Wolverine In Iowa 68

November 16th, 2017 at 10:53 AM ^

I moved to Alabama for a job in November 1997.  Walked into a mattress store to buy a new bed, and a salesman walked up to me and said "who ya for?"

I asked him "who am I for what?"

Salesman: "the Iron Bowl"

I asked him what the Iron Bowl was, and he recognized by my accent that I was from out of town.  He explained about the Alabama vs. Auburn matchup and after prompting told me he was an Alabama fan.

I asked him "what if I was for Auburn?"

Salesman: "Then one of THOSE guys would wait on you." (pointing to the Auburn-friendly sales staff)


So basically, he would give up the commission on a roughly $2,000 bedding set, all because of who I rooted for in a football game.

So this news story does not surprise me in the least.


November 15th, 2017 at 7:00 PM ^

Bama translation:

Jim:  M  R  Ducks

Jim Bob:  M  R  not   ducks

Jim:  O  S  A  R  ducks

Jim Bob:  L  I  B...M  R ducks


English translation:

Jim: Them are ducks

Jim Bob: Them are not ducks

Jim: Oh yes they are ducks

Jim Bob: Well I'll be...Them are ducks

Perkis-Size Me

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Guess those commercials are true.

The SEC. It just means more.

Sadly though, there’s a precedent for this. Pretty sure an Auburn fan murdered a Bama fan after he 2013 game. Or the other way around. It’s a weird breed down in the great state of Alabama.


November 15th, 2017 at 10:19 PM ^

“The argument escalated, with the Alabama fan pulling out a firearm and shooting the Auburn fan in the thigh. The Alabama fan fled on foot, and as of Wednesday afternoon, is still on the loose.
The victim’s condition is still unknown at this time.”

Apparently the police and health care systems are equally slow in Alabama. 24 hours later and they haven’t caught a guy on foot and can’t assess the condition of a thigh wound.

The Fan in Fargo

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First things first. I'm pretty sure they both had a total of two or a single tooth, they only drink moonshine and I hope he made the shot count. I say that because I'm positive they still have the old single shot revolvers down there. Other than the college campuses and stadiums, the entire state is like the movie Deliverance. Man I remember my dad watching that when I was in second grade or something. Spooky and stupid at the same time. Then there is the movie and series Fargo. I guess I shouldn't really talk. This area is full of nascar hillbilly dipshits as well.

EDIT: Four types of people here which I find to be funny in a hundred mile radius just in case anyone ever gets stranded. You have the people that wear hunting gear all year, Bison gear, nascar gear or some dumb ass heavy metal band like slipknot. Pick the person with the green or yellow Bison cap if you can.