OT - B1G Nightmarish Day Continues; Butch Jones rejects Purdue

Submitted by Butterfield on December 4th, 2012 at 4:59 PM

Butch Jones has taken himself out of Purdue's HC search.  He's still considering Colorado.  Yes, the 1-11 Colorado Buffaloes.  The haven't had a winning season since 2005 Colorado Buffaloes.  Of the Pac12.  Come on B1G, stop circling the drain and fix this BS. 




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I honestly don't think it's that big of a "miss" for Purdue.  Darrell Hazell is a much better option, IMO.  Jones was another Hazell just a couple years ago in the MAC.  Good hire for Purdue.


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is almost devoid of talent, quality of life might not be that great.  I live in Colorado and the bigger issue than Embree's coaching is the almost absolute lack of talent on the team.  They are one of the slowest teams I've ever watched.  I have no idea why anyone from a BCS conference (and I realize that is probably giving the Big East to much credit) would even consider the job.


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Why would he not want the job just because the team now sucks? I'm sure they will suck next year, but it's a process that takes years. Plus, going to a team that's as awful as Colorado means they can't get worse. He could have a first year worse than RR here and people wouldn't be calling for his head.


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is that any move out of the Big East into one of the big five conference, to any school, is an upgrade right now. No matter what success they might have on the field, it doesn't look like Cincinnati is going to get picked up by a major conference and whenever the musical-chairs game is finally over and the playoff scheme gets fixed they're likely to be left out in the cold.


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I can't think of any sane person who'd choose W. Lafayette over Boulder.   Not only is the region a ton nicer, Colorado actually has some history to the program and the ability to turn into a good program once again.  Purdue...eh...can't think of any positives.


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Here's something from Hammer And Rails - according to this, an agreement in principle was reached between Darrell Hazell and Purdue, with details being worked out. It could still potentially fall apart at this stage if it only in principle, of course, but this would be a great get for them, I think. 


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Maybe Wisconsin will take a look at Butch Jones now. Wouldn't be a bad hire for them and considering the schools courting him you'd have to think Wisconsin could get him if they wanted to.


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Purdue was just too cheap to pay him. Do we need a coaching salary floor or what? They should earmark a portion of the BTN money, force cheap teams like Purdue not to just sit on their cash. 


The Big Ten is becoming a league full of former MAC rejects. The big money and big talent of late is HC in a major conference or coordintors in a major conference. 

Who was the last MAC hire to work out? (I'm honestly asking...)


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The argument isn't that great coaches don't come out of the MAC (Nick Saban, Brian Kelly, and Urban Meyer aren't shabby examples either), but that B1G should be a big enough deal they can poach those talents after they move up a step and prove they can they can build even better programs with the resources of a larger school.  We got Hoke after he began to show he could transition his MAC success to even greater success at SDSU.  While occassionally you pull and MSU and get a Saban right out of the MAC, B1G schools should be able to be more discerning.


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How often do any teams get hired away from other major conference teams?  Lane Kiffin went for his dream job at USC.  There are NFL rejects that land at good schools (Saban, Carroll, Spurrier, Lane Kiffin, and plenty more) but rarely is it the case that big name hires happen anywhere.


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Guys like Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Brady Hoke, Urban Meyer, and Brian Kelly have all climbed the HC ladder but whether it is a coach like that or a big name OC/DC like Bob Stoops, Les Miles, Kevin Sumlin, Dana Holgersen, or Barry Alvarez, the ADs are going to have to spend some money to take a chance. You obviously can't just throw money at the problem, but hiring in the B1G has always seemed to be pretty conservative, except maybe Rich Rodriguez and Urban Meyer.


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Urban Meyer was one of those worthless MAC guys too. I'm guessing Utah was glad they didn't throw a bunch of money at an established BCS coach.

Gary Pinkel, Glen Mason, maybe Hoeppner but he never had a chance to find out...it doesn't seem like that bad a list to me.


December 4th, 2012 at 6:26 PM ^

They were forced to make the right hire.

The big schools hire big names because their fanbases expect it. Has anyone ever done a decent study showing how the strategies compare? It's not obvious to me that the BCS-experienced guys have worked out better on average. Staying close to home and looking at Michigan and Ohio because I don't have to waste time looking them up, we have:

BCS-level experience:

  1. Bruce
  2. Cooper
  3. Meyer
  4. Rodriguez

minor-conference experience:

  1. Hayes
  2. Tressel
  3. Schembechler
  4. Hoke

direct in-house hire of assistant:

  1. Fickell
  2. Oosterbaan
  3. Elliott
  4. Moeller (had prior BCS experience though)
  5. Carr

A lot of good coaches on all three lists, obviously, but the middle set looks pretty damn good to me.


December 4th, 2012 at 6:45 PM ^

it may be just about the dumbest way to sort these, but it's clean and quick: here are the records of each group in the game:

  • BCS-experience 8-17-1
  • minor-conference 37-22-2
  • asst. promotion 17-21-2

If you move Moeller into the BCS group it's:

  • BCS-experience 11-18-2
  • minor-conference 37-22-2
  • asst. promotion 14-20-1

It doesn't come out to .500 because I started Michigan's clock with Oosterbaan and OSU's clock with Hayes. If you want to start them both in '51 you can take two wins and a tie out of the asst. promotion lines.


December 5th, 2012 at 12:25 AM ^

There are lot better ways to study this if I had some time, but here's another quick analysis. Here's a list of all the BCS-level coaches of the last half century with more than 200 wins and how they got to their main schools:

  • Bobby Bowden, prior BCS experience
  • Bear Bryant, prior BCS experience
  • Joe Paterno, in-house promotion
  • Frank Beamer, FCS
  • Tom Osborne, in-house promotion
  • Lou Holtz, prior BCS experience (did he ever even have a first job or is it turtles all the way down?)
  • Woody Hayes, minor FBS
  • Mack Brown, prior BCS experience
  • Bo Schembechler, minor FBS
  • Hayden Fry, minor FBS
  • Jim Tressel, FCS
  • Steve Spurrier, prior BCS experience
  • Don Nehlen, MAC by way of Mich DC, not sure how to categorize this one.
  • Vince Dooley, hired away and promoted

That's 5 with prior BCS experience, 6 with prior head coaching experience at a lower level, and 3 who had never been a head coach before.

I'm assuming this is usually the goal of a hire at a top school--you want someone that will stay at your school forever and win a ton of games (presumably without embarrassing you too badly). And it's clear from history that that guy doesn't have to have had prior BCS-level coaching experience.


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Of those 4 only Bo really counts. Kelly won a Big East title at UC, Brady Hoke turned around a SDSU program that was pretty bad, and Urban Meyer won a BCS bowl at Utah and two national titles at Florida. I don't necesarilly think MAC hires = DOOM(although I was not a huge fan of the Hoke hire at first), but it's probably important to see that a coach has some non-MAC success before bringing him into your major program.