OT: Arizona destroys Oregon, 42-16.

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Happy for Rich Rod and Arizona. Kadeem Carey was a man today, and Oregon failed, as several players during the week were dismissing the possibility of the Rose Bowl because they are focused on the national title. Good for Arizona and happy to see Oregon brought down.

Edit: not trying to start any flaming, this is news and I'm happy to see big upsets, and Oregon deserved to be brought down IMO.



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Why, because I was one of the biggest Rich Rod supporters on the board, and after he was fired I realized there was no point in moping around about it, and so I decided to be just as all in for the next coach as I was for Rich Rod, to try and do my very small part in making sure the same bullshit didn't happen to him?

Sorry I'm not a massive, flaming hypocrite like you.


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The moral of the story is don't hire a coach who only coaches one side of the ball, and if you do, make damn sure the coordinator on the other side of the ball has a proven track record longer than one or two years hitching a ride on the shoulders of NFL caliber QBs or defensive ends.  Hoke and RichRod are two sides of the same coin.


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IIRC, Rich Rod's contract was 6 years $15 million.

Source: http://www.freep.com/article/20110104/SPORTS06/110104047/


When Lloyd Carr retired in 2007, Rodriguez agreed to a six-year, $15-million contract. It stipulates that he will be paid a $2.5 million buyout if fired. U-M conceivably could have fired him for the NCAA violations without the buyout, a provision allowed in his contract, but Brandon has previously said the NCAA troubles did not warrant dismissal.

Hoke's contract is 6 years $18 million. Source: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20110330/FREE/110339985/brady-hoke…

New University of Michigan football coach Brady Hoke on Monday signed a six-year contract potentially worth $18 million or more, the university said today.

snarling wolverine

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With the team he inherited, what else was he going to do?

He originally inherited Ryan Mallett, let's not forget, and also Justin Boren. You can call those guys traitors or whatever, but they were talented guys that RichRod couldn't convince to stay. Also, Adrian Arrington went pro despite not really being a highly-regarded prospect.  Part of the recruiting job a new coach has to do is to convince the current players to stay, and he struggled there.  Compare that to Beilein, who convinced Manny and DeShawn to stay, probably in part because he kept around Mike Jackson from the previous staff (whereas RichRod pretty much fired everybody).

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I am going to make it my mission to get the two authors together to agree that YOU are wrong in the way that you characterize the Bacon book and the HTTV article.

I realize this must be a terribly shitty day for you.  It's my lonely task to make it worse.

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It had some considerable value; showing that the Freep -- and particularly Michael Rosenberg -- never tried to to get any documents (and thereby telegraphing his ongoing vendetta) until after the story showed up on their front page.  And it was at that point, after the fact, that the Freep's real investigative reporter, Jim Schaefer, decided to, uh, ask for documents.  Before that time, the only thing that Rosenberg/Snyder had done was to ask if the football program had ever copped to any "Major" violations.  So that they could later suggest that what they were uncovering was a major violation (they did their darndest to make it so, unlike Maryland a year later which self-reported secondary violations), and that Michigan hade never before been found guilty of any major violations in football.

You, Bando, must be the last guy in the Michigan blogosphere who still has any sympathy for the Free Press. 

Rest assured that if I could figure out anything in the future -- including a FOIA request -- that would hurt the Free Press, Snyder and/or Rosenberg, I would do it.  But I just did it once, and it was in the critical period of the NCAA investigation.  When almost no one in Detroit media was calling out the Freep for its malevolence.


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At best you have a stalemate: one man's word against another. At worst you have Craig Ross' interpretation of what happened based on his personal knowledge of Lloyd Carr (speculation) against John Bacon's book of what happened based on testimony received by several party members involved (although some of it is undoubtedly hearsay).

Even if you assume Craig Ross' interpretation is as likely to have occurred as John Bacon's book, it still means that Snarling Wolverine's interpretation of what happened is also "full of crap." So... this thread just has plenty of assholes:


(start at 0:43)

snarling wolverine

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I read the book.  Where does it specify that RichRod is blameless for the departures of all the starters?  The only one it goes into detail about is Boren, and that explanation is a little dubious given that the "lazy" Boren went on to start for some excellent Ohio teams.

It suggests that Carr was less than fully-supportive of RichRod, yes, but I suspect that had a lot to do with (as the book notes) RichRod making Carr's assistants wait for hours to re-interview and then turning them all down anyway.  Carr had been the one to reach out to Rich in the first place, and then Rich turned around and did that to his guys.  I could understand if he felt betrayed.

Again, note the difference: Beilein recognized the value of continuity and kept some Amaker assistants, even though TA had been fired and he really didn't have to.  Carr left behind a program that was very stable, and still RichRod decided to let everyone go anyway.  Small wonder that a lot of the players he inherited weren't excited to play for him.


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see: snarling wolverine's reply below

stable?  firing the DC 2 years before retiring?

The whole notion that RR should have or must have kept assistants around is a bit too much IMO, which is why I posted what I did.   Coaches come in and replace entire staffs all the time.  It is a risk you take whenever you hire someone from outside your coaching pipeline.


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I see his reply, and his suggestion that we keep coach Frey is ridiculous condiering Hoke and Borges do not run the same offense or blocking schemes as Rich Rod.

If you can name one person from Rich Rod's staff you would have wanted to keep, who would it have been? No one on the offensive staff, other than Jackson was going to stay. They're not MANBALL guys, and did we really want to keep anyone from his defensive staff?

So, who ya got?

snarling wolverine

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Now that you mention it, I think you could argue that Hoke should have kept a couple of RichRod's offensive assistants (especially Frey on the OL), actually.  

But the bigger point is that if you inherit a stable, successful program (as we were in 2007), you shouldn't need to change everything.  That can backfire, as we saw.  




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What big time coach EVER keeps a substantial portion of an old regime?
Coaches develop relationships and trust with their own staffs that make transitions SMOOTHER, not rougher.
The fact that a coach the tenure the length of Lloyd's was stepping down practically demands wholesale change.  Particularly if it was rotting from the inside out.
Would RR have been just fine with DeBord & English?  That's insane.
I don't fault Hoke or RR for any transition changes, you have to establish your authority & identity.  
In hindsight, Frey should have stayed, (& Jackson should have retired, etc.) 
But only interum coaches keep the much of an old guard around for any length of time.


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I never get into these flame wars about RR on here but one thing is certain, and goes for both Lloyd and that asshole at the free press, you don't throw the program under the bus because you don't like how things didn't go your way. Loyalty to Michigan should always come first and foremost. If Moeller doesn't get drunk and wild out he never even sees that job. It was a great opportunity and he should have took it upon himself to make sure that the following regime had all the support he had himself. I'm sick and tired of hearing about poor Lloyd.

Bando Calrissian

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It's funny, the whole "the other players hated Ryan Mallett" thing gets so much traction... Yet three months after he transferred, he was back in Ann Arbor, where he showed up at Dance Marathon in the middle of the night with Henne, Hart, and a pile of other players, looking like they liked each other just fine.

Don't get me wrong, Ryan had a reputation for being a pretty tremendous dbag from the second he arrived on campus (and I definitely saw it in action a few times here and there), but at the end of the day, that could be said for a lot of star athletes. 


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I dislike rich rod and did since his days at wvu so maybe dismiss what I say, but to pretend like their isn't a huge difference between 3-9 and 6-6 is laughable, thats pretty much the exact value of a coach is whether they would take similar teams to different records.  Also can't the same argument be said about hoke, how the hell is he supposed to win games without an offensive line? which is in fact entirely rich rods fault.