OT: Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Submitted by LongLiveBo on February 10th, 2013 at 5:30 PM
I decided to post this here because I have seen BSG mentioned many times on this board. Syfy is airing Blood and Chrome tonight at 8pm. It was released online a few months ago and tells the story of William Adama's first mission.



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Oh BSG....you know when back when SciFi (cold day in hell before I refer it to that other name) actually aired original science fiction programming instead of WWE and TORNADOSHARKALLIGATOR d movies.  


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I don't watch any shows in real time anymore except for sports...i'd rather watch something on the dvr while the new show saves and then come back in an hour and watch this show. Why watch anything in real time?


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I watched this on YouTube a few weeks ago and it's a solid story with a solid acting. I am excited to see it in the big screen in HD and disappointed that it wasn't picked up as a series.


February 10th, 2013 at 9:56 PM ^

live overseas and I didn't know this - don't get the commercials, etc.  In fact I didn't even know this was in the works.  I will download immediately!  Thanks OP.


February 11th, 2013 at 11:30 AM ^

With my avatar, you KNEW i had to register a comment.

I didn't see the Syfy broadcast, but saw the 10 websodes.  Even posted a review of it when they were done.

Onto my review:


Its got the bells and whistles that put BSG over the top -- the action, the music, etc.  But its got NONE of the stuff that made BSG what it was -- the characters.  This Adama is 1% as interesting as Starbuck was, in her first two hours of the show.  Plus, this moron actor admitted he didn't even WATCH any of BSG and intentionally tried NOT to be like EJO.  HUH?  You gotta be kidding me?  The director LET him get away with that?  So why even bother calling the guy Adama?

The characters were thin and obvious.  The storyline had a couple good twists, but ultimately it made no sense -- they'd waste an entire battlestar, just to send up a fake upload they knew was meaningless?  Its so stupid I don't know where to begin.  Its like, the writers were saying, well we need something cool to happen, sooo....

And frankly, its now out of sequence.  This wan't Adama's story in Flashback.  And Number 6's voice shows up, totally out of line -- she was created by the Five, who don't appear to have shown up yet.  AND, this gets me the most.  The toasters, in Razor and Flashback, were cool because they were so junky -- you could beat one up with a crowbar, they sounded like toasters, etc.  Low-end!  But now, they suped them up and they look like, well, Centurions from BSG.  Even more menacing, in a way.  That is SO revisionist.

Just because you have CGI, does not mean you should use CGI.

I don't want this made into a TV show.  Ugh.  It will besmeech the reputation of BSG. 

If they want to spin off something -- how about a modern-day story of what happened to the Redstripes, the remaining Centurions (not all would have fallen into the black hole), even the three angels we saw.  You could easily pick up the storyline.  OR, show us what happened to Cylon Earth -- who went to war there?  Why?  Why did they leave Kobol?  Etc.  So many things they could have done.. and they give us THIS drivel.

BSG = best show ever.  B&C = fail.