OT - Big10 Network Streaming question

Submitted by MichiganNomad on August 18th, 2011 at 11:33 AM

Has anyone signed up for the B10 streaming service? If so, how has it worked out? I'm considering signing up, already have ESPN3 but don't want to miss games that are specific to the B10 Network. 





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I am curious as well.  I just graduated Michigan and moved to NYC for my job.  Most cable providers, including my own RCN, do not offer BTN out here.  I'm wondering how those of us Michigan alums on the East Coast watch games that are specific to BTN?  Would greatly appreciate your help.


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You can get it on satellite.

Alternatively, and the choice I'd recommend.  Watch it with your fellow alumni!




New York


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The best way to watch games outside of Ann Arbor is with local alums.  I lived in Boston from 2003-2010.  The BTN didn't exist when I first got there but also took awhile to get it in our cable package once it did.  The local alumni club bars were some of the best memories I have watching games there.  My experience watching the 2008 Wisconsin game, for example, will always live on in my memories. Going crazy, jumping around and hugging total strangers after such a depressing start still makes me smile. 

Mitch Cumstein

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Do you have a link to any info about this service?  I would gladly pay to be able to stream b10 games on my comp.  I'm in an area without it and generally only watch football from the b10 unless its a monster matchup somewhere else. 


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Are you talking about the Big Ten Digital Network? I thought that only streamed games that are not broadcast on the BTN. Which means none of Michigan's football games are streamed through that service.

BTN2Go does stream whatever is on the BTN, but you have to get the BTN through your cable service for that to work.


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I looked into subscribing to this:  http://video.btn.com/allaccess/index-splash.html

But as far as I can tell the games are not included in the streaming option for people in the united states.  This looks like the program guide: http://video.btn.com/allaccess/?school_code=mich


I belive http://www.bigtenticket.com/bigten/  includes games, but you had to figure out a way to appear international  (maybe via a proxy server or vpm), to stream.  It is blocked for US / Canada ISPs.