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Submitted by sheepdog on September 17th, 2015 at 1:10 PM


I have never been a heavy drinker.  Love a beer but always settled for lower quality domestics like bud light, miller light and high life.

About two years ago a switch flipped and I decided to start trying different kinds of crafts whereever I went. I travel a little, maybe 3-6 nights a month, so I have started a tradition of ordering the local craft whereever I am, taking a picture on my phone and noting whether I would order again, etc.. My questions:

1. Where do you live and what is the best local craft?

2. What beer traditions do you have?

I am not afraid to steal it if it sounds fun. Thanks all

EDIT: I just downloaded Untappd.  THANKS!!!

Also, if you in Birmingham, my current favorites are Good People pale ale and GP Snakehandler double IPA.




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Love me some Two Hearted back home... But...

Here in Charlotte, lots of breweries popping up:

- NoDa Brewing Hop, Drop, and Roll

- Triple C Baby Maker

- Unknown IPA

All really good... Hop Drop and Roll is very hoppy... I'm not sure if you can purchase it nationally yet or not...


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If you are any sort of beer aficianodo, get to Asheville for an epic beer weekend. We make an annual trip from Atlanta each Fall. There are about 10 breweries worth going to in the city, and they are all within about a 1/2 mile radius of each other. 


I say this having grown up in Grand Rapids, which also has an amazing craft scene. Those two cities are often mentioned, per capita, as the top beer cities in the US. I prefer Asheville b/c the quality is the same, but everything is walking distance, GR you'll be hitting cabs/driving to all the good spots.


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Was there in February. We had a great time hitting up all the breweries and even took a tour of the new Sierra Nevada brewery. We tried to get to as many as we could, but there were a lot we didn't get to. We are definitely going back soon. Although it's not a brewery, I loved the Thirsty Monk, especially the Belgian bar in the basement. Great soft pretzels with Fat Tire cheese dip.


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I live in Asheville! Moved here from West Michigan, where I definitely enjoyed the craft beer scene already. This town has some amazing breweries, many I still haven't made it to. My favorite is Wicked Weed/The Funkatorium. I LOVE sours and they brew some of the best. 

Other than pretty much any sour from Wicked Weed, these are my other local favorites:
Green Man ESB
Green Man Porter
Hi Wire Brown
Highland Gaelic Ale
Catawba Farmer Ted's Cream Ale

We also have the East coast brewery for New Belgium opening soon, as well as Sierra Nevade and Oskar Blues. I love this town!

If you are ever in town during a Michigan game, let me know. I need more people here to watch games with!


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Anything Founders is fantastic.  Lived in Grand Rapids for five years and it was a staple during my time there.  My personal favorite is Rubaeus or the Oatmeal Stout.  


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Founders was definitely a favorite back in the day. They've grown so large I fear they've stopped being quite as innovative. I find their new stuff less and less interesting and look to smaller, newer, and more innovative brewers in favor of them.


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There's also something to be said for doing something well and consistently.  I know what I'm getting from Founder's.  While I am always down to try a smaller brewery, most of the time I want to know I'm spending my money and limited beer calories on something tasty.  

Different perspectives of course, but the it's grown too big argument always feels tired to me.


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1. Michigan - Shorts, Bells and Founders.  Huma, Two-Hearted and All-Day (Double trouble from Founders is great, too).

2. Traditions?  Drink the best stuff I can find.  I prefer IPA's and Imperials.

If you can get your hands on some FFF (3 Floyds) that stuff is incredible.  Found in Munster, IN and they don't distribute to MI.  Permanent Funeral or Zombie Dust = amazing.

Also, you're taking pictures of beer with your phone, "there's an app for that" called Untappd.  Check it out, well worth your time.

His Dudeness

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A guy I work with told me about FFF Zombie Dust. Heard it's almost impossible to get. I really want to swing by the brewery in Indiana though and as much as I head up to Michigan from Kentucky it shouldnt be an issue.


There is also supposedly a place called New Albanian in southern Indiana that has something like 100 beers on tap. Not sure if that's the right name though... it's just a pizza joint that has a ton of beers.


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I know this will be surprising to you all, but I've always been a heavy drinker.  My tradition is . . . I like to crawl into a nice warm pair of jorts and watch football.  I enjoy most Michigan breweries and Chicago ain't bad either.  In Australia there are some nice beers.  I won't tell you which one because I'm selfish and want them all for myself.  When I drink I like to swipe at shiny things and defecate from great heights.


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Best beer I've had was called Jubel at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR. Really outstanding and I'd definitely reccommend a visit to Bend if you're ever in the area.


September 17th, 2015 at 4:18 PM ^

Deschutes does some really good limited batch stuff. I'm always chasing down their Abyss (a wonderful Imperial Stout that ages nicely) during the few weeks its on the market.

To the question at hand, I'm in Washington state and we've got a ton of craft brewers. This time of year I'm a sucker for a pumpkin beer and Elysian's The Great Pumpkin is always a good choice.

His Dudeness

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I'm from Grand Rapids and went to Western Michigan for undergrad so I'm spoiled.

If you havent been to Perrin in Grand Rapids (Comstock Park) I highly recommend it. If I'm not mistaken it was started by one of the Founders or Bells guys who left and started his own thing. It's very good, not quite as good as Founders IMO, but just about as good as Bells.

I used to be an IPA guy, no tradition just loved some IPA's but recently it's gotten too much for me. I tried a Sticky Icky Icky from Shorts a few weeks ago at my brothers house and it kind of ruined IPA's for me for a while.

The whole craft beer thing has gotten a little out of hand IMO. There is a lot of crap out there that is distributed as if  it's good. I live in Louisville now and they know all there is about bourbon, no question, but they have a couple local craft breweries and one is dogshit (BBC) and the other is pretty mediocre (AGT). West Michigan is really spoiled as far as craft beer goes.

If I'm drinking all day though I will always go for a case of Coors Light. You just can't drink craft beer all day.

Try the Untappd app if you want something to keep track of the beers youve tried and how you liked them. It's free.