OT: Bachelor season finale

Submitted by BeatOSU52 on March 5th, 2018 at 7:52 PM

Who ya got winning tonight,


Lauren B:  


or Becca K:




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I thought she died but wasn't sure so I googled her. It says, "cause of death: brain damage from attempted suicide." So basically suicide. I never thought my first suicide joke would be on an MGoBlog post about the Bachelor. You are right though, she was a beautiful woman.


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"There are plenty of former contestants who admitted, outright, that they simply didn’t read the contract. They wanted to be on TV and figured, “What the hell? How bad could things get?”

Rarely, it seemed, were past contestants honest about what drew them to be on a reality show — likely because that would mean admitting to being unhappy with the monotony of their off-screen lives.

“Think about it,” reasoned Papa. “The majority of girls on that show either don’t have a job, or they have a job where they can leave for six weeks. You’re looking at women who aren’t really in a solid place in life, and probably have issues with identity or love or self-esteem.”"


Edit:  Never sat down and watched this show


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I thought the results were leaked weeks ago.

spoiler: he picks the brunette but has already dumped her and is dating the blonde. I think. I don't watch the show.


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I find it astonishing that a group of highly paid executives sat in a room at a big table and agreed that a show like this would be a good idea.

And yet, it worked. Somehow.


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I used to think girls like these two were hot until I made the mistake of reading a little book called, Everyone Poops.  Now I can't look at them the same way I once did.  Instead of thinking, wow they're hot, I look at them and know they took a nice, healthy dump when they got out of bed.  

If I could make one suggestion to newlyweds it would be to buy a house without a master bathroom.  

You date your girlfriend and everything is perfect.  She always looks nice, she always smells like a flower and as far as you're  concerned she never poops.  Then, after going on a honeymoon where she goes out of her way to use a seperate bathroom, you bring your little princess home and it happens.  She wakes up in the morning, and for the first time since you started dating the little ray of sunshine, she walks into the bathroom and takes a dump.  At first your surprised that your little butterfly makes the same sounds as the guys in the fitness center locker room, but you still love her and will do anything for your little muffin.

The next morning she takes a dump and toots a little.  It's still a little shocking but she's so cute.

Five years later she's gained about 20 lbs and the noises she makes during her morning dump start to sound the same as the ones that came from your disgusting, alcoholic, overweight college friend, Bob.  And even worse is the smell that comes from your little cookies behind.

Trust me, sex will never be the same after the first time you hear your little honey pinch a loaf.