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Articles says he stayed away from school and football last year waiting to see if he might get cleared for D-1 competition or if junior college was necessary.

It will definitely be interesting to see how that affects his play this fall though.  Good luck to him.


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This picture was posted on his public facebook account at sometime in 2010(didn't require much digging). If you'll notice, he has many tattoos in this picture, yet he didn't have any when he committed to Michigan on signing day 2010. I don't doubt that he's trying to get his life together now, but people here are acting like he's been a youth minister for the past year, when in reality he was selling coke and making it rain on hoes. 


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Good for him, i wish him the best. Grcc is going to be beastly this year, they also have 4 star WR Corey Smith (jerrod Wilson's teammate) coming in next year.


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I am interested in when he can transfer back into a powerhouse program. I know it won't be here unfortunately, but somewhere like Auburn seems like a great fit. 


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I believe I have read repeatedly from people on here that GRCC is one of the few community colleges with fotball programs which has acceptance from UM in terms of academics. Hopefully he is serious about both academics and athletics and gets his grades up far enough to play at Michigan one day.


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"The Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) Articulation Agreement was established to improve transfer student articulation between two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Michigan. Grand Rapids Community College is a participant in this MACRAO Agreement."

University of Michigan says:  "If you are following the MACRAO agreement, your coursework should satisfy most of the distribution requirements of the college. The University of Michigan will accept coursework that was completed for a grade of C or better in areas of study available at the Ann Arbor campus."

Therefore:  Demar Dorsey could very well transfer his credits from GRCC to U of M.  

It seems like a gentleman from Florida who is attending a community college over 1000 miles away from home may have actually thought about that fact already.


Note:  I posted this response twice, because two separate posters discussed this same topic from two different angles.  Both deserved the same response.  Carry on.


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Love this story! Love hearing when something makes the lighbulb go on, and a kid gets it...then gets determined. I will be rooting for this kid wherever he goes.


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"Two years, I see myself at a great D-I, winning the Heisman, winning defensive player of the year," Dorsey said in a calm, serious manner.

Woodson was the only defensive player in NCAA history to win a Heisman, and Dorsey knows that.

"Only Woodson, and I’m the next," Dorsey said. "That’s my word that I’m standing to live by."

Now that Michigan has Woodson's defensive coordinator back, perhaps he'll be motivated to get his grades up, transfer to Michigan, and live out his dream.

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Damn, I read this article and wonder just what the hell RR was thinking in recruiting this kid. Dorsey wasn't even ready for HS let alone Michigan, I hope he can cut the mustard at at JC, but have my doubts.

Blue boy johnson

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Wanting something and realizing it isn't feasible are two different things. The moment I heard Dorsey was enrolled at Lifeskills, it was a WTF moment for me. Seriously, from Lifeskills to the University of Michigan, it just doesn't compute. To me the whole Dorsey escapade was one of RR's biggest gaffes.

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At the time, it was all about Dorsey's juvenile-arrest record.  The question as to whether an occasional recruit couldn't pass admissions wasn't much of an issue, because that issue was one that Schembechler, Moeller and Carr all had to deal with at one time or another.

No, the Dorsey keruffle was aimed at his juvenile record, because that was the way to continue the press war on Rodriguez. 

Bando Calrissian

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He was ultimately rejected by Admissions for his faulty grades.  And, considering he is still ineligible per the Clearinghouse, they seem to have been correct in their assessment.  Which is interesting considering the hand-wringing against Admissions here and elsewhere after he was turned down.

If Dorsey was a kid with his legal problems and a 4.0 GPA from a school that wasn't LifeSkills, there wouldn't have been nearly the outcry.  There's no need to turn this into a Holy War about RR and the Freep.  RR got himself into this situation by recruiting a player with an appearance of a sketchy past coupled with bad grades from a disreputable institution, which would surely have made his transition into the academic life at the University of Michigan a significant challenge at best.


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This topic should not turn into a point of tension.  It was merely an article about a kid that appears to be turning his life around.   Considering the NCAA clearinghouse did not pass him, there was obviously no chance we could get him in.  The free press had nothing to do with the NCAA Clearinghouse rejection.

It's obvious that the free press did not like RR.  Find me one major sports writer around a major college town that wouldnt crucify a coach making $3m who  lost to Toledo in his first year every change he got.   It comes with the territory. After you build some street cred, you can afford losses like that (barely), but certainly not after two years worth of embarrassment when the Dorsey drama was going down.

Some coaches take their lumps and plow through it.  RR went the other route and culminated his career with....well.....we all know what happened at the team banquet.


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I don't fully understand how someone can read a story of a kid from a terrible background turning his life around and use it as an excuse to bitch about RR, but I guess the torch and pitchfork society isn't going to just leave him alone.

I'm happy for Dorsey and hope he ends up at a great school someday.  And if it's Michigan, that's even better.


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I wouldn't call this post OT but whateva.  Yeah, RR never should've recruited DD, but I can see how he got sucked in.  The kid is an absolute monster on the field, if he stays on the right course there's no queston he'll end up a mega-star.  Hell will probably freeze over before UM would accept his transfer, I just hope he doesn't end up a MSU.  That would pain my soul!


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I sincerly wish nothing but the best for Demar Dorsey. The kid has obviously made some mistakes, but he is clearly paying his dues and will have earned all of future successes.


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I've heard the kid still has some attitude issues at GRCC.  It's great that he has distanced himself from Florida and all the bad stuff he was involved in though.


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I haven't seen him around campus, but I know I've seen a few posts on here where someone mentioned running into Demar.  Maybe one day when I'm wearing one of my many M polos to work, I'll walk into a classroom to fix an issue and he'll be there.


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a guy like Dorsey and that's about my only problem with him (Hoke) and was one of my favorite things about RR (although he didn't win many games).

Anyway, why GRCC? Do they have a great history/ rep as a CC in football? I would have thought that he would have stayed down South.


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Right, because Hoke, a guy who worked his ass off to get to back to Michigan, who would have walked here, would not appreciate the same determination in a potential player. Right. 

You seem to not understand Michigan Arrogance. It's partly about the hard work, persistence, and determination is takes to get here. The rest is the prosperity one tends to attain once here. Michigan Arrogance is built on a foundation of humility. 


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DB will not going to let this kid in.  It wouldn't matter if Hoke wanted him or not.  IMHO. 

Although I do believe DB is savvy enough to allow Brady a "mulligan" or two, (his first trending towards Stonum) I believe Hoke passes on Dorsey. 

It's potentially one hellava come back story for all parties but I just don't see it happening in and around Ann Arbor at the moment.  That wound needs more time to heal and if Demar keeps his ducks in order he'll be SEC bound in no time.  My what could have been...that guy has freakish athletic ability.


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It's beyond his control.  It doesn't matter most of the time because for the most part, we'll admit a football player who meets the NCAA minimum.  But if the admissions people reject a kid, he can't overrule them.


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I was addressing the fact that DB made mentioned on several occassions of his heavy involvement with the recruiting process. And with that I'll leave it to the imagination on whether Hoke would go for Dorsey or not.  I'm leaning towards he will not based on DB's messaging thus far ie new era, new beginning, ect...but I could be wrong.  We're on the same page as far as admission criteria.  Things should get interesting if Dorsey considers us for his next stop.  There's Shawn Conway as well if I remember correctly (@GRCC) although I don't believe he was as highly ranked and we seem a bit finicky about receivers at the moment any way.  Thanks for the response jmblue.