OT - Applications to MSU down over 8%

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Presumably a byproduct of the Nassar scandal and all the other messes going on there.

This article has a box showing applications to all Big Ten schools.  I didn't realize Michigan received more applications than any other school in the conference - and that number jumped almost 10% in the past year. 65,684 high school seniors hope to become Wolverines this year.



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True but in the future I expect that to decrease as the cost of tuition continues to rise each year coupled with the institutions not doing much to improve their product.

Also the value of a college degree isn't as important as students are made to believe in high school.  Obviously there are many professions that require it but there are many more that don't.  On top of that I know many people who went to college for one thing, got their degree in said subject, but now work in a field that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what they studied.


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I didn't...would if I could. You clearly do not understand the marketplace nor the value of a good education. As we/I was instructed, soon after entering college by one of our profs, "Our most important task as instructors is to teach you how to think"...that was almost 50 years ago...and is most apropos today. Sure, there are young people without a college education who have good jobs...but they are significant outliers...most are flipping burgers for minimum wage and no benefits.


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See I disagree with the statement "most are flipping burgers for minimum wage and no benefits".  That simply isn't true.  I work in a car dealership where more than three quarters of the people I work with didn't go to college and they make anywhere from 40k/yr to 120k/yr (most of them at the middle and upper end of that spectrum) and this isn't the first place I've worked where that is the case.  My cousin works as a manager in an Outback Steakhouse and makes over 100k/yr.  She went to college but admits her degree was not necessary for her job, also that she didn't have to go at all to be where she is today.  Also, none of her assistant managers went to college.

There are plenty of jobs out there that do not require a higher education.  Good-paying jobs.  Jobs with benefits.  "Flipping burgers" is not the only thing someone without a college education can aspire to.

You don't need a college degree to be financially successful, you just need to be cognitively capable, possess a good work ethic, and have a decent head on your shoulders.

M Ascending

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Not only the directional schools, but matriculation at Lansing Community College will also be down significantly, as MSU dips into the shallow end of the gene pool.  Hard to believe MSU has fewer applicants than any B1G school other than Nebraska.  I expect to see John Engler cut-outs filling the seats in MSU class rooms.

If you can't get into college, go to State.  (Clap, clap)

If you can't get into college, go to State (Clap, clap)

I you can't get into college and you know you REALLY SUCK,

If you can't get into college go to State.

(Yes, I've been to Yost a time or two.)


snarling wolverine

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Funny bit of spin from the article:

MSU spokeswoman Emily Guerrant attributed the application declines to demographic shifts in Michigan and the Midwest: a lower number of high school graduating seniors, low birth rates and migration during the last recession, as well as a decline in applications by international students due to changes in federal visa and immigration processes.

Over the same time period, other Big Ten schools on average saw a 4.7 percent increase in applicants, with rival Michigan seeing 9.7 percent more applications.

Mr Miggle

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Yeah, it actually was. They got some decent PR from the size of the class in the midst of scandals. Makes it easier for them to deal with a disappointing class following it.

If only their administration was as good as mediocre, they wouldn't have to make these decisions.


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As much as I hate MSU athletics, I feel for those poor schmucks who choose to attend academically, will pay historically high tuition fees and earn a degree whose value is severely depreciated because so many other mediocre classmates will have the same junk piece of paper. Employers will get a bargain in 4+ years. 


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As every school gets on the common app and applying anywhere becomes easier and easier, is it strange that any school would see a decrease in applications? 

That's just my assumption, not really coming from a place of any knowledge, but I just figured that between technology and population growth, a university has to be really screwing the pooch to see applications go down.

Arb lover

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The real issue for MSU is that applications are down AND they are taking more students IOT get more revenue for, reasons..

Obvious what happens in that scenario.


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The university admitted a larger percentage of the students who applied to reach the record number, however; for the fall of 2018, the admission percentage was 77.7 percent, up from 65.7 percent in 2016, and is MSU's highest accepted-student percentage in a decade.

That is a big, big change.  They basically decided not to be a selective institution this year.


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In fairness, I think that our "admission" rate is about 50%, but that our enrollment rate is under 20% (at least, these are the numbers I remember from when I was a student), and we have to have this inflated admission rate because we're a plan b for a lot of ivy league/Stanford-type applicants. So, admission rate doesn't necessarily tell the whole story.


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Surely, you can't be talking about absolute numbers rather than the change in percentages of the nationwide population - that's MSU level math.  

Michigan census 1970 to 2010












Population growth is definitely booming in Michigan!


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Sorry, if the truth hurts. I loved my time in Michigan, but the only reason I ever considered moving there was for UM. That's true for a lot of students. The state realizes it, which is why they try so hard to get people to stay. 

The football talent didn't just magically dry up in Michigan. People moved out and took their football playing kids with them.