OT: Biggest pests in sports

Submitted by 30swk18 on May 4th, 2018 at 9:40 PM
Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins just licked Ryan Callahan after the whistle. Marchand is a repeat offender. Beyond wondering who the fuck would do that, it’s clearly an effective way to get under the other team’s skin. Personally, I think Marchand goes too far and is a dirty player, but it got me thinking who other professional pests in sports were or are and who we wouldn’t mind seeing on a Detroit team.



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Was literally at the bar an hour ago telling me he’s Eskimo bros with Marchand. Side note: I’m Eskimo bros with Zucker from the Wild. #CoolStoryBro


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Dude messes around for the regular season looking washed then starts dropping funky 11-9-17-5 stat lines while talking an ungodly amount of shit. 


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The choice of Vontez Burfict interested me.

For as flawed a person as he is and for all the shit he rightly gets in the NFL, if he were a Detroit Lion, I wonder how many people would put him in the category of "You like him only when he's on your team (or at least you're willing to overlook certain things)". 


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Another guy who liked to "say it with mucus" was former Piston "Bad Boy" Rick Mahorn. The story goes that during a game with the Celtics, he once stuck his finger up his nose and wiped the snot on Kevin McHale's leg.

I guess that's one way of setting a pick.

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Esa Tikkanen... guy was a good player but a pain in the ass. Similar to Marchand, he went in for a kiss once to Dale Hunter who was a dirty player in his own right. Plus, due to his thick Finnish accent, no one could understand what he'd say out there.Image result for esa tikkanen dale hunter kiss

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pest or two.

Late 80's Celtics had Danny Ainge. Lakers had Michael Cooper.

Bad Boys had Laimbeer.  Rodman could also drive teams nuts.

So many great Red Wings- Koccur, Holmstrom, Ciccarelli, Maltby, Lindsay.

Aaron Craft had a face I wanted to cave in.  Thad Matta as well.