OT-This is the BEST Lou Holtz impression you will ever find

Submitted by maizenblue92 on September 15th, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Have time to kill? Well, this is the BEST Lou Holtz impression you will ever find. I think the guy hits the dialouge right on the head. Here it is. Get ready to laugh your ass off.



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As if the video wasn't funny enough, I give you this:



"A boy goes out and buys a dog...

…loves the dog very much. The dog dies. What’s that? That’s nothin’. Let’s go out and win this ball game!"

That was the halftime speech from homecoming my senior year. We were down 14-7, very much in it. We ended up losing 42-7. The assistant coach that gave that speech wasn’t allowed to talk to the team the rest of the season. Whenever I think about that speech I always picture Dr. Lou.


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I'm not a dentist, but what I do know is that Holtz has a severe lateral lisp that probably could have been corrected years ago with speech therapy and/or surgery.  It's not his fault, but it probably would help him to get a consultation at a reputable dentis. They could help him out.

I'm sure he has fantastic dental insurance via ESPN.  Holtz is getting older, and at times this lisp makes his speech unintelligible for his co-workers and listeners.  It's funny at times, but at othe times I feel bad for the guy, particularly during the "Ask Dr. Lou" features where he gets animated and the back teeth drown in the extra Pavlov's dog saliva.



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I can say that most of the time this would have been a waste of 13 minutes of my life, but this one is right on the head.  Some of the funniest crap I have heard in a very long time.  I almost pissed myself when he was talking about the alabama faithful driving their homes.  Too funny.


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That was hilarious. I really enjoyed the suit and wig he wore into the studio. Did anyone else notice his actual hair hanging out the back of the wig??? Haha brilliant impersonation. 


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i'm surprised no one else noticed that he called the auburn-MSU game exactly right. i believe he said auburn would win 17-14 with a MSU receiver dropping a ball late in the game that wouldve put them in field goal range. that's literally what happened, impressive lou. impressive