OT: baseball craziness thread

Submitted by samber2009 on September 28th, 2011 at 10:41 PM
You guys watching these games? Red Sox lead Baltimore in a rain delay, Longoria just crushed a ball to get the Rays a 6 run 8th, and Martinez robbed Chipper's game winning hit for the Braves. This is just fun!



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But this is a great mod post. You let everyone know it's ok (posters and other mods), and that you're making sure it doesn't stray, and stays worthy.  This is what good modding is about - open, aware, and not draconian.


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Tigers @ yanks in the Bronx on Friday night.  Stupid Mike Napoli, 4 bombs in the last two games.  Rangers win 5 in a row to get the home field and a date with TB or Bos.



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and i guess we can gett caught up in the excitement of the night.


DOnt think i actually want to see the rays in the post season. Too scrappy with some solid players. Dont make mistakes on the field and a helluva a pitching staff.


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The Red Sox-Orioles has gone far enough to be official, but can't believe MLB would allow a rain shortened game to determine the wild card, though. Is it raining hard in B'more?


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I feel bad for Boston fans (aside from the fact that they've had a helluva decade).

They took an early lead, and then had to endure a rain delay just in time to watch the Rays score 7 runs in the 8th and 9th innings to come back on the Yankees. Scutaro should have scored on the play if not for a mental error. Things just seem to be aligning perfectly for an old school, epic Boston sports collapse.