OT - article about a fullback about to break the all-time Indiana high school rushing record with no offers.

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bleacher report article about a junior fullback with 70 total touchdowns and more than 3,300 yards with no stars and no offers.


I have no idea what level of competition his school's team plays at. 
"My Team was undefeated and won the 5A state championship."


"Charlie is listed as a fullback, a position that is extinct in some places and endangered in plenty more. Slowly but surely, given the increasing emphasis on passing across all levels of the sport, the fullback is being eliminated.

But Charlie isn't a typical fullback. For starters, he is the team's primary offensive weapon and one of the most productive offensive players in the country. He also runs a 4.6 40-yard dash that complements a 575-pound squat and a 420-pound bench press.

He is an athlete, albeit a different kind of athlete. Rather than run around or past you, Charlie would prefer to run through you."


You think UM coaches have an eye on him? 

He wants a business degree and has a 3.36 GPA. I don't know what the standards of admissions are these days at UM but I guess he would need a really high ACT or SAT score to get in?




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Seems like Bleacher Report has an article like this about once a month.  They cover some high school player, make him out to be a future Heisman candidate, and mention he's got no major offers.

I don't get it.  It's not like the coaches are all colluding to avoid certain players.  If a guy's got no major offers that means scores of coaching staffs and scouting departments have all either dropped the ball or seen something they don't like.

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I remember reading this article around a month ago about this same kid. They're just regurgitating it. I may have missed it but I don't think it mentions if he attended any camps, if he didn't that could be a big reason. But he does have Cincinnati, Ball State and Northern Illinois amongst others offering, so I don't feel sorry for him. He's obviously just not good enough for a Power 5 program.


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New Pal is in Class 5A, but they actually play a mostly Class 4A schedule (so not great competition, but they did play at least one 6A school this year).  Technically they are a 4A school, but because they've won the championship a few times over a certain period of time, they were forced to move up to 5A come playoff time.


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Looks like a player that could fit in an Army/Navy/Air Force type system or someone you would see on Mount Union (DIII). He is obviously strong and compact but doesn't jump out as a high level D1 player. He'll probably get a ride somewhere. 


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He plays at New Palestine. I can only assume the coaches at New Israel have used their influence with the Mainstream Media to get him blackballed from big time college football. There IS NO New Palestine... 


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Judging from his highlights, he doesn't have great top-end speed, but he's far from lumbering—he's got pretty quick feet, can change directions, has very good balance, and doesn't go down on first contact. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get MAC-level offers as well as Army/Navy offers.

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He's definitely fast for his size.  Decent lateral quickness as well.

I believe the reason he does not yet have much attention is as much about size as it is about speed.  He is only 5'10" and appears to have maxed out his frame.  He would be a very small FB at the college level.  For comparison, Bench is 6'3"/254.

I believe Charlie could be an effective college player, but if he's reached his ceiling in terms of size and athleticism, he may not get offers from Power 5 schools.

That said, I like his quickness and contact courage.  Would love to see him added as a PWO.  If he gets faster in 2020, his offers will take off.


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Right - 5'10" isn't big enough for Power 5 level college.  At least at fullback.

Reading the article, Spegal reminds me a bit of Tim Shaw.  Shaw set all kinds of records in Michigan High School football at Livonia Clarenceville as a fullback.  But, as I recall, Shaw was "only" a 3-star and it took him awhile to see the offers come in from Power 5 schools.  He eventually went to Penn State.

And that despite Shaw being 3 inches taller.  And he was also being recruited (not just by PSU, but by everyone) to be a linebacker, not a fullback.

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Is Purdue in the market for the next Mike Alstott?  He's right under their nose if they want him.

That said, I find myself rooting for the kid to find a full-ride scholarship and do well, no matter where he lands.

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Yeah it’s Charlie Spegal, he’s from my hometown and went to the same high school as me (Delta) before transferring to New Pal. He plays in the Hoosier Heritage Conference (HHC), my youngest brother played for Pendleton which is also in the HHC so I’ve seen him up close a few times. Most of the players that go on to the next level, which are very few from this area are mostly MAC kids who go to Ball State, except Ryan Kerrigan who obviously went to Purdue. The offense is very run heavy and he runs hard, that’s about it. He’s a very nice kid who works hard but nothing special. He’s been in Ball States back yard racking up stats since a freshman and they haven’t offered, so I’d bet he’s not a power 5 caliber player.


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06. I played through freshman year,then tore my knee up and was never cleared to play again unfortunately. They had to bring in extra stands in 2004 at Delta IIRC and that was the most intense regular season game I’ve ever witnessed! So many memories coming back now! Edit: I played OLB, special teams, emergency fullback 


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There are only a handful of teams that use fullbacks.  He is probably undersized for a FB and not fast enough for a RB. There are a lot of really good OT/OG in high school that are 6'1".  So it goes...