OT: Article re LSA Alum Businesses and Charities in Detroit

Submitted by redhousewolverine on July 15th, 2014 at 2:38 PM

If the mods want to take this down, feel free. My friend sent me this article from the LSA Magazine featuring Michigan School of LSA Alums in Detroit either opening new businesses or working with or starting charities. It is really cool feature on Michigan Alums with creative ideas attempting to build and grow with Detroit. Here is the article: 


Of note and for disclosure purposes, it is also a bit of a shameless plug as I have had friends work with Summer in the City and am friends with the guys who started the business Red House Imports. Both are great organizations. Regardless, all the alums in the article appear to be doing great things in the city.

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I actually just fixed the in-text link for the OP and he stole my thunder all the same. Figures :-) #ModLife

In all seriousness, it would be neat to see this particular Pinterest page continue to grow as the whereabouts of Michigan alums and their innovations in Metro Detroit are something I try to keep tabs on and even, on occasion, visit to support fellow Wolverines as well as our economy around here. 

As for the one in Royal Oak - Taste Love Cupcakes - there is some good stuff in that shop that I should not eat but do without hesitation regardless. I would recommed it. 


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Sorry, figured I would change it myself. Didn't think you would be on the mistake so quickly. And I concur. It would be cool to be able to keep tabs on fellow Michigan alums and what they are doing in the Metro Detroit area. Hopefully, it is something we will continue to see grow.


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I've hesitated to post this, as I don't want it to see overly "pluggy", but this is a perfect opportunity.  A friend and UofM Alum is in the process of starting his own clothing line focused on blending normal mens professional wear with moisture wicking fabric - think prevention of sweaty pits during a work presentation.  He just started a Kickstarter as well.

If nothing more, check out the promo video for the Office Space reference.

Kickstarter Link - LH Dress Shirts


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A friend just started Detroit City Distillery, for those of you who enjoy tasty adult beverages. It should be opening soon in the Detroit Eastern Market. It's nice to see folks making an effort to bring Detroit back.