OT: Anybody remember the Ross Capicchioni story?

Submitted by BornSinner on July 1st, 2015 at 12:39 PM

I was recently listening to some Joyner Lucas, and one of his newer songs is about Ross Capicchioni. (Check out Lucas' stuff if you're into hip hop, great upcoming talent) 

Capicchioni is a dude from Macomb who was led into Eastside Detroit and shot 3 times by a shotgun. He somehow survived. It's a crazy story. 

I'll post the documentary and song below.

I know some people question Ross' story on why he was in Eastside Detroit in the first place (ie he was involved in the drug game), but it's still a great piece about what the human body can do in extreme circumstances. 

Oh and NSFW due to reenactment of the events. 


CRISPed in the DIAG

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I think the plot lines are actually better - or at least more entertaining.  There's no way they'll top last season's performances from Harrelson, McConaughey and Fukunaga (dir).  But I've been very into the first couple episodes this season. It's noir - not a superhero blockbuster.

The lack of buzz reminds me of Mad Men once it lost its pop culture momentum.


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I thought this kid made this story up for attention. I could be wrong but pretty sure I went to his rival hs and my friend who knew him said he made up the story.

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The one part about this story that made me question it was the lack of news coverage this received. Maybe I'm a shitty googler, but I attempted to search for anything else about this story and there wasn't really anything else out there beyond this documentary. Amazing story if true, though.

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But do you remember the men's store that had a monkey in a cage at the mall?  I never understood the marketing pitch of that situation.

I would assume that it did what it inteded to do; young boys could watch the monkey going after his dingleberries when dad was trying on suits.