OT: Big storm coming

Submitted by 1464 on June 12th, 2013 at 9:47 AM

Not sure that this is particularly topical, but from what the news is saying, the storm rolling through today will be pretty severe.  Some are speculating it will be the worst storm of the year for the Michigan and Ohio region.  May want to text your families to put the grills in the garage and whatnot.  Be prepared to duck and cover, many will likely lose power for a while as well.

They're calling it a Derecho, which has very strong straight line winds.

/knowing is half the battle



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crows.  And who or what is the feast.  If you are a book reader my anticipation and uncertainty may not make sense because you already know what the reference means.  Or maybe it means something obvious and I don't see it.  In any case, I can't wait, thats alls Im sayin.


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Mostly. Everything in Kingslanding and on the wall will be book 3, but Bran is already done with his content in book 3 and Arya has parts of two chapters left, so they might only take one episode. That basically means that they are going to have to start on the book 4/5 content for those two. Dany has two chapters left as well, which they could stretch out for an entire season or they could take an episode or two to cover it and then move on to the book 5 content.


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We had a Derecho (a freight train of multiple severe storms in a row) here in the Wash DC area recently.  Fierce sideways rain and wind.  Power was out for 3 days.



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just not seeing it.  I have looked at a couple of radars and futurecasts and I just don't see how this system is going to materialize that fast to strike the midwest that hard.  Rain, sure, and lots of it, but I can't see it coming together fast enough to be a DEATHSTORM(allrightsreserved,trademarkdeathstorminc2010,deathstormisnottobeusedinconjunctionwithanyotherstormdescription.....)


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Lol I am just regurgitating what I read on weather.com and heard on bloomberg this AM.

Hope to God you are right, some of my co-workers didn't have power for a week.


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far from it.  I am just seeing a pattern now where the weather entities that be use cool catchy names and give dire warnings for common weather scenarios that really do no materialize just to increase web traffic.

Now I will be right back, I have to check Weatherbug real quick.


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Yeah.  I've heard that the Weather Channel has been known to completely fake hurricanes to generate a buzz.

Your logic is stupid.  Generate clicks for recruiting news by spouting random thoughts? Yes.  Potentially kill people by faking weather, creating a boy who cried wolf mentality amongst the population?  No. 

Your protestation to this was simply "There's not a lot of red on my map so these experts are all really stupid."  I think you should go on a long bike ride this evening to prove your point.


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are you so mad dude?

And yes, the weather channel that now "names" winter storms and regularly predicts about 1 foot more than anybody gets.  Is it your position that a television entertainment entity has no interest in generating ratings?  Really?  Maybe I guess.  And they don't "cry wolf," they just create new and creative ways to make sure they are never wrong.  Like saying there is a "15%" elevated risk of such an event."  There is no way to be wrong making that prediction.  It does not even mean anything. 


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I'm not mad, it's just a dumb premise.  Show me your data on how much less snowfall we get than predictions and I will concede my point.  But even that is not apples to apples.  Snowfall is not a dangerous phenomenon, but heavy storms are. 

As for the naming of storms, a derecho is not a new concept, nor was El Nino when that was highly publicized.

From the NOAA site:


Most people may overreact to this kind of stuff, but it beats underreacting in my book.


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not even saying you are overreacting.  I am just saying that phrases such as "the potential exists" really don't give you much information and these types of phrases have become the bread and butter of entities like the weather channel.  I am not saying that they don't report when something is happening, only that they lose nothing by over-reporting things that probably are not going to.  Especially when they can just say "hey, we just said there was the potential, not that it was going to happen."   The weather channel in particular has found away to remain above reproach despite becomming Weather-TMZ.


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The NOAA is the government agency in charge of releasing the official warnings and whatnot, so ratings do not matter to them.  The weather channel may be a little dramatized, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't pay heed to their warnings.  That being said, cheers.  Hopefully it is all hype.