OT - Bachelor Party Ideas?

Submitted by will on November 12th, 2009 at 1:47 PM

Im getting married next may. Trying to decide what to do for a bachelor party, thinking begining of march timeframe. I know spring break is a few weeks later, but prices are way higher then and cant ask the guys to spend that much..

- Not looking for the prototypical keg of beer, party bus and strip clubs.
-8-12 guys, but we arent loaded so trying to keep budget around 500

So far I managed to find a 2 night trip to cancun for around 550/person, and 2 decent condos in Key West that we could stuff all the guys into for a similar price with southwest flight, totally about 500/person.

Has anyone here been to key west lately? I know in college (7 yrs ago) it was the place to be, but I have heard its died off recently.

Any awesome ideas I should be considering? I had thought about going skiing out west, but those prices can add up very quickly too..



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Oh and dont "enter" the entertainment unprotected.

Also, don't have you bachelor party filmed, no matter what the producers of the Jerry Springer show have told you, they will show the video in front of your fiancee and the studio audience.


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Unless you are going down in full on spring break time, Key West is pretty low key, most days. You can still hit the bars and whatnot, its just not completely crazy. It picks up on the weekends, and you can do the 'duval crawl' which is always fun, if its a weekend you should be fine.


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Do whatever you can do to completely piss off your bride-to-be so she calls the whole thing off, allowing you to continue to have a misery free life.

Sounds like you are about 25 or so. Way too young to give up.

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Be the sharing kind of guy and have your wife-to-be strip at the party. Shouldn't create any odd moments in the future or anything like that. I told my wife she could come to mine if she did...she declined. It's still worth a shot.


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I arranged a trip to Jackson Hole for eight guys a couple of years ago. It cost about $800 per. I'm thinking if you chose a resort closer to a major airport (i.e. Denver), you might be able to go to Keystone or A-Basin and stay within your budget. Most major ski areas have a "reservations" group that can assist with lodging, airfare and ground transport. Usually, if you do it thru them, they can package everything up and discount the total price. You'll definitely want to stay someplace with a village or town (Jackson Hole does not). That way you can walk to different places for dinner/drinks. Have Fun!


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That was one of my original thoughts, but after talking about it with the guys who are defininitely in 3 of them have never skiied before, and one blew out his knee last winter... Taking them out west may not be the best idea..


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to find very reasonably priced condos pretty much anywhere you want to go. Use it almost everytime I go on vacation now and it is amazing the difference it can make in price and experience.

Ton of places in the mountains for skiing out west but I suggest you book soon or you will be SOL.


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oh and fyi
do new orleans

i'd gladly help your best man plan the entire trip, you can make it a drive to remember (only 18-20 hrs and with a bunch of guys is way easier than it is for me, my wife and dog), and the city is a blast. not to mention extremely cost effective given the drink/fun to cost ratio. strip clubs are free to get into, tons of 2 for 1 deals on beer and the food is epic.

i'm extremely serious on helping your best man plan it and doing what i can for a fellow alum. i am finishing law school here and would be happy to help make it an epic time.


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A) Unfortunately not an alum. Went to Miami because I couldn't afford UM's tuition and Miami gave me a free ride.

B) Most of us went down to New Orleans 2 years ago for the championship game. Agree its a great time, but been there, done that.

My best man has never had to plan a real bachelor party before, in fact, he'd never heard of people going away for them. Suffice it to say Im trying to help him along, Ive planned a few in my day.

I wasnt thinking of the ramifications of a May wedding; I have work related stuff in April so March is the month that makes the most sense. spring break has apparently got far more expensive than when I was in college.

Ideas are obviously welcome though - thats why I started the thread.


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If you go to Montreal, the strip clubs are dirt cheap with hot women, and there is no "sit on your hands" rule. In fact, quite the opposite seems to be encouraged.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...


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I know you said around March but I went to the Kentucky Derby for my bachelor party and it couldn't have been better. Go to Louisville on Thursday and leave on Sunday. Spend Thursday night downtown Louisville and then spend Friday at the Kentucky Oaks and then go out on the town and then Saturday at the Derby. Do pre derby tailgating on Saturday morning UL's football stadium parking lot which is basically right next to Church Hill downs. When I went we were up until 5a every night and woke up around 10a. Oh at the Derby just go into the infield which when I went was $50 and all you have to do is on the day of the derby walk up to the gate and hand $50 to a ticket taker.

Alot of fun!


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Not sure what type of atmosphere you’re looking for but latching onto the horse racing idea, wait until April and setup your bachelor party in Lexington, KY and center it around Keeneland as opposed to the Derby in Louisville. Keeneland only runs in April and October each yr, and with the Derby being in May you'll be married by then it sounds. Nothing against the Derby, but Keeneland exudes an air of class that the Derby just doesn't have with everyone on the infield in their wife beaters etc. You’re best man will need some connections to score club house tickets; $20 a pc but it’s well worth it and if you do you’ll need to make sure you have a jacket and tie on. If you can’t get into the clubhouse; general admission only costs $2 a person, but it’s more crowded. The big weekend in April centers around the “Bluegrass Stakes,” and I’d recommend staying downtown @ the Hyatt located in conjunction to Rupp Arena or renting out a Bed and Breakfast on the main drag leading into downtown so you can head out after dinner and/or the races. Make sure to eat @ “Murray’s,” a quick cab ride from the track after the race, and hit up “Cheapside” for drinks. This pretty much sums up my bachelor party last April with some strippers mixed in, but it was a great time and as much as skiing and fun in the sun sounds great, it’s hard to beat the southern bells running around on a nice spring day.


November 12th, 2009 at 11:45 PM ^

Have to work the weekends of the 17th and 24th. Prolly shoudlnt go the weekend before the wedding as Im sure there are things that the fiance will need help with.. confirming flowers, cake, etc..

Im not really into horse racing, but appreciate the thought; its definitely something I hadn't considered.

Im still kinda leaning towards something at a beach..


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im actually going to be an usher at one of my buddy's wedding in may, and hes having his bachelor's party in march as well...the guys in the wedding party are going to vegas 3/18 weekend, first weekend of march madness baby! i plan on putting everything on michigan to win, then use the winnings to pay for the weekend


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I know it sounds cliche but... if you're doing this during the first weekend of the NCAA tourney there is ABSOLUTELY no better place to be that week than Las Vegas. The weather is beautiful, women are everywhere, and you can WATCH ALL THE GAMES ON TVs BIGGER THAN YOUR HOUSE! You can even look into maybe having all your buddies chip in and rent out a private viewing area at one of the books.

I go to Vegas 3 times a year, in August and before Xmas (when it's dirt cheap and casinos are giving rooms away) and the first weekend of March Madness. Round trip air from the D and hotel for 4 guys per room would run you around 500 per person. Anything else to spend is gravy. I think with 1k per man it could be a hell of a fun weekend.


November 13th, 2009 at 12:32 AM ^

March Madness in Vegas is awesome. The fact that Michigan was actually in the tournament last year (and looks to return in 2010) only makes it sweeter.

In years past I would have recommended The Hard Rock. Their music venue The Joint used to be opened up for game viewing during the tourney. They covered the place in flat-screens, set up a makeshift sportsbook, brought in craps and blackjack tables, and even had pop-a-shot basketball for free (you just hit the button and kept on playing). Roughly $20 got you a wristband for all day in-and-out admittance that included all you can eat/drink of keg beer and stadium food (hot dogs, nachos, etc.). It was like heaven on earth. Sadly, they were doing renovations to the venue this past year and I'm not sure what the status on that is or if they'll be doing the same sort of thing when they finish construction.

Vegas is also great because you don't have to plan too much. A few group activities is all you need and after that there is so much to do that guys can just do their own thing if they want without the best man having to worry about keeping everybody entertained.


November 13th, 2009 at 12:50 AM ^

One of my buddies swears by the same thing.. goes out there every year he can. Doesn't that leave vegas a giant sausage fest that weekend?

Also, you can watch all the games at and decent sports book or bar, Ive never understood why fly all the way to vegas to do something you can do 5 miles from your house? I love march madness, but really its just watching basketball all day for a weekend. I can do that anywhere..

Going somewhere else on another weekend gives you 2 things to look forward to!!


November 13th, 2009 at 1:06 AM ^

The sports books and viewing parties are pretty much packed with dudes, but there are still plenty of ladies in Vegas that weekend (no fewer than any other time). It also usually coincides with Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day so you get a good female crowd from those two as well.

Also, the difference between watching near your house and doing it in Sin City is that afterward you have the Vegas nightlife (read going to The Sapphire). So I would say it definitely gives you two things to look forward to, b-ball/gambling action all day (or you can hang by the pool and enjoy the scenery if the games are boring) and then partying all night in a 24 hour city. It combines the awesomeness of any Vegas trip with the added bonus of having cool shit to do during the day.


November 12th, 2009 at 2:27 PM ^

I have celebrated bachelor parties in Ann Arbor, Windsor, NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Amsterdam. All of those parties were awesome and each place has a lot going for it. NYC and Chicago are fun but expensive. Las Vegas and New Orleans can be surprisingly affordable and are both awesome, with my personal preference being New Orleans.

I recommend Amsterdam if you are feeling adventurous. If you get a flight in the off season, it isn't that expensive and is an amazing place.

If not Amsterdam, I would recommend Vegas since you've been to New Orleans.


November 12th, 2009 at 2:49 PM ^

My wife and I have a condo in Ft. Lauderdale that we spend time at in the winter months...lots going on all the time and the nightlife is nice. In addition, with the port, you can hop on cruise ships for 1 to 3 day cruises in the Bahamas for super cheap (as they are just looking to fill up the boat...last minute deals are awesome...three day cruise with hotel for $65 a night/pp).

Furthermore, with all the cruise traffic, flights to FLL are pretty cheap if you can time buying the tickets right.

Take the water taxi around the intercoastal and bar hop is another nice Ft. Lauderdale treat!

Key West, IMO, is too pricey and over crowded.


November 12th, 2009 at 4:24 PM ^

Come down here to Kentucky for the KY Derby. The week leading up to it is amazing. There is always something going on and everyone should experience The Oaks (Friday) and Derby (Sat) once before they die. You could get a nice group of box seats fairly reasonable or you could have a blast in the infield. The bars and clubs stay open until 6 am that Thur. Fri. and Sat.

If you are into golf you could also play a round at Valhalla CC. PGA caliber course.

It is a blast!

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November 13th, 2009 at 2:32 AM ^

The OP rejects just about every suggestion for one reason or another.

He also says he got a "condo on the Thames" for about 750 Whacky European Dollars or Pounds or Gay Cheesedicks or something.

He also says a buddy of his "blew out a knee" skiing or trying to fuck a goat or something.

You know what? This is one of those threads that guys start because they are boring little 13-year old shits or middle-aged boring shits who never leave the house and try to sound cool to the rest of the phony MgoCommunity.

And they get 48 replies from guys who try to sound just as cool. To wit: "Hey, old boy. Try hopping over to Greenland via the Greenland Express Speedboat. It picks you up in Nova Scotia, drops you off in Mkkktyhrrbvhrup Ppptruooeterwq, Greenland for a week of fantabulous skiiing under the midnight sun, some stupenduriffic seal meat eating, and before you know it, you and your equally desperate (and soon to be divorced) betrothed are back home in time to tell your future mother-in-law that you are indeed pregnant, and she will have her 67th grrandchild in time to celebrate her 47th birthday.

Look just do what everyone else on cyberspace does: elope and lie to her that you'll take her on a honeymoon once your Big Idea of a pepper-powered car takes off and you and shee strike it rich. Meantime, she needs to get a second job, learn how to mow the lawn, and cook and clean while you sit in the basement and try to perfect your idea of the pepper-powered car.


November 14th, 2009 at 7:15 PM ^

Are you as much of a downer in your real life as you are on the blog? I hope for your sake, you are not.

I came online seeing if anyone would have an idea that I had not thought of that was obviously better than the ideas I had - while a few were original, most I had already thought of.

Southwest had a fare sale last night and the 8 of us booked round trip flights to Ft. Lauderdale for $160 a person. We are going to drive through the keys to Key West and stay a few blocks from the beach.

I appreciate everyone else's input.

If you want to place a wager on my age, take a guess, put your money where your mouth is, and you can pay me next week before The Game.. Ill be there...