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Submitted by fat_wilhelm on February 27th, 2014 at 4:57 PM

I wanted to throw this out there for any fellow strength training enthusiasts. I'm moving my training business from my garage to a real live commercial building in the next week or so and am upgrading a bunch of my equipment. As such, I'm looking to sell my custom built power rack. I just thought I'd post it here first simply because when I purchased, I had the fabricator powder coat it in maize and blue. Not highlighter yellow, but actual old school maize.

At any rate, I'm in Plymouth if anyone is interested. It was built for me by Strength and Power Equipment out of Texas. Features: heavy gauge 2x2 construction, 2 sets J-cups, band pegs bottom, weight storage pins, double set of band/chain hooks, monkey bar chin front, fat bar chin back (2"), rod and pin safeties, West side hole spacing. There are also dip handles that come with this, but are not pictured. The bench in the pic is NOT being sold. Asking $1150 but would consider reasonable offers. You'd also have to be able to come and pick this up.



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glad i scrolled down - i immediately thought the same thing but i know i am not very original so i scrolled to see if i was correct and yes i am as unoriginal and typical as i thought.  thank you for the verification.  no offense.

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I'm not in the market, and I don't live nearby, but just wanted to say that's pretty cool that you had it powdercoated maize. And also the fact that you had that in your home to use to work out. Tip of the cap. 


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...if you don't train men. Probably should have mentioned in the post if you are a guy/gal...nobody knows just because of your avatar.

Btw - you should consider training guys. I have a female trainer and she kicks my ass every week. And it's a very professional relationship.


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I'm a guy. My "long shot marketing ploy" has gotten me 133 clients in 13 months while training through a polar vortex in an unheated garage with zero advertising other than word-of-mouth. It's gone well enough that my wife and I purchased a 3800 square foot building in downtown Plymouth in order to expand. It's really not a ploy at all... if you can show women that heavy strength training can help them look and feel great and they can learn and participate in such endeavors without every douche bag under the sun telling them how to fix their form, then they'll partake. Results are everything. A lot of my girls are stronger than most guys. See below:


I can and have trained guys and would consider training them again if I thought I needed to, but this is my market. My new place, like my garage, will be women only, other than myself and my other trainer that I contract. I also have three young daughters and I want them to grow up knowing that you can be a girl and be a total badass and that it's not only OK, but admirable.

For now, this is my "side job", but I'm hoping that before long, I'll be able to abandon my Michigan engineering degree and quit that crap.


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That's beautiful.  If only I had the cash and the space to buy it off you I would, but I can't wing it now.  I'm probably going to get a half-rack soon, but when I actually have a real person job (as opposed to school) I'd definitely go for something like that to.


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Thank you. If you think it may be a bit before you get a half rack, I have a pair of squat stands that I don't plan on taking with me to my new place. They're not the greatest things in the world, but they work. You can have them if you want to come pick them up. I'd rather give them away to a cash strapped student that loves to lift than haggle with someone on Craigslist.


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I absolutely thought this thread was going somewhere differently when I clicked on it.

Nice rack; too rich (and big) for my blood, but good luck with your new endeavor.