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Submitted by michiganfan39 on November 30th, 2011 at 8:51 PM

First off, I know this belongs in the other thread. But on behalf of every student at CC, I apologize if in fact this letter was written by a CC student. We are all devastated at school, and about at least 400 students went to see the Dean today to express their displeasure with the letter. Cass Tech is a great institution and had the better football team and we respect that. We just don't like the negative view we are getting from the media and from Michigan. We know that this doesn't represent CC and we know that it's alot better there than what people paint us out to be. We just hope this thing dies down and we can actually focus on our classes and final exams instead of getting interviewed by Channel 4 in school and taking a ton of criticism when we go out in public with any CC gear on. As students, we should not have to put up with this crap. 


If the Mods feel this is offtopic, please feel free to delete but I just wanted everyone to know what we as the students had to say



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...that no one here assumed it was actually from a Catholic Central student, or that even if it was, it was a loner seeking attention. The more it was read, the more it seemed like one of the random assholes that wants to look like something while sitting in mommy's basement. Unfortunately, they did this at your expense and at the same  time disparaged what is in fact a pretty damn good school in Cass Tech. 

Nobody wins there. I know people who are alums of both schools and I know they are all better than that. It's sad that the "sore losers" of the world also have broadband. 


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I appreciate this. 

Maybe you guys can plan a charity event where both schools participate...Maybe a mixed school (1/2 CT, 1/2 CC on each team)..guys and girls... tug-of-war or something where the teams compete and raise money for charity.



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As a couple others have said, I don't think anyone thought this actually came from a CC'er - or at least one that can claim to be representative of CC as a whole. Well said, though. 

Section 1

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Do we know, yet, how the photograph of the letter got on the 'net?  Was it sent to Wilcher?  Did Wilcher release it for that sort of strange "publication"?

Has any "Jack Baughman" been located?

I'm really curious about the details on how the story got to this stage, because there are so few clear answers.

I have no problem accepting CC's statement that they have no record of a student, parent, alum or staffer with that name.  It's good to issue such a press release.  And I think it is a credit to the CC students to have done what the OP reported to us.

You should get a massive pos-bang for this, michiganfan39.  Count my +1.

Birmingham Seaholm went through a somewhat similar incident last spring.  There was a story about some anti-Black graffiti, if I recall correctly.  The story then got stranger before it got resolved, when a Black student was tagged for the incident.  There was even prosecutorial involvement and a curious charge of ethnic intimidation.  In the meantime, understandably, a whole lot of general racial tension, over one misguided student's hard-to-explain act of vandalism.  It was a very valuable lesson, in keeping a cool head and waiting for a careful inquiry into what really happened.


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I saw the letter last night on the twitters and was incensed.  Never did I assume it was a CC student or family member, rather some old crumudgeon living a sad lonely life.

Cass Tech doesn't deserve to be the subject of such a hateful words but the good folks of CC don't deserve to be blamed for the actions of some miserable parasite.

My dad AND step dad were high school classmates* at the old CC so I know it produces good character men. 

*and best friends.  Not so much anymore.  lolz

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...and to this day Cass Tech's 116-115 3OT victory over CC in the '98 state regional final at Fordson is the best sporting event I've ever seen in person.  I think Chris Young had something like 44/20 in that game. Cass Tech's stud was D. Bryant.

Anyway, congrats to Cass Tech on their state title, and hopefully this nonsense blows over.  Obviously whoever sent that letter is an ignorant zero, but c'mon, Wilcher's gotta have a little more common sense than that.  Be above that crap.

Black Socks

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This whole thing is sad.  It would not surprise me if this letter were written by a white man, a black man, in Detroit or in the suburbs.  People do some strange things.  Let's move on.


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Yeah, sure. No Shamrock could have written it. You guys still haven't figured out that Shamrocks are GREEN!
<br>/s... BIGTIME!
<br>Seriously though, way to stand up for your school. Between the repeated trouncings, I remembered CC students as generally sportsmanlike and gentlemanly (if misguided regarding the actual location of their school when being named in print). It would surprise me if a student or alum wrote it, too. I'm with the board in chalking it up to some curmudgeonly crank. Good on ya for standing up for your classmates and what is right.

The FannMan

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I put a post on this thread that offended several people. It is clear to me after reading the comments that I took far too narrow a view and my post was insensitive to how offended people were by that awful letter. That is my fault and I am truly sorry. I was trying to defend CC, lost perspective and came off verry poorly. And Shirtless - no I did not write that letter nor do I think like the author. I regrett that my post caused you to think that about me.
<br>I am very sorry that I hijacked this thread.

OMG Shirtless

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I didn't really think you wrote it. I just wanted to make it was clear that I was responding to you not M-Wolverine. I wanted to change the headline but had to leave for work and couldn't make the change from my phone.
<br>Your sentiment was good. Except for the part where it kind of read as if you were blaming the victim, which you clarified in a post that was also deleted.
<br>I have no hate for CC. We rushed your field after winning at CC one year (wherever you were playing that night) and then went out with a combination of people from both schools afterwards.


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My Grandfather was a Shamrock eons ago. If anyone pulled something like this back in the day, they would have had to step in the boxing ring with Father French. Aparently that's a no win situation...