OT: Arizona destroys Oregon, 42-16.

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Happy for Rich Rod and Arizona. Kadeem Carey was a man today, and Oregon failed, as several players during the week were dismissing the possibility of the Rose Bowl because they are focused on the national title. Good for Arizona and happy to see Oregon brought down.

Edit: not trying to start any flaming, this is news and I'm happy to see big upsets, and Oregon deserved to be brought down IMO.



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A lot of these things you say at the end can equate to the current Michigan team.  3/5 OL will return more experienced.  4/5* Sophomore QB will be ready if Gardner pulls some more Gardner things.  


Almost the entire defense comes back (I think only players that played plenty that are gone are QWash, Gordon, Avery, Cam and Black).  Everyone else (JMFR, Clark, Countess, Taylor, Wilson, Wormley, Mario, Beyer, Morgan, Ross) and guys liek Stribling will be a yearwiser, stronger from the offseason, and be able to finished those plays like against Penn State.


Our experienced depth is crap this year.  However, we only lose 12 guys to eligibility.


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I'm not talking about Michigan...  


Besides, like I said to the other guy, Arizona's OL is consistently creating holes.  If you return a group that's consistently getting good ypc... there's more of a chance they'll continue to do that.  If the group that's returning less people isn't getting good ypc... there's much less of a chance they'll be able to get good ypc.


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Arizona's OL currently consists of 2 RS Juniors at the tackle positions, a Junior at Center, a Sophomore at LG and a Senior at RG.  


That is a lot better than having 2 RS Seniors at the tackle positions, a RS Sophomore walk on at Center and a true Freshman and RS Freshman at the guard positions.


They have one underclassman on the OL.  We have three.  Arizona's entire offense has four underclassmen starting.  Three of them are WRs.  As we see from their typical stat sheet, they don't pass much.


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I'm just about done with this issue.


All I am going to say is all the RichRod apologists in this thread should cut Hoke a break since the depth is fucked because of RichRod failures in recruiting, like RichRod was fucked from Carr letting guys transfer out at will.


This board really degenerates like most users are fairweather on here.  Pretty sad to see.


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I think the guy is a good coach, but anyone who saw the meltdown at the end of the 2010 season, followed by the banquet scene knew he was in a bad marriage at Michigan. Good for him that he took a year off and then got a chance without the pressure of Michigan.

I pulled for him last year vs. Kiffin and also today, against a cocky Oregon team.

Rich Rod's biggest mistake was running off Scott Shafer after one year. Shafer proved himself as a DC before and after Michigan. Had he let Shafer run the D and design it his way, not RR's way, he'd still be here.


Let's see how he truly responds to pressure during the off-season. Everything was charmed in 2011 and he got a pass from me last year with the road losses and near-win vs. SCaro.

Dicktonio was 5-6 at the end of last year and had to win at Minnesota just to go to a bowl game. Dick that he is, he still figured that his offensive coordinator sucked and that his QB didn't have the football smarts to win. New OC, new QB, better results.

I'd like to see Borges, Funk, and Fred gone, move Devin back to WR, and start Morris. He's got all off-season to fix the offense and O-Line and groom Morris for next year. I love Devin's gutsiness, but he is mentally fried as a QB. 

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RR failed at Michigan. End of. Hoke can be a success if he makes the right call a la Beilein. Still there were a lot of idiots on this site who gave him some way too harsh treatment, who now look, well like the idiots they are. And that's good to see their stupidity being broadcast for the site to see.

Still Hoke is the man. Fire Borges make a smart hire. He's got two years to make it happen and he's 2/3 there (recruiting and defense).


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Lost close game to UCLA. Then they lost to Washington State at home by 7 pts, which was like WTF.

This week they come back and just trounce Oregon.

The last Arizona team with 10 wins was Dick Tomey back in 1998 (12-1). I think RichRod will be the next UA coach to hit that mark.

Would love to see Wildcats kick the shit out of Todd Graham and ASU next weekend.



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Oregon has become very cocky the past two years and to see Nike's team buried is always fun. De'Anthony Thomas should thank Arizona for whipping his teams ass so that he doesn't have to go to the Rose Bowl again because "It's, whatever!"

KC Wolve

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Since we are doing this, I guess the question is this. Would you rather be in "who knows RR year 6" or Hoke year 3. I am in the RR camp and think UM would be in a better position. I agree that he was a disaster, but I think if he ever got support he would have worked out the D and the O would be elite by now. I see the other side though too, but to me, the "other side" is what we have now. Average to below average everything with the chance of a Big 10 title game every few years and a guy that claps his hands a lot and doesn't wear red or green.


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He wasn't really given a fair shake here. Was never going tone accepted. Hope he wins all of his games....unless we play him.

((((GO BLUE)))))

Here's to greener pastures next year. Hope we can turn this shitwagon around.