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Submitted by hailtothevictors08 on June 10th, 2012 at 3:30 AM

Very sad news to pass along. There was a shooting at Auburn tonight. It is very heavily rumored that 2-3 people are dead and also rumored that football players are involved although there has not been an offical update.

Football players or not, this is just so sad for their university. If your into praying, please say one for their community and for the victims' friends and family. 



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Evan Woodbery


He seems to be a good source for updates 



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An unofficial report from the Auburn Plainsman, the campus newspaper from Auburn University, has said that former Tigers Ed Christian and LaDarius Phillips have died while former Calhoun County standout and current Auburn Tiger Eric Mack was wounded by a gunshot. No official releases have named the victims or the suspect. Mack is allegedly in critical condition.



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This is just sad to read. Thoughts and prayers for AU, those harmed, and their loved ones. Hoping for the swift capture of the person(s) responsible for this tragedy.


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I read the account on the link from the students who live in the complex.  What a terrible tragedy.  It is very sad that someone would pull a gun in a fistfight about a girl.  Some friendly advice, (as if anyone should need to hear it) to any college student, you see a gun, leave.  Now.  It doesn't matter if things are peachy.  It's just not worth it b/c some yahoo with a concealed weapon permit may lose it.  So so sad.


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Sure, but the advice to leave when guns are present would still be just as relevant without the baseless speculation as to whether or not he had a permit.  Also, if he had a permit and was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he was probably already in violation of the terms of the permit.


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I did understand that to be his point. From my perspective, I like people with carry permits around in these situations. If some coward thinks he can shoot someone instead of fighting them they might think twice. Just my opinion, I know that most will disagree.

Brown Bear

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I was at a party when I was maybe 20 and the dipshit who was having the party wanted a group to leave that didn't want to. He decided it would be wise to get his shotgun to make them leave. Well two of the guys who were asked to leave were carrying and after a two minute standoff guns pointed at each other cooler drunken heads luckily prevailed and they left. Was quite the buzz kill.


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Prayers go out to for the kids and their families. 

"The scars of life and death are worn by those who survive."  Pray for the families.