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Submitted by Harballer on May 16th, 2012 at 8:55 AM

This weekend we are heading to Nashville for one of my friend's bachelor parties and I have never been to the area before.  We are staying on Demonbruen and I was hoping for some insight into the good bars/eateries/nightlife to go to.  Age group is Mid-20's, so we are probably looking for less of a "mellow" bachelor party and a bit more wild one.



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Broadway street is where it at! Tootsie's ... The Stage are really fun! It's not going to be "mellow" so you better buckle up! Go Blue!!

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I did my bachelor party in Nashville and loved it. Broadway is where its at. It is definitely crowded and touristy, but locals seem to be out there as well.

I'd say skip the line at Tootsies and head to Roberts Western World, much more local feel and great vibe.

If you're a big country fan, the Station Inn is cool, but may not be best suited for a group of rowdy drunks.

All told I loved it down there, everything is walkable and people are super nice. Good luck!


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This speakeasy (patterson house) is hard to find but serves the best high end cocktail I've had and I've tried everywhere. Like I said, it's tough to find, because it is intentionally not well marked. But the best. A good place to start. Noshville would be great for a hung over breakfast. Finish your night at the red door near campus.


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The strip clubs in Tennessee suck.  There are very strict rules about distance.  I went there for a bachelor party before.

Be forewarned.


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I went to the Deja Vu many many years ago. The girls were cute but the experience was pretty lame. And they made my friend take off his visor  - meanwhile a bunch of dudes had, like, fitted Monster Energy motorcross hats. In the south - hats are ok, visors are not. Or maybe its a Spurrier thing.


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Hit the Pancake Pantry near Vandy for breakfast or lunch.  Touristy, yes.  There will be a line, yes.  But it's well worth it.  Just save some time when the waitress comes and order one of every kind of pancake on the menu and share.  You won't be disapointed.


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And, yes, I realize that has nothing to do with the "wild" aspect of your bachelor party.  That's more about soaking up the alcohol from the night before and recovering for the next day.


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I didn't go so I can't comment but just last year around this time my brother and like 15 other guys rented a RV and went to Nashville for a bachelor party and my brother still talks about it to this day. He said the city is awesome and has a ton of good bars. Like I said, I didn't go but from the stories he tells me it sounds like it will be a very good time.


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Definitely 2nd Avenue--lots of great bars. If you want Honky-Tonk, live-music country, walk up Broadway as well. I would certainly echo the Pancake Pantry suggestion--still the best breakfast place I've found anywhere. It's just southeast of the Vandy Medical Center on 21st Ave. Have fun.


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It is overpriced, unless you are REALLY into Country music then Broadway is the place for you to be. Get in a cab and tell them to take you to Music Row.


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Broadway and 2nd have enough to keep you occupied all weekend. hit up the brass stables in printers alley a few.blocks away for adults only entertainment and a complimentary buffet. the big bang is a fun piano bar that will play the victors upon request. The stage and paradise park are fun bars on the strip as well. you'll find plenty to do once you are downtown so just follow your heart and you'll never go wrong.

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Here are a couple of places we like:

Monell's  - inexpensive and their corn pudding has gotten awards - inexpensive and great for lunch

Loveless Cafe...about 20 minutes outside of town, but very good and worth the drive.

Park Cafe.....more high end but excellent.

Assuming you are capable of walking, Centennial Park, very close to Vandy, is a very nice park with free concerts every Saturday, and if you want to see an exact replica of the Parthenon, it is there.  Speaking of Vandy, the campus is a virtual botanical garden and drop dead gorgeous.

 Top notch music is everywhere....Nashville is a fun city.



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My bachelor party was in downtown Detroit.  Stayed at Motor City Casino.  Evidently we went to eat in Greektown at a place where the owner kept bringing us non-stop shots of Ouzo (I'll never drink the stuff again because of that), then we went to a nearby gentleman's club where one of the guys in our party may or may not have gotten an ole fashioned in the VIP room, afterwards instead of taking cab, we decided to walk back and ended up getting lost while wandering through downtown Detroit for an hour (during that time, one of my skinnier friends slid through the bars of the gates to CoPa and ran around by himself inside).  Lastly, word is that I, in just a robe and a smile, stole all the blankets in our suite and turned the A/C up as cold as possible while everyone slept and then promptly passed out.  When we woke up in the morning, you could see your breath, the place was littered with beer and liquor bottles that had started to frost over, and I was the only one that hadn't started to get a cold.

That being said, I know nothing about Nashville, let alone having a bachelor party there.  However, whatever you guys do, have fun and be safe...but not too safe!


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Best bar strips in Nashville for what you're looking for plus you'll run into plenty of other bachelorette parties as well which is always fun.

If you're all secure in your masculinity you could hit up PLAY on Church St. You'll probably get attention being in a bachelor party there haha.

The Dog of Nashville is good. They have amazing hot dogs there. Philly cheese dog with buffalo chips and ranch is my fav. That's on Belcourt Ave off 21st beyond Vandy. McDougals is also good for chicken strips and atmosphere (better than otters which is on demonbruen).

Hog Heaven is another good BBQ place at centennial park behind mcdonalds...definitely a hole in the wall joint but solid bbq (those are the best places!)

so cold in the D

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Going to Vanderbilt Grad School, I have lived in the Nashville area for 3 years and the best thing by far is to do the Pedal Tavern. It’s a 16-person (or less) bicycle powered party on wheels. You can drink out in the open on this portable bar and bicycle around and bar hop to different bars around the Nashville area. I did it for a friends birthday party and it was the best thing I have done in Nashville, I would definately recommend it. LINK.   Y sasdk


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Many of these have already been mentioned, but just confirming them.  I was there in undergard and it is a great city and you all should have fun. 

Pancake Pantry is a must for breakfast.

Downtown and Printer's Alley are fun and will fit the "non-mellow" fun you are looking for.  

Closer to Vandy is my all time favorite SATCO.  Good for a warm afternoon to eat chips/queso and drink buckets of beer.  South Street is a really cool bar right off of campus and 21st avenue.



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If you have a car, the one place you must eat at is Prince's Hot Chicken Shack. 

The experience is like none other, and the chicken superb.  One dude, 4 cast iron pans...one for mild, one for medium, one for hot and one for extra hot. 

The surroundings are not great -- mostly used tire stores and porn shops.  Actually, come to think of it, those are both ideal for a bachelor party. 



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You have to go there to get some BBQ!  You'll notice it right away as there are pink pigs with wings on the sign.

There's another place down the street a bit (can't remember the name, crap) on the same side of the road... they have some crazy burgers that will certainly cure a hangover.  The Rothlisburger is pretty good even though it sounds fat and ugly.


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First and only time I have ever been to Nashville was this March, for all of ~30 hours. It may have coincided with the most depressing loss of the basketball season this year. Now that I think of it, it definitely did. Next day was St. Patrick's Day and there was no way all seven of us college kids (the only students to make the trip I believe) were going to stay in Nashville after the dong punch we took the night before. Now everyone is commenting on how fun a city it can be and I really hope to be there in better times now.


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Nashville rules. The only thing is - like someone said - the strip clubs suck.

I would start at 7th and Broad. That's where Legends is. Then just make your way down Broadway. Tootsies, Stage, there's a few bars across Broad - including a trailer park one that I can't remember the name of. 

But don't miss Robert's Western World. Its the best bar in Nashville - especially when Brazilbilly is playing. Awesome music. 

If you are in your mid-20s, you should definitely end the night in Printer's Alley at Lonnie's. Don't go there before midnight at least. But they are open until 3 and its always packed.

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We did a friend's bachelor party in Nashville last summer, and stayed on Vanderbilt's campus. Plenty to do around that area, and more hot blondes running around than you can imagine. Make sure to play up a fake trust fund though, as that is what they are after. Or in my case, that I was the bass player from King's of Leon.


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Depending on what crowd you want to be around and the time of the day/night/morning after it is, you can find pretty much anything downtown that you want. 

For what you're looking for by the sound of it  -

Honky tonks and hole in the walls lining Broadway/2nd Ave are always a good time.  After 10pm or so you'll find lines (especially since it'll be high 80's and sunny all weekend) and the girls will be out with the sundresses and cowbow boots as usual.  TIPS - Many of the popular honky tonks (Tootsie's, Stage, Legends Corner, etc...) have back entrances via an alley on the back side of the buildings.  Often you can enter here without waiting.  Have cash on hand to tip the bands.  Some bars allow smoking still, some don't.  Some bars have bars upstairs as well, you'll have to wander a bit and see what you like. 

The clubs are lame from what I've experienced so enter at your own risk...2nd Ave can be shady around closing time (330am ish), so beware of that.  Don't bother with Coyote Ugly, the place is an absolute dump.  Hot Shots next to Pirahna's (best burger in town IMO) is a self-proclaimed "Ohio bar" so there's that...yelling Go Blue! in there can be fun. 

There is a Flying Saucer tap house at 10th and Broadway if you're craft brew fans.  They have around 100 beers on tap and that many bottled to choose from, and always rotate seasonal ones from around the world.

Division St. in the Midtown area west of Demonbreun has a bunch of great bars to start the night out at.  You can't go wrong with Loser's, Red Door, ReBar, etc...there will be plenty of Vanderbilt students as well as 30-somethings.  Great area to start the night off before headed to Broadway.  Cabs will not be hard to come by.

If you do Pancake Pantry for breakfast, expect an hour long wait to get in.  Worth it I suppose to say you did it, they do have good food.  Athens Grille down 8th Ave across from Melrose Pub is another good spot.

You could grab dinner at South Street, head to Midtown for a few, then cab it to Broadway to get crazy.  You won't be disappointed if you head to Lonnie's to end the night, but take cash as it's cash only from what I remember.

Maybe we'll cross paths this weekend amongst the SEC faithful.  Have fun and Go Blue! 


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You could spend the entire night at Robert's Western World and be satisfied....The Don Kelly Band and Brazilbilly are both fan-freakin-tastic and are the main evening headliner bands, often both on the same nights back to back. Don Kelly's guitar player JD Simo is as good as any in Nashville and is a blast to see live.....also next door is Jack's BBQ for dinner(awesome) and when you get the late night munchies you can heasd over across the street to Paradise Diner (or burger?)...super good Dive place. Broadway pn Nashville is a balst, and no place is better than Roberts.


May 16th, 2012 at 5:25 PM ^

Go to the Flying Saucer for a few to start...  Right there on Demonbreun... 


From there hop up and down Broadway... My personal favorite is Paradise Park.  It's a country bar themed after a trailer park... Really cool joint. 


If you want to emabarrass the crap out of the bachelor to be, head over to Coyote Ugly on 2nd to get the young man abused... 


Then there's a fine gentleman's club that you could taxi over to, the Crazy Horse or something like that.  It's BYOB, so you can have as much fun as you want there.  It's not much to write home about though.   You're much better off hanging around 2nd and Demonbreun. 


For a cool kid place to eat, or just a cool place to start off, another place to check out is the Pharmacy.  Great food, incredible beer.  You'll need to drive over there though from where you're at. 


If it were up to me, I'd start with the Pharmacy, move to the Flying Saucer, then troll up and down Broadway with a definite stop at Paradise Park. 


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Well, as stated before - the strip clubs here do suck. Three foot rule at all the ones in Nashville. But, 2nd ave is a great time. Best bet is to go bar hopping for a while. Red Rooster, Cadillac Ranch, Centerstage, all those places are a good time. 

The locals will definitely help you out down here also. It'll be good to see even more Wolverine fans in the Middle Tennessee area. We're actually fairly well represented. 


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Well, as stated before - the strip clubs here do suck. Three foot rule at all the ones in Nashville. But, 2nd ave is a great time. Best bet is to go bar hopping for a while. Red Rooster, Cadillac Ranch, Centerstage, all those places are a good time. 

The locals will definitely help you out down here also. It'll be good to see even more Wolverine fans in the Middle Tennessee area. We're actually fairly well represented. 


May 16th, 2012 at 6:56 PM ^

Well, as stated before - the strip clubs here do suck. Three foot rule at all the ones in Nashville. But, 2nd ave is a great time. Best bet is to go bar hopping for a while. Red Rooster, Cadillac Ranch, Centerstage, all those places are a good time. 

The locals will definitely help you out down here also. It'll be good to see even more Wolverine fans in the Middle Tennessee area. We're actually fairly well represented.