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So, I was surfing Comcast's vast amount of OnDemand wealth last night and I came across this movie called The Big Chill (it was just meh to me, if you're interested). Now, the first thing I thought of was "Wow, what a coincidence, what are the chances that it could POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with Michigan". Then I found out it was about a bunch of Michigan grads who are reunited because of the death of one of their friends. Do you think this movie had anything to do with naming The Big Chill at the Big House? Maybe the reason they had to add "at the Big House" to the end of the name? I would like to see what anyone thinks/knows about this.



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I don't think anyone really knows to be honest.   They've run several test to see if, in fact, they were fabulous and they were so they ran more tests to see if there were five of them and there were as well.

So it's hard to determine if the "fab 5" were so named because they were fab or they were 5.  It's quite a mystery to this day.


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Kasdan got an honorary degree at the 2000 graduation ceremony.  Whoever was introducing him read a list of the movie scripts that he wrote or worked on, and it sounded like this:

"The Empire Strikes Back..."  (Crowd cheers)

"Raiders of the Lost Ark..." (More cheers)

"Return of the Jedi..." (Louder cheers)

"The Big Chill..." (More loud cheers)

"...and The Bodyguard."  (Audible puzzlement, followed by scattered boos)

Mr. Robot

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I'm sure its been said before me, and I'll admit that I didn't read the comments above me. That doesn't matter though, because the fact that you know enough about the hockey team that the Big Chill took place at all means you should have known the backstory between the event and the movie.

It also means you didn't go to the Big Chill (or your memory is really bad), which is even more fail.


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I read the OP twice before I was sure he wasn't joking.  I know the movie is old at this point but so is Gone With The Wind and most people get what that was about.

Great cast in The Big Chill.

Trivia fact:  Did you know Kevin Costner played the dead guy?  Left on the cutting room floor except for one shot of part of his dead body, I think a foot.  No one knew who he was at the time.

2 Walter Smith

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has a great line in the movie.  He's watching the MSU vs. U of M game (as referenced above) and makes some comment to effect of, "C'mon Bo, you're not supposed to blow it until the 4th Quarter," or something to that effect.  He's shown with a MIchigan beanie on yelling at the T.V.  I thought the reference was pretty cool as a little kid when the movie came out.

Kasdan drops other Michigan references in his other movies.  A baby, in Grand Canyon I believe, wears a Michigan t-shirt in one scene.

Bill in Birmingham

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I think it was actually Jeff Goldblum's character who said it. A friend of mine who saw it before me called me and told me that I needed to see this movie that had a line in it that reminded him of me. That was the line. Twentyseven years later, I haven't changed. {Sigh.}


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It could've been worse...a post from a 19 year old asserting that these kids in Liverpool formed a band or something and named themselves after Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson.

Of course, that's assuming that a 19 year old would know who either Fab group was.

This is what happens when you spend all your time watching Glee club or American Karaoke Idol.


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Hai guyz. I googled "Star Wars" and found out President Reagan had a space weaponization program called that. Do you think that's where George Lucas got his idea for The Phantom Menace? I love those films, especially Jar Jar who I had all of his toys growing up.*

* Yes, people. The kids who Jar Jar was made for are now in college. Also, college freshmen were 5 years old for Woodson, and probably don't remember it. Also also: they're going to sit around grumpy one day and talk about how college kids these days were too young to remember Denard Robinson, so go easy on the kids, eh?


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Minister at the funeral ceremony: "I'm angry and I don't know what to DO with my anger."

Kline (Harold) and Goldblum (Michael) strolling in a field:

Michael: "what ever happened with that property we wanted to buy in Saginaw to start a commune?"

Harold: "we didn't have any money"

Michael: "Oh.  Yeah".



Michael, apprehensively: "It's raining."

Harold: "Nice, isn't it?"



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I always liked the line where the woman talks about how she knows her husband will never cheat on her. The guy says, "That's nice...you trust one another." The woman shakes her head and says, "No...fear of herpes."