OT- Basketball player scores in own net in Greek playoff game

Submitted by bacon on April 23rd, 2016 at 11:20 PM
Jermaine Marshall (former PSU and ASU guard) scored in his own basket as time expired in a playoff game, with his team leading by 2. Needless to say the game went to overtime and his team lost and was eliminated from the playoffs. Everyone else is distraught and he is clueless. Pretty funny. http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/15311922/jermaine-marshall-former-ar…



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does he get a free-thrown attempt?  Haha.  That was really weird, all he had to do was hold on to the ball and the game´s over.  Talk about a mental breakdown... Poor guy.


April 25th, 2016 at 11:39 AM ^

It's a "team field goal," sort of like the team rebound you get when the ball goes out of bounds.

Saw this happen in a high school game a year ago. Kid had just subbed in during a timeout, ball was out of bounds under the basket. The other team's basket, but they were running a full court press and I guess he got confused about which end they were at. He stole the inbounds pass right under the hoop and had slammed it home before anyone had a chance to call him off. A pretty hellacious dunk for a 9th-grader, truth be told, except....


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I've seen guys tip it into their own hoop on accident before.  Never seen a guy score on purpose in the wrong hoop in a college or professional game.  For it to be the tying basket at the end of a playoff game is just crazy.  Never seen something like that before.  


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I don't know how you live that down in the short term. I mean, I suppose you could run back to the bench and shout, "I WANT TO PLAY SOME OVERTIME, DAMNIT! LET'S MAKE THIS INTERESTING!", but I don't know that anyone would believe you. I certainly wouldn't.

I will say though that game-changing mistakes in sports are the worst if you're the one that made it - did that once, albeit at a strictly amateur level in comparison to this. 

Prince Lover

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You can't leave that so open ended!
Give us closure, reveal your sports embarrassing moment. Unless you're holding out for a slow day during ot season and you're going to come out with a most embarrassing moment thread. That could be fun.
Okay, I'll wait.

Goggles Paisano

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Wow - not sure how to make a thread title to do this one justice. I thought it might just be an accidental tip in or something.  That is bizarre.  I scored in the other teams basket but it was off of the tip to start the game and I was in 5th grade.  


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To be fair, the PG was very-much oriented toward scoring in that basket and fed it to him while driving in. It looks as though The PG was just as confused.

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