OT: Auburn program under investigation by NCAA

Submitted by Brown Bear on November 21st, 2012 at 3:36 PM
Shocking news of the day. Auburn program being investigated for potential improprieties involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, representatives of the school's athletic interests and third parties. The real question is will the NCAA actually do anything? Link http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaaf--sources--ncaa-investigating-auburn-…



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But wouldn't that be a good thing?  If his position coach and the recruiting coordinator is getting the boot, then wouldn't that be less reason to go to Auburn?  In addition to the dark cloud that all of this brings anyway?


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You mean this? Courtesy of the aptly titled "SEC Rant"

AU OL Jordan Diamond from Chicago LFB 2012-10-24 12:54:10 ---------------------------- Diamond is from Chicago, IL, very strange that a kid from Chicago would go all the way down south to play for Auburn when he had much better options closer to home. Well, it turns out the Chicago Tribune investigated this and Diamond has admitted to close friends/relatives that he took a multiple payments which equaled to $50,000 to sign with Auburn. Story is going to hint print next Tuesday. This is legit info. Makes sense now why Ohio State completely stopped recruiting him. Aubs gonna Aubs.

Don't know if that was ever verified.

Jordan Diamond's Apparent Response:

This month has already been rough on me and the family. Now y'all wanna 
come at me with this. I left CHICAGO because I didn't wanna be around 
or apart of the violence and the controversy any more. I wanted to get as 
far away as possible but still feel at home and AU is that place. I 
came down here because I wanted to go to Auburn. Don't get me wrong I loved 
all the schools that recruited me and I wish them well but Auburn is better and ultimately has the better 
opportunity for me to play early, and a great family atmosphere. Please 
let me enjoy my years here at AU because I only got a few of them. Thank 

I hope it's not the former...but it is Auburn. Time will tell.


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nail them on the Cam Newton thing how will they now? The only time the NCAA really comes down on anyone is when they self report and tell on themselves. All a school has to do to stay out of major trouble is to not do all the work and investigating themselves.


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Drawing top 5 recruiting classes year after year is difficult for even the most storied programs. It's almost inconceivable for a 2nd tier program like Auburn with direct recruiting battles vs Bama, UGA, FSU, FL.

If you're willing to toss a coach 2 yrs after a title, "win at all cost" probably has other prices to pay.

turd ferguson

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A lot has been made of our coaching staff's struggles to finish recruiting classes, and my response has almost always been "small sample size, small sample size, small sample size."  I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something very different about the recruitments that drag out until the end (in general, of course, not in every case). 

If you're a kid who is trying to figure out where to go to school and play football - and you don't want anything to do with the slimy aspects of football recruiting - you'd might as well commit to a school once you've decided that's the place for you.  That could be in your junior year or on signing day, but when you've found the right place you've found the right place.

If you're a kid who is open to getting in on what the slimy schools are offering, you'd might as well hold off for awhile to let the bids and gifts come in. 

I am not accusing any particular kid of any wrongdoing - hell, I blame the schools much more than the kids/families - and obviously this doesn't fit every case (I think we'd all be shocked if Josh Garnett's recruitment was fishy, for example).  Still, it'll be interesting to see whether the Michigans and Notre Dames of the football world disproportionately lose these drawn out recruiting battles to the Auburns and Clemsons of the football world.


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So when Auburn was winning, paying off the dad is okay with the NCAA. Now that  they are losing, lets get that investigation fired up to look like the NCAA is on top of things.


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"In addition to the academic issues involving Robinson, sources told Yahoo! Sports the NCAA has investigated whether a Wooddale P.E. teacher, Rhonda Wilkinson, provided impermissible benefits to the player during his recruitment, including transportation to the Auburn campus on at least one occasion. Wilkinson is an Auburn graduate and fan – her vehicle and home are extensively decorated with Auburn memorabilia." - from the article

I am guessing that no one at Auburn would have ever thought that such a person might be tempted to REALLY sell someone on Auburn, of course. There's nothing in the resulting mental image that might make anyone on the outside think "booster", right? I mean, there cannot possibly be anything in the NCAA Handbook which would hold Auburn responsible for the actions of those who actively represent it....*skims section on "Institutional Control"*...oh...



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Many of my neighbors here in Atlanta are alums and it's crazy how little disgust or concern exists for these issues.

We were apoplectic about practice hours and NCAA investigators. They shrug off doctoring of school transcripts & investigators like Publix is out of cranberry sauce on Nov 21.