OT: Anyone going to see the Trailer Park Boys tonight in AA?

Submitted by pinkfloyd2000 on December 10th, 2013 at 2:02 PM

The Trailer Park Boys are bringing their new stage show ('Dear Santa Claus: Go F**k Yourself') to Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor this evening.

Anyone going to be there?

I wish I were. I love these guys.



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This is completely off topic, I know someone posted a video of Michigan's offense every snap versus Ohio State this year, but I can't find it for the life of me. Can someone post a link?


Sorry for spamming your thread, I just don't have enough points to post :/


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Just curious, but why the hell would you want to watch that stuff again? If we won that game, I'd watch it once a week until the 2014 season started, but I never want to see anything from that game again.


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It is (or was) a hilarious show. Seriously. I know the name of it is kinda...off-putting, and the first time I heard of it, I was like, "ehhh..."

But check it out on Netflix; I think they have all of the original TV series seasons available (maybe 4 seasons total?), as well as the 2-3 movies they made later on.

Jim Lahey is without a doubt one of the greatest television characters ever created.


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Shit-apples never fall far from the shit-tree. 

If these guys performing is anywhere near as funny as the show, I'd love to see them.  TPB is just hilarious.  


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Saw both of their feature films, vaguely hoping it would be something like Strangebrew, eh.  The second one where they get out of prison and try to pull off the Big Dirty, which winds up being some harebrained scheme to steal quarters, is the best one. 


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Didn't know they "toured".  Would be a hilarious act to see.

"You know what a shit-barometer is, Bubs? Measures the shit-pressure in the air. You can feel it. Listen, Bubs. Hear that? The sounds of the whispering winds of shit. Can you hear it?... Oh, but you will, my sorry little friend, when the old shit-barometer rises, and you'll feel it too. Your ears will implode from the shit-pressure... beware my friend. Shit-winds are a comin'."

The Geek

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I retired from the Navy a few years ago, and was out-processing in Bremerton, Wash. I met with a personnel specialist the previous day, and on this particular day I walked right on through the "barrier" separating the common area from the specialists. Someone stopped me shortly after I cleared the entryway, and I told them "Corey and Trevor said it was ok to walk through." 

It worked!



Hair Raid Offense

December 11th, 2013 at 12:52 AM ^

I went to the show and it was a blast!! Really funny stuff, Bubbles totally stole the show. Ricky refered to Ann Arbor as "Anna Harbor". Lahey was great too and at his drunkest. Randy was great and had a hilarious/disgusting scene where Bubbles had him do a 'gut-solo' during the song "Liquor and Whores", lol. Smokey made an appearance too. Julian didn't do much, but did start a 50/50 raffle which slowly turned into a 60/40 then 80/20. They brought a few people up on stage and interacted really well with the crowd. I was in the balcony and my only complaint was not being able to hear some things very well. Overall fantastic show.