OT: Bobby Petrino Story Gets Even Stranger

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First we thought it was just a motorcycle accident.  No big deal.  Then it turns out there was a young woman riding on the back and a possible affair with the woman and complications from that.  Now it turns out that a couple drove Petrino and the young woman to a rendevous point away from the accident and there is also an Arkansas State Trooper involved, who was scheduled to do a fugitive pickup but instead investigated the accident.  

At this point, there are more questions than answers, but the coverup seems far more elaborate than anybody thought. Here are a few links with updates to the story:




Update:  Here's another story that includes additional details:




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between Kate Upton's only this thing being in focus says I'm not tripping video, the McNuggets lady, and this one, possibly the greatest three in a row streak of youtube videos I've ever seen.

Finish it off with Trey Burke giving Kate a piggyback ride to his "I'm Staying!" press conference and we could call this a month.


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Giving a girl half your age, who is not your daughter, a ride on your motorcycle later in the afternoon does not go over so well on the home front. Of particular importance is that this was not a hitch hiker, but his newly hired member of the staff. Sort of raises a few questions.


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Things like this and oversigning and the list goes on and on and on, are the reason I am worried about a Big Ten football resurgence. Once a league or a corporation or a trusted group of pretty much anybody rises to the top, and stays there too long, there's a sense of hubris that comes along and before you know it, everything goes from running like a fair-playing, well-oiled machine, to looking more like the wild wild west. 

I only hope that most of the Big Ten can handle themselves with a sense of character when we get a few more National Titles and Rose Bowl crowns under our belts. 

Don't worry, Ohio, we all know better than to hold you to this standard. 


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MGoPiet, I've been thinking about your comment... and while I agree to an extent, clearly the Big Ten has already been susceptible to "I can get away with it" kind of hubris... see the Penn State scandal, tattoogate, etc.  But I do worry about someone like Meyer further tarnishing the reputation of the Big Ten if he brings SEC sensibilities to our conference.

My other thought, is damn, I just cannot see Hoke ever doing anything like this... which is one of the reasons that I love that he is our coach.

Zone Left

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Jeff: Hi Brady, Happy Easter!

Brady: Nice to hear from you Jeff. How are things?

Jeff: I know you've got a pretty good thing there at Michigan, but would you be interested in getting the band back together in Fayetteville?


Jeff: Hear me out. We've got a returning quarterback and you'd get the opportunity to compete against Nick, Les, and whoever is coaching at Ole Miss. It'll be great.


Jeff: I'll take your lack of response as a yes. You'll love it down here, everyone on staff gets a free Sam's Club membership and a new motor...and a new single seat bike.


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Long was also at Michigan when Hoke was here. From what I understand, they're still pretty good friends. But no need to worry. 

Also, with Hoke being the type of person to do this, even with homer glasses off, I don't see anything happening at Michigan even if the Big Ten goes Wild Wild West. If something does happen with Hoke here, I might just lose faith in humanity. That's how much confidence I have in the dude.


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Well, maybe, but I think the "but we don't make love" part of the statement would be a mistake.

As it turns out, she was just recently hired, and the State Trooper has worked with the football program before.  Unless the Trooper has a good explanation for his actions, his job might be on the line too.  

Edit:  Oops! I meant this as a response to flamebait's post.

Robbie Moore

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...is a douche bag.

He takes the Auburn job offered by a member of the Auburn Board of Governors after a year at Louisville. This evidently was news to both the Auburn President and Athletic Director who thought they had a coach in Tommy Tuberville. Petrino tells the Louisville folks there was nothing to the rumors. Then the deal collapses on the Auburn end  and Petrino lies all around about whether it happened.

He denies interest in leaving the Atlanta Falcons job for Arkansas, lying directly to the owner Arthur Blank. Then, without telling the Falcons, he leaves in the middle of the night and the Falcons find out it all was true by watching the hiring news conference in Fayetteville.



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Don't be so judgmental... It's Arkansas and we all know when it comes to sexual relations with employees or interns the act is only defined by what the definition of "is" is.


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This is just Petrino covering up, not wanting to be embarrassed. Arkansas is now going to have a few "Rich Rod" years, just not as bad because they're in the SEC

death by trident

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The lesson here is how to respond to the public. With plenty of modern examples to go by, think how the media would have dealt with these situations differently...

Pete Rose: Yep, I bet on baseball. I have a gambling problem.

Tiger Woods: I am an ass and I don't care about my family. I'm addicted to sex.

Roger Clemens: Yeah, I had steroids injected into my buttocks multiple times.


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People frequently say that if X athlete just came forward to begin with, the public wouldn't be so upset, but I'm not sure if that's true. Americans love to judge your moral character, and we don't see a bit of remorse for steroid users, regardless of how they respond to accusations. No matter how you respond, you're assumed to be guilty of nearly the worst possible.

death by trident

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Andy Pettite wasn't nearly the circus that Roger Clemens was.  Because he didn't lie to congress.  Pete Rose is being embraced now that he has owned up to his faults.  As much as people like to judge, they also like to redeem.

You are also right, we also assume the worst.  In this case, no matter what level Petrino was involoved with this 25 year old woman, everyone naturally assumes that he was having an affair.  Even if that wasn't the case he should just come out an apologize for having this whatever it was.  Hiding is only going to make it worse. 


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Petrino's a pretty good coach, but he'd long ago established himself as a world-class snake. It was just a matter of time before he revealed his true self to the public again. That's what he is, and the people at Arkansas have nobody but themselves to blame for this. A 10-year old could have predicted Petrino would step on his dick eventually down there.


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The best IMO was the guy who said (and I'm paraphrasing here)

Either Petrino hired somebody he was previously having an affair with and that is forbidden and will get you fired OR he started an affair in the past 10 days with a new employee which is also forbidden and will get you fired.  He could survive the affair going public but what in the HELL was he thinking when he hired her and put her on his payroll?  That's is insane.

Heads you lose-tails I win.  He's toast.


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It's too long to quote entirely, but it begins:

"When any of us does something wrong and gets caught, we first try to deny it and then we try to back track and spin the story in our favor. "

It made me think that perhaps, for the sake of argument, if I wreck my car while giving someone with whom I am having  an affair a ride, I would have to think of a way to explain this to my  employer and my  family, so therefore...

I will tell people that I was in the car by myself at the  time and this person just happened to be there, parked on the side of the road, watching me wreck the car all the while, willing to take me to the hospital in her boyfriend's car. 

I mean, nobody would ever think I was trying to hide something if I had them drop  me off at an intersection in town, where someone who provided my security would then transport me to the hospital while my passenger left in her own vehicle. People just do these sorts of things when they do something wrong and get caught, right?





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Living only about 45 minutes from Fayetteville I was not surprised to hear people saying that he should only receive a suspension or fine but not be fired. Those comments really came as no surprise to me (SEC and all), but I talked to one individual who made the comment "I don't care who he f%^&s as long as he wins." When confronted with the fact that Saint Petrino lied to his boss about having an innappropriate relationship with a fellow staff member his reply was "He is paid to win football games, other than that I don't care". Rumor on the streets here is that the boosters are already pleading with Long to keep him on. They deserve everything that they get if they keep him.


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What's really sad is the fact that the young mistress, Jessica Dorrell, was engaged.  I feel sorry for her poor fiance, getting embarassed like this in public, when he had nothing to do with this.  It's one thing for Jessica Dorrell to have an affair with a powerful and rich man twice her age, but it's another thing for her to drag an innocent boyfriend into this shameful public frenzy.  Poor guy.  Imagine what his buddies are saying to him about his "fiance". 

 I also feel bad for Petrino's kids...and his wife to a lesser extent, because she probably already knows what a snake he is.

Wow Petrino, way to mess up the lives of as many people as you possibly can along life's journey.  What a jackass.


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There are still too many jerks in positions of power that abuse it. I see too many stories where women feel they have to have an affair to get the job. I guarantee you there is no way she was in this because she thought that DB was sexy.