxwell is going to be able to do much early on with those WRs.