OT: Bama fan has concerns for "foreign" qb

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Saw this on twitter. I was in tears. This post is in regards to Bama freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa, A 5* from Hawaii. Enjoy.



Alabama has a freshman quarterback from Hawaii, and at least one fan is concerned



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I've worked for major corporations in IT - in Detroit, in North Carolina, in Minneapolis, and in Denver. In Detroit I was above average. In NC I was a fucking rockstar. In Minneapolis and Denver I was pretty average. Could just be the companies I've worked for, but in my experience people down there are just... not as well educated.

There you have it: Anecdotal evidence that the South is full of dolts. And that was NC, which, like Tennessee or Virginia, is usually categorized as sort of southern meets Appalachian, but not full blown South. I mean NC has some solid universities, so I didn't expect it to be so bad.

I can imagine it only gets worse the farther into the heart of the south you go.


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I think it is real. My late grandfather, while living in North Dakota, had to show his Driver's License at a gas station while driving through Tennessee. The attendant told him that their was no such place as North Dakota, that he must mean South Dakota and hence implied to my grandfather that he was passing off a fake ID from a fake place. My dear grandfather was never one to suffer fools who implied he was lying. He finally had to get out a map and show the the attendant. 

TTDR - There are many ill-informed and/or geographically limited people on earth

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I think there's a New Mexico periodical that has a regular feature called "One of the Fifty is Missing." Filled with stories sent in by residents who have so many tales of being elsewhere in the U.S.and revealing where they are from (or showing a driver license for some purpose) and getting the blank stare or some comment about citizenship.

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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before moving to Iowa, I lived in Alabama for 14 years, so I'm very experienced with Tide fans (of which my ex-wife is one).


The main airport in the state is the "Birmingham International Airport".

Now understand, the airport does not have a single flight that goes out of the Continental US, but they call it an "International" airport because most of them think that anything outside of the state lines is a foreign land.


There should be a sign when you enter:

"Welcome to Bama...set your watch back 50 years"


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I checked their "Flight Info" page and unless I missed something, all I see are domestic flights both today and yesterday.  Maybe I missed something; they may have "international" flights in the sense that you can stop over at, say, O'Hare or Hartsfield and then go overseas. 

Both airports have international military flights.  


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This sounds all too familiar. I have a buddy who attended Clemson University and he became friends with a guy whose dad owned a huge chicken farm in South Carolina. So my buddy went and stayed with his new pal for a few days. One day he went down to check out the chicken farm and he met a guy who worked there who did not think Illinois was a state. He thought Chicago was a state... But he had never heard of Illinois.


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EDIT: I see I missed the first DC comment by 5 hours, but nontheless. Stupid enough to be commented on twice.

Sidebar: I have had this very interaction with the TSA, bartenders, and Trader Joes after they questioned a Washington DC license. LIke, the capital of the damn country.

TSA: This isn't a state, I need a state issued DL

Bartender: This is fake. Never heard of the place.

TJ: Manager? Yes, hi, what is this?


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I lived in 'Bama from 1989 - 1996, this is not unusual. Lots of great people in AL, but there is a definitely a segment of the population that has a unique perspective you won't find elsewhere.

It was bad enough living through one 'Bama national championship when I was there, I can't imagine the agony of being there through the Saban run.


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It's not so bad. I'm sort of a novelty to them, they are much more interested in my Michigan fandom, how could I possibly not be a fan of an SEC team, the fact that I don't have a preference for Auburn or Alabama, etc., than telling me how great the tide are. I was also aware of who Pete Finebum was before many on this blog, so there's that.