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Submitted by will on July 8th, 2016 at 9:16 PM
So I have brought my family up to the lake house my uncles own (Coldwater lake) and rented a PWC to supplement the pontoon my uncle owns. Everything was going well until his puppy showed playfully agressive tendencies towards one of my 3 yr old twins. He nipped her and she's got a bite mark I'm not really worried about, but sitting in the ER habing it checked out after texting a pic to my sister in law who's a doctor. Now my uncle has gone back to his house for fear the dog might snip again, and I also have a 18 month old, so I get his fear. He's not comfortable other people driving his pontoon.. which was our major activity for the weekend. I can't switch the rental to a pontoon because we only have one spot on the dock for a boat, which is already there obviously. The plan was for him to help us watch the kids while we sandwich a kid between us on the pwc. Now there are only 2 of us with three kids. I'm not sure how safe it is for a single adult to hold a 3 year old one pwc by themself.I'm not talking wave jumping or fast speeds, more slow cruising around the lake. Asking for suggestions/advice.



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I have no family that I would get an informed opinion from.
I figure those on this board are probably more familiar with pwc, and water conditions in small Michigan lakes. This would obviously be a different conversation if we were talking about the ocean, or somewhere with strong currents.


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...on Michigan lakes, raising dogs, and being happily married.  In your situation, I would ditch the jet ski and at least one kid; then add a sailboat and a second dog. Hope that helps.

Gerald R. Ford

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Not to up the stress, but they're not generally supposed to put a stitch in a puncture wound. The risk of infection is higher, and the stitch itself may leave a mark as bad or worse than the puncture. Make sure the stitch is removed in 5 days no more even if it is dissolvable. Watch for redness. Extensive experience behind this advice.

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Don't stitch a puncture wound.

And just thinking out loud.. Wtf is this thread?

Edit: what is the question? Dogs and puncture wounds? Uncles and child care? What Professional Wrestling Centers are near lakes in Michigan?

Its the All-Star break, not a lot of other sports to talk about, really. I'm thinking Will is messing with us during a lul on the sports calendar.


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sorry man but you are all over the place. Time to man up... kick the dog once so it won't bite again. Tell your uncle you got the wheel. Grab a six pack of beer.. (just go for a miller or bud light... I can't imagine you trying to sort through the micro brew isle) take the shirt off and don't use sun tan lotion. Time to grow up and stop getting your how to info from parenting books. Trust me.. everything will be all right.


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puncture, I don't know a doc who would stitch it. but hey, there are lots of doctors and they have varying opinions on everything. but--if it's not exactly a puncture, I could see stitching it.


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One adult and a 3 year old? No problem man! Especially if it's a 3 seater larger PWC. Should be fine just take it easy especially of not used to riding one.

Have fun out there!!

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You have a three seater with you and two offspring. If you want to use the PWC with one or both, you put the children in front of you with the bracelet on your wrist. I've seen that approach a lot growing up on Lake Huron; viable option.

Other option is to weigh the gas tanks on the pontoon boat, take several pics of exactly how it's tied up (are the dock lines flaked?) and then use the pontoon boat. Fill the tanks back up with 93 octane until they weigh the same and then deny all knowledge of any discrepancy.

We are back

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Never seen anyone wreck a pontoon so he's just a douche therefore tell his ass you'll call the animal rescue and get his dog put to sleep and sue his ass

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If the PWC is big enough for another adult to hold the kid go for it. Make sure the kid has a properly fitting type II pfd. I would avoid single parent duty on a pwc; your focus should be on the water not a child. 

Best of luck!!


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We have a place on Long Lake, so with that being said.. I have always taken our kids out at that age on our PWC. I have them sit in front of me and go for a joy ride.. Just a FYI your 3 year old needs to have a life jacket with the handle on the back of the jacket and head support.  If you want to see some great fireworks this weekend, go to the Fremont Moose tomorrow.. 

have fun and Go Blue


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use his pontoon boat just like his puppy used your 3 year old as a chew toy. If you're not comfortable with that, take the twins on the PWC, they sit in front of the driver, while your wife watches your 18 month old. Take turns driving/toddler watching.


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I'd say you're fine putting the kid between you and the handlebars as long as you aren't driving it like a jackass.

You can even hold the kid's life jacket with one hand while you throttle and steer with the other. Pick the bravest one and give it a shot.


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your post is far too confusing for me to understand, comment on.

I hit reply because I grew up on Coldwater Lake and was actually just there for a week to see my famliy before flying back to LA yesterday. Small world.

hope the rest of your trip gets better, enjoy my home lakes.

a different Jason

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Why don't you look into boarding the dog for the time? Or get tranqs from the vet. Tranquilize the dog, put it in its kennel, it will dream that it's on an airplane.


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and i don't mean that as a slight, but if that's true, then the threshold for 'boating or no boating' is a lot lower.   and the busier the lake or the bigger the waves, again, the less likely you should be out on a PWC with a 3 yr old.  

so it looks like a lot of wading near shore and teaching the kids how to skip stones.  and if the dog gets nippy, making it a permanent submarine...


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but here goes:  i've got more kids than you and i have more boating experience, including working on boats for 5 summers and owning them for decades.  forget the PWC.  leave it on the trailer.

there is so much fun you can have with your little ones that's not on a boat.  teach them to swim.  find a river and take them fishing (have done this with little ones in a backpack), run, hike, sing (never too early to start learning 'the victors'), teach them to read, throw the cheap-o football you will go buy at the little convenience store in whatever town you are in, hike/walk, go make friends with the neighbors and get them to take you boating, cook, shoot a basketball and go right into explaining the motion offense, football plays and positions, or even how to ride a bike.  you spend even 15 minutes on each one of these activities, interspersed with nap time (for them and you), and your days will be full.   relax a little and enjoy and stop worrying about all the little crud that your kids won't care about or remember.  they are still at the age where they are more likely to get a gift and put it aside so they can play with the box it came in. 

and forget the PWC.  


rob f

July 9th, 2016 at 7:57 AM ^

did you put in your backpack? One in there, did they behave or did they squirm a lot?

And isn't that pretty burdensome, making it nearly impossible to fish? While I admire your pioneering spirit and ideas on raising kids, this one just seems like it needs a little rethinking.

P.S.: are we still doing phrasing around here?


July 9th, 2016 at 8:42 AM ^

if i understand the defensive alignment correctly, he can put the 18 mo. old there, and mama can guide the 3 yr old twins.  when my twins had just turned three i took the both of them fly-fishing without their siblings, just for some father-sons time.  i even wrote an article about fly-fishing with my kids a few years back that got published in michigan trout magazine.

bring diapers, wipes, sippy cup, and some snacks and you've got a couple hours fishing, easy.   watch the back cast, but you'll get the hang of it pretty quick.  and don't be so concerned that everything needs to be perfect.  catching fish is secondary to the time with the kids.