OT Anyone watching CanadaBall?

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Winnipeg up 7-0 over Edmonton.  Man I wish college football had a 55yrd line.



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Also, I don't know why the hell Tim Tebow won't just go play in Canada. This league looks like it would be a ton of fun for a player and perfectly suited for Tebow's style.

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Calling someone a "douche" because he practices a certain religion (because really, why else would you call Tebow that?) is intolerant.   I'm curious if the above poster would dare say that about an athlete of a different religion than Christianity.

You can disagree with Tebow's faith, but he seems like a pretty good person in general and seems to actually try to live up to his religion, unlike a lot of pro athletes.  It's not his fault ESPN is obessed with him.







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Woah there fellas.

Maybe - just maybe - there's a large number of people who can't stand Tebow regardless of what he does or doesn't worship, who are sick of all the unmerited and uninteresting coverage he enjoys - given that the only reason he gets attention is because of his religion. It's certainly not because of his quarterbacking abilities.  


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Give him a year or two, though. If he has any sense he'll give it a try. It's been a path to the NFL for other quarterbacks (Doug Flutie, Warren Moon).

My fear is that he'll end up on the Argos, mostly because I live in Toronto.

I still haven't made it to a CFL game yet, though. 


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From Deadspin:

Okay, obviously this is the CFL. And there are two rules unique to Canadian football that allow this bizarre game of kickball to occur. 1) If you kick the ball out of the back of the end zone, you receive one point. It's called a single, or rouge. 2) You are allowed to advance the ball by drop-kicking it. When Montreal lines up for what looks to be a field goal with time running out in a tie game, they're not even necessarily trying to split the uprights. If they can get it out of the end zone (rule 1), they get a point and win the game. That's why Toronto sends a couple of defenders back. Since the end zone is 20 yards, and the goalposts are on the goal line, this 36-yard field goal is actually 56 yards to score a single (rule 1). The kicker doesn't have the aim for the 3 points, or the distance for the 1. The Toronto defender keeps it in play, but must get it out of the end zone, because if he's tackled there, it's still a rouge. But he sees he doesn't have the room to run. He kicks the ball out of his own end zone (rule 2) to avoid being tackled and losing the game. But as luck would have it, it goes directly to the Montreal placekicker. Clearly he cannot run the ball in for a touchdown. But the opportunity to score the single is still in play. He kicks it back to toward the end zone (rule 2), trying to send it out the back (rule 1). He again fails. But the Toronto player cannot control the ball and whiffs on his attempt to clear it out of the end zone (rule 2). There is a scramble, a Montreal player falls on it, and it's a touchdown. Montreal wins. Got all that? Don't worry. All you need to know is that Canadian Football is Calvinball all grown up.


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OK, I think I get all that, but I don't really the rule (mentioned by the color commentator  in the video) about how you have to give a guy five yards to kick.  How is the defense supposed to know if he's going to kick or not?  Can you draw a penalty just by suddenly kicking the ball with a defender all over you?


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You don't have to give a guy five yards to kick.  You have to give the guy receiving the kick 5 yards.  There is no fair catch rule in Canadian football, just a 5 yard catch radius.  So generally, every kick is returned (except for kicks in the endzone).  So the guy kicking the ball out of the endzone had to have 5 yards when he caught the ball, not when he kicked it.

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I'm as patriotic as the next American, but I'll admit it: our version of football could use a little more of that Canadian punt-off weirdness.  That was about the most entertaining two minute clip of football action I've ever seen.  (But why isn't Montreal more fired up about winning the game on that play?)


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I see that the Big XII figures prominently in the Edmonton receiving corps with Adarius Bowman and Marcus Henry. Between the two of them, they have managed all of 24 yards in the game so far per the CFL tracker. 


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Yea...you gotta lvoe some Football in general to head to Canada to play, though free healthcare probably makes a world for difference for guys who aren't exactly high on the pay scale.