OT: Awesome Hawaiian War Chant Video

Submitted by Adamantium on August 27th, 2010 at 6:02 PM
I was just looking for the Muppet versions of Temptation and the Hawaiian War Chant, and I came across this:
Eleanor Powell, Buddy Rich & Tommy Dorsey HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT
Uploaded by tapdance. - Watch more music videos, in HD! It's from the 1942 film "Ship Ahoy". Buddy Rich kills it on the drums, and that trumpet solo is damned fine if you don't mind me saying so. Here's the link in case that embed doesn't work: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x24ql2_eleanor-powell-buddy-rich-tommy…



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And because you can't have one without the other (albeit in reversed order), here's The Everly Brothers' version of Temptation, which, IMO, blows Perry Como's version away.


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Dear God this is incredible. The balance in the ensemble is striking. Plus you've got the legendary Dorsey who was Sinatra's band leader for a decade or so. I can't believe I lived 27 years as a musician and Michigan lover and never saw this.


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Seriously, this is why Michigan fans are awesome.

Meanwhile, on an Ohio State message board far far away, they're discussing this year's models of John Deere tractors.


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and the whole time I'm walking around humming the Hawaiian War Chant 'cause I'm like, you know, in Hawaii.

Wife:  "What's that you keep humming?"

Me: "It's the Hawaiian War Chant, they play it at Michigan games."

Wife:  "Oh."

Wife:  "Uh, why do they play something called the Hawaiian War Chant at Michigan games?"

Me:  "It's because . . . um, well . . . because . . . um . . . "

I have no idea why they play it at Michigan games.  Why exactly do they play it?  When did it start?

Section 1

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Because not only did the Buddy Rich band play it, but so did others in the '40's, and the MMB said, "We can do that, too."  And somebody got Revelli to go along with it.

+1 to the OP, and +1 to anybody who knew that the next words had to be; "... and you can't have one without the other..."


August 28th, 2010 at 12:50 AM ^

It LOOKS like it's one shot, but there are several subtle cuts. The most noticeable one is right after the beginning when they apparently moved Buddy Rich's drums from a platform that was attached to the camera to the actual stage. Notice that he goes from one platform to two all of the sudden.

They're probably playing to a pre-recorded track, but they're synchronized with the music so well that you can hardly tell.

Bando Calrissian

August 27th, 2010 at 11:59 PM ^

One of these days I'm going to upload the film footage of the original, original MMB version of HWC.  Yes, they played it long before the Bilik arrangement.  And it was kitschy as all get-out.  It was released on an instructional film in 1951 or 2 called Here Comes The Band, which basically talks about how a band like Michigan's operated and performed.  To my knowledge, it's not on YouTube or anywhere else online.