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Offseason rules apply...

Seeing as popular as the last post on the Bachelor was on the board I thought I would follow up on what I consider beyond reliable information from an extremely reliable source (immediate relative that has nothing to do with the show but went to school with one of the current bachelorette's of this season) regarding this season.  If you do not want to know who Ben is going to choose then stop reading now (Wendy). 

I can confirm that Ben did indeed pick Courtey…I will BK finest it!  The media is also catching glimpses that concur.


(After last night’s skinnydip most any heterosexual male could not blame him)

It comes down to Courtney and the girl who won the first impression rose when she rode in on the horse…This surprises me as I thought for sure the brunette from Tennessee was going to be in the Finals at least.



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There is one guy, and 25 women of varying degrees of attractiveness, lots of bikinis and hot tubs, and now skinny dipping. I can see questioning if heterosexual males watch the bachelorette (one girl, 25 guys) but not the bachelor.


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due to the interwebs I can watch attractive women whenever I want to, I do not need a "reality" show based on middle school drama to be my medium. If my friend walked up to me and said hey did you see the bachelor last night... My friends and your friends are just different I guess.


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Did I just stumble into a TV forum? I'm confused... Seems like if you have to remind people in the begining of your topic that you are following the rules, then you probably shouldn't post.

Up next.. Fear Factor, American Idol.. Can't wait!

Yes, I did waste my first post ever making fun of the OP. Feels good...


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I take care of an alzheimer's patient.  He loves pretty girls and drama.  Therefore, he enjoys the Bachelor and we watch it.

The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and all that trashy television help get my patient and I through the day.

Fuck all the haters.


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My wife is obsessed with the bachelor, and insists on watching it, so I learned to accept it.  If you watch it as a comedy show starring lots of attractive ladies, it really isn't that bad.

Anyway, there is a spoiler website, realitysteve.com, and he has known the winner every season.  (He even typically knows the winner before the first episode airs.) 

Also, it seems like every year there is one contestent who acts like a total bitch to the other girls, and my wife ends up hating her.  And it seems like every year, I check the spoiler, and the bitchy girl wins, and then I tell my wife who wins, she doesn't believe me and spends the rest of the season ranting about the bitchy girl....that alone might make that horrible & exploitive show worth it.


January 31st, 2012 at 10:50 AM ^

I love pissing off my wife by laughing hysterically at the contestants while she watches this show.

Sooner or later, she will get the hint and just DVR it and watch it while I walk the dog or something.

FWIW I think the Courtney girl looks like she had plastic surgery.  She reminds me of michael jackson with hooters.


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1.) Crush up Tylenol PMs (no less than 2, no more than 4);

2.) Stir powder into drink (water will not work, you will get caught);

3.) Offer tainted drink to your wife/girlfriend/annoying female friend you must apparently very much want to sleep with but can't close on since you're continuing to watch "The Bachelor" with her;

3.) Profit

P.S., there is no step 4, sickos. 

As for tips to the OP who posted this- lobotomy.  Or kill yourself. That's really the only solution at this point.


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Well, by this logic Pawn Stars is a compelling program that should be discussed on these boards.

I think OT rules apply so that people can discuss tangentally-related football topics or major events - not who is going on a whirlwind media tour to sell a fake wedding.


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  1. A bunch of similar women compete for the "love" of some dude.
  2. He gets to first with all of them, second with most, third with some, and all the way with one or two of the sluttiest ones.
  3. He picks the one with the least baggage, which isn't a slutty one, although he will bring them along further than they should have because they were slutty.
  4. The second runner up is the shows antagonist.  She should have been booted from day one but the producers don't allow it as an already terrible show would become unbearable without her.
  5. The first runner up makes a big scene and her tears of joy from knowing that she will be the next Bachellorette are miscontrued as tears of sorrow.
  6. He proposes to the winner.  It's awkward and predictable.
  7. The wedding never happens.

Rinse and repeat.